Born and raised in Germany, Yvonne was a precocious child with diverse interests. This inquiring mentality led Yvonne, lovingly known as Yvi, to study business administration, hospitality management and even to be trained as an electrician.

Upon graduation she managed two restaurants before taking over ownership of a pub at the tender age of 22. However, Yvi knew something was missing from her life. That thought brought her to relocate to the United States.

After settling in Sacramento, California Yvi continued to work in the hospitality industry while teaching herself everything she could about marketing and social media.


In 2008, Yvi started her consulting business, Ask Yvi, with Pacific Crest Media as her first client.

Yvi managed Pacific Crest Media’s social media and later extended her contract work into management of PCM business’s systems, and teaching herself website design and development with WordPress.


By 2010, Yvi was focusing solely on WordPress development for PCM clients, as well as handling many of the administrative aspects of the business (and falling in love with the company’s founder, Peter Oakes). She began focusing her website work solely on WordPress, becoming an expert on all things related to web development and design on the platform.

As Yvi developed the business of Pacific Crest Media, increased efficiency, and established various avenues of residual income for both PCM and Ask Yvi the romance between Pete and Yvi also grew. However, it was not long before Pete was diagnosed with cancer.


At this time Yvi took over the management of PCM in its entirety, while still maintaining her consulting firm, Ask Yvi.

Pete was certified cancer ­free in 2013, and he and Yvi were married in November of that year. However, their marital bliss would be cut short when shortly after their wedding, his cancer returned.

Yvi managed both businesses while caring for Peter, who sadly passed away in September of 2014.


Currently, Yvi serves as CEO of Pacific Crest Media, which specializes in website design, marketing, and public relations, and continues to operate Ask Yvi as owner, consultant, and business mentor.



Two ­time award winner of
The Loomis News “Best of the Best” for Best Website

Executive Assistant ­ Content Creation and Distribution (CCD) Expo

Winner of “The Big Idea” Private Sector Award for CCD Expo.