Exploring ClickUp Brain: The Future of AI-Powered Project Management

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Artificial Intelligence is the talk of the town. Every tech enthusiast and even non-tech savvy individuals are intrigued by the endless possibilities that AI offers. Existing apps are even deemed outdated if they lack AI features and with new software emerging every day, each one comes with the promise of transforming daily operations and personal routines through the integration of AI. 

However, after all this hype, a question arises: Have we reached a saturation point? Is AI just going to be a time-waster, the new social media that keeps us scrolling through AI chats instead of Instagram or TikTok?

Well, it’s time to cut through all the buzz, BS, empty promises, and so-called AI miracles. It’s time to get down to the real deal. No more wasting hours optimizing prompts or spending money on other people’s prompts because among the sea of creations available online only one platform stands out in this crowded market that delivers on the true promise and potential of AI:

ClickUp AI has been a familiar feature for some time, seamlessly integrating into documents, the comment section, and anywhere text could be edited, accessible through the simple slash command. 

This feature, heavily reliant on user-generated prompts, has served as a vital tool in content creation and management workflows. Yet, this is not where the story ends. ClickUp’s AI capabilities have undergone a significant transformation and have now evolved into ClickUp Brain.

True to its name, ClickUp Brain goes above and beyond, offering an enhanced, intelligent solution designed to streamline processes more intuitively and effectively.

What is ClickUp BRAIN?

ClickUp Brain is an AI-powered assistant that’s integrated directly into the ClickUp platform. It’s designed to help teams automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and make data-driven decisions. With ClickUp Brain, you can save time on administrative tasks and focus on what truly matters: delivering excellent results!


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How Do You Activate Your ClickUp Brain?

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When you are in your ClickUp, there is a button on top. Now, when you click that Clickup AI button, your Clickup Brain is gonna open up.

PRO TIP: The first thing you want to pay attention to is where you are in ClickUp the moment you activate. This might limit what the AI is grabbing onto. 

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So for example, ClickUp Brain knows you are in a specific task right now. You’ll see that in the AI field, there is a specific task already chosen for you. 

But in case you want another task, you can easily click out of that.

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No matter if you are in a task, in your space, or your dashboards, you can easily activate the ClickUp Brain because it is right on top of your ClickUp on the right side of your search button.

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Though the familiar method of accessing ClickUp AI remains unchanged; you can still use your ClickUp Brain by using the forward slash command. 

This shortcut is readily available across the platform, be it in your documents, task descriptions, or comment sections. It offers the convenience and flexibility to incorporate ClickUp Brain into any text field, wherever and whenever needed.

What Are Some Of The Things You Can Do With ClickUp Brain Features?

If you haven’t noticed yet, our team heavily relies on ClickUp for a multitude of tasks, from scripting videos and drafting SOPs to crafting landing pages. Essentially, all our brainstorming and planning unfolds within ClickUp because where else?!

BTW, Here’s an insider peek: off script and behind the scenes, we’re currently developing “Automate To Dominate,” a group coaching program set to launch in April. We’ve been meticulously defining our ideal client persona to ensure we identify those who would benefit most from the program.

1. Using our ATD (Automate To Dominate) 4,300 word document in ClickUp as an example, you’ll see a couple of suggestions already on the ClickUp Brain Menu on the right side. 

Some AI prompts show:

  • What’s the purpose of this Doc?
  • Are there any action items in this Doc?
  • What decisions were made in this Doc?
  • What topics are covered here?
  • Are there any related items?
  • What were the latest changes?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • Does this Doc mention a timeline or schedule?
  • How can this Doc be made clearer?
  • What are the key takeaways?

With just a click on “What are the key takeaways?”, the ClickUp Brain has generated a detailed yet summarized version of the whole document. It gives you an easier list to look at and it was all in what a minute or 2?!

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You can also swiftly navigate ClickUp Brain and ask for critical insights such as context, necessary resources, or an in-depth summary that goes beyond the basics. 

Remember, talk to your ClickUp Brain. The more you customize your question, the better it will grasp what information you need in order for you to save more time and more energy.

2. Using the AI prompt “Write StandUp” for your team

So my core member, Kitty does a lot of stuff from landing page to social media content, podcast and all the things happening on top of preparing this launch. 

With this feature, I don’t have to be like what are you working on? Or where are you going? 

Thanks to ClickUp Brain’s intelligent integration, it effortlessly compiles insights based on statuses, priorities, comments, tasks, and everything else within your ClickUp workspace. 

This functionality means it can present essential information derived from various elements of your project, allowing for a quick understanding without manually combing through each detail.

3. Using “What Should I Work On Next?” Prompt

Found directly within the ClickUp Brain menu, this prompt effortlessly sifts through your tasks, providing a clear and concise list of upcoming duties, ensuring you stay on top of your workload. This will prevent you from forgetting important tasks, giving you a powerboost to get ready before it happens.

Simply click on the prompt and in just seconds, it’ll give you all that you need to be aware of.

As an example, These are all the stuff that I need to do today but you can also customize what type of data you need that the ClickUp Brain will find for you. 

Another thing that I normally do is to check tasks that need decisions. I already approved all of those tasks yesterday. That’s why when I asked the ClickUp Brain it showed no results.

4. Creating A Specific Question For ClickUp Brain

In our quest to save time, let’s explore another example that showcases ClickUp Brain’s versatility—you can utilize it across any project or task view. 

Try asking “What are our most repetitive tasks across our team and can you please list them for me?” in your ‘Everything’

The aim here is to identify those repetitive tasks—the ones ripe for automation, templating, and setting up with predetermined time estimates and assignees.

What does ClickUp Brain reveal to us? It hasn’t identified any specific tasks as the most repetitive across our team. This makes perfect sense, given that we’ve already automated task creation among other processes. Essentially, there’s no repetitive manual task left that necessitates automation.

This underscores the transformative impact of ClickUp Brain throughout the entire ClickUp workspace – It collectively offers a solution that prevents unnecessary queries to your team about their current tasks or progress. It eliminates the need to frequently construct custom views for various scenarios, optimizing team efficiency directly through AI.

Don’t get me wrong: ClickUp’s custom views and dashboards still hold tremendous value for tailoring specific viewpoints for particular use-case scenarios. But for those unique, one-time needs, ClickUp Brain is the new way!

With ClickUp Brain and its integrated AI capabilities at your disposal, these sophisticated tools stand ready to streamline your operations, demonstrating the power and flexibility of AI in enhancing project management practices.

If you’re eager to explore AI tools that genuinely enhance your productivity beyond the superficial hype and without falling into a never-ending rabbit hole—I’ve got four more AI treasures for you right here: The Top 5 AI Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Business – 2024 Update


In today’s world, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) keeps getting better by the minute, it’s crucial to find tools that truly make work easier among the noise of so many AI promises. 

One of the best ones out there for project management is ClickUp, known for including AI in writing and managing tasks, and has made a big AI evolution with its new upgrade, the ClickUp Brain.

With ClickUp Brain, the AI revolution transcends the basics, offering a user-friendly tool and an intuitive solution that streamlines workflows and automates repetitive tasks. 

The versatility of ClickUp Brain shines through in its ability from generating comprehensive summaries of extensive documents with a simple command, prioritizing tasks that need your immediate attention, identifying key takeaways, and even personalizing questions that will ease your workload. 

This intelligent integration seamlessly compiles insights across your ClickUp workspace, providing a comprehensive understanding without the need for manual repetitive oversight. It transforms the workspace into a powerhouse of efficiency and presents the real purpose of AI’s promise: empowering us to focus on what we are passionate about. 

ClickUp Brain is not just an AI tool; it’s a testament to the power of AI in reshaping how we approach work, making it more intuitive, efficient, and, ultimately, more human. As we continue to navigate the future of work, this is a reminder that in the right hands, AI is not just a time-saver but a strategic partner that enhances decision-making, ensures no task slips through the cracks, and fosters an environment of high quality productivity!

Episode 175 – Transcript + Timestamps

The Future of AI-Powered Project Management – Exploring ClickUp Brain

Save Your Time And Money With ClickUp Brain

[00:00:00] Yvonne Heimann: AI is everywhere. It’s the buzzword with every tech and non techy person. Everybody is talking about AI and every new software promise you to revolutionize your life by having some form of AI integrated. And every existing app is considered outdated if it doesn’t have some kind of AI feature. That’s the world we live in now. AI powered, AI focused, everything AI.

[00:00:25] And with all this AI stuff going on everywhere, the question comes up. Have we reached a situation point? Is AI just wasting our time now? Is it the new social media rather than scrolling through Instagram? We now scroll through AI chats like we scroll through TikTok.

[00:00:43] Hi there. I’m Yvonne Heimann with AskYvi.com and today we are going to cut through all the buzz and BS. We are getting down to the real deal, no fluff, no empty promises, no hours of optimizing your prompt and spending money to buy other people’s prompt. [00:01:00] No so called AI miracles. There’s one platform, a platform that is doing what AI promised us to do, giving you your time back.

[00:01:09] So let’s dive right into how ClickUp AI became ClickUp Brain and how it’ll give you and your team time back every single day. And if you’re ready to claim back all of this admin time and wasted time on digging into how AI works, go hit that like button and claim your time back. We’re going to dive into ClickUp Brain, its features, where to find it and how technically all of this thing works within ClickUp, and then I will show you real world applications of ClickUp Brain.

[00:01:46] And examples on how it will save you and your time, hours every day. And I want to know from you, we’re going to go through some examples and all the things, but I want to know from you, what do you wish [00:02:00] ClickUp Brain, ClickUp AI could do for you? Pop in the comment section.

A Guide To Activate Your ClickUp Brain AI

[00:02:04] Now, as you know, we had ClickUp AI for a while now. ClickUp AI has been around in your documents, in your comment section, anywhere you could edit text, you were able to do the slash comment and find AI. It was a lot based off you adding prompts and doing all the things. Now, all of this is still there. However, ClickUp AI now has evolved into ClickUp Brain, and it does exactly what the name says.

[00:02:33] It is your brain of everything that is in ClickUp. So how do you tap into this brain? Really simple, actually. When you are in your ClickUp, there is now a button on top that is ClickUp AI. That’s how you activate your ClickUp Brain. Now, when you click that Clickup AI button, your Clickup Brain is gonna open up.

[00:02:55] Now, here’s the first thing you want to pay attention to [00:03:00] based on where in ClickUp you are right now. It might limit what the AI is grabbing onto. So ClickUp Brain knows you are in a specific task right now. So you see that in the AI field, there is a specific location for you chosen. That doesn’t mean you have to stick into that.

[00:03:19] You can easily click out of that. And this is how you can activate ClickUp Brain anywhere and everywhere you are at. No matter if you are in a task, no matter if you are in smack dab, your ClickUp, no matter if you are in your dashboards, this button is anywhere because it is right on top of your ClickUp.

[00:03:45] Now the old way of pulling up ClickUp AI is still there. You still can do the forward slash and pull in your ClickUp AI Brain. Straight up where there is text, that works in [00:04:00] your documents, that works in your description, that works in your comments. You can do that anywhere and everywhere you want it.

[00:04:08] Now, you know how to activate your ClickUp AI. You know how to pull it up. You already seen a couple of ideas. In opening up ClickUp Brain where the possibilities are hinted.

Create Useful Data Summaries With ClickUp Brain

[00:04:21] Now, before we dive into some real world applications of ClickUp AI and the impact ClickUp Brain can have on your business, how about you? Are you like me, you like saving yourself even more time? Subscribe, because we have more videos coming up where I share time saving processes, tools, and workflows with you in the near future.

[00:04:43] Now, as I already mentioned, when you activate ClickUp Brain and you pull up the AI, you do really want to pay attention if there is a location framework already in there. You can easily exit out, all good. Not a problem. [00:05:00] Now, the fun piece is a lot is already ready for you. So we work a lot in ClickUp. We work a lot with scripting videos, with writing SOPs, with writing out landing pages, all of our brain dumping is happening in ClickUp.

[00:05:17] And let me, let me show you something. This is, this is off script. This is off video. Let me show you something. We have been working on Automate To Dominate and that client persona, that perfect match that would be the perfect client and would get the most out of our group coaching program, Automate To Dominate that is coming in April.

[00:05:39] Now, as you already can see on this menu, there’s a lot of information in here. There is a lot of stuff, personal information, business. What do they think? How do they feel? Who is she? Who does she want to become? What is she experiencing. There’s a lot of stuff going on in here. Now if I pull up AI, you might [00:06:00] already see some things in here up.

[00:06:03] Okay, what’s the purpose? What are the action items? What decisions you can also easily go into and be like, okay, what are the key takeaways or you can ask ClickUp Brain to put together, what, what is the context of this? What resources are needed? What, what is that summary that goes past just a regular summary?

[00:06:28] And now suddenly, right there. I don’t have to go through this 43, 000, 43, 000, 4, 300, 4, 300. Welcome to a German dealing with American numbers. 4, 300 word document. I don’t have to dive deep into this to get an understanding of it. I can just keep it here to then dive deep into it. When I need to build the landing page and really need the specifics of it.

[00:06:58] Now you also can [00:07:00] pop into here and be like, cool. We have this persona down. Everything is done. Kitty is actually working on the landing page plus social media content, blah, plus the podcast, plus all the things that are happening, while we are getting this launch ready. So let’s write up a stand up for Kitty.

[00:07:21] So I don’t have to be like, what, what are you working? What are you going? Where? So let’s see what comes up in the short form of what has Kitty been up to and what ClickUp Brain does is based up on your statuses, based up on your communication, based up on contacts and comments and all the things. It puts together a write up.

[00:07:46] Now I know that Kitty is heads down and she’s not going to be in ClickUp when she’s writing this landing page. She prefers WordFirst and then we put it into ClickUp to have that as a resource. However, as you can tell, she’s already been working on this [00:08:00] video that I’m recording right now to get things done with updating everything, with getting the due dates updated and all the things.

[00:08:08] While I stay here, let’s see what does Yvonne need to do next? Yes, you can write it out. However, you also can just go right in here. What tasks am I working on? What should I work on next? What tasks are popular based on your team working on tasks? All of the things are possible for you right in here already ready to go.

[00:08:36] You don’t even have to type it in. And as you can see, this task is due today by 3 a.m. I’m working on it right now. Way to call me out. Thanks a lot. And yes, podcast recording is coming up today too.

ClickUp Brain: Simplifying Your Workflow Automations

[00:08:50] Now we are doing a lot of content creation within ClickUp. So let me show you something else. Yes, we have a specific [00:09:00] view where I can see this based on a status, but I want to give you an AI example right here in ClickUp Brain to show you other things of how ClickUp Brain and the AI integration can work with you in here.

[00:09:14] Now I already approved all of the short form videos yesterday that weren’t proof status that I had to check to make sure social media posts and all of this is done. Which is why it’s like, nope, we don’t have any tasks. We are all good. And last but not least, we all want to save some time, right? So let me grab another one just for the sake of you seeing you can do this anywhere and everywhere, let’s go into everything and let’s run it right here.

[00:09:43] Look, it’s right there too. What are our most repetitive tasks across our team? And can you please list them for me? Where I’m going with this is the most repetitive tasks are the tasks you want to [00:10:00] automate. The tasks that you want to template, the tasks that you want to automatically assign time estimates and assignees.

[00:10:09] All the things. And here we go. So what is ClickUp Brain telling us? There are no specific tasks identified to the most repetitive across the team. However, there are several tasks related to content creation, podcast production, and client management. Correct. Because we already automated the task creation and all that things.

[00:10:26] There’s nothing left for us to automate. And this is how ClickUp AI and ClickUp Brain, across your whole ClickUp workspace now can help you to not bother your team. Hey, what are you up to? What are you not up to? You don’t even necessarily have to build a lot of custom views anymore for all the different situations.

[00:10:51] You can just pop into AI and say, Hey, I want this. Hey, I want that. ClickUp custom views are still amazing. Just as amazing as dashboards are to get a [00:11:00] specific view for a specific use case scenario, but for those one offs, you don’t need it anymore. You now have ClickUp Brain and the integrated AI that will help you do all of this.

[00:11:11] And if you want to dive into AI tools that are seriously helping you be more productive and that are not just fluff and all day, let’s figure this out. And let’s go down the rabbit hole. I have five AI tools right here that make you a productive wizard, queen, badass, bitch, whatever you want to call yourself to save you hours every single day. Thwart all of your workflows and don’t forget to subscribe. I want to see you in the next video. When I save you again, time and money.


00:00 | Save Your Time And Money With ClickUp Brain

02:04 | A Guide To Activate Your ClickUp Brain

04:21 | Create Useful Data Summaries With ClickUp Brain

08:50 | ClickUp Brain: Simplifying Your Workflow Automations

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