funny headshot of Yvonne Heimann
I usually don't take myself too serious

Yvonne has always been a spirit of diversity. She was born and raised in Germany and, as a young woman, went on to study multiple specialties. Her drive and motivation inspired her to pursue studies in business administration, hospitality management, and even studied to be an electrician.


Never one to back down from a challenge, Yvi went on to manage two restaurants and take on ownership of a local pub by age 22. But she wanted more. A mere suggestion from a friend was enough to spark Yvi’s decision to uproot her life in Germany and move to the US.


Once settled in beautiful Sacramento, CA she continued her work in the hospitality industry and began to teach herself about marketing and social media. In 2008 she proudly launched her own consulting business, Ask Yvi. Pacific Crest Media signed on shortly after as her first client. Her work with the company began as primarily social media management but, as before, Yvi was ready and willing to expand. Her contract was extended and she delved into management of PCM’s business systems.


A new interest of WordPress soon arose, and Yvi continued working while teaching herself website design and development. By 2010 Yvi was developing WordPress sites for PCM’s clients and was focused on becoming an expert in development and design.

During her time with PCM, Yvi and the company’s owner, Pete, developed a strong relationship. Not long after, Pete was diagnosed with Cancer. During this difficult state, Yvi took over management of the PCM company in its entirety, as well as continuing with her own consulting firm. In 2013 Pete was certified as cancer-free, and he and Yvi married in November the same year. Their lives as happy newlyweds was soon interrupted by tragedy: the cancer had returned. Yvi continued caring for Pete and managing both businesses until he passed away in September of 2014.


Yvi is currently serving as CEO for Pacific Crest Media. Their specialties include marketing, website design, and public relations. She also operates as owner, consultant, and business mentor at Ask Yvi.