About Ask Yvi

As with every business, there is a story and a dream behind this one too.

The Name:

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to know.

When people asked me something and I didn’t know… I searched for the answer – because now I wanted to know.

When looking for a business Url, AskYvonne.com was not available… And that’s how “Ask Yvonne > nickname Yvi” came from


The Dream:

I always hated wasting time, and after losing my husband Pete to cancer – time became even more precious to me.

If I can just set one single Entrepreneur up with an efficient Bulletproof business and they don’t have to go through the struggle I had to when being a caretaker and losing Pete… then all that was worth it.



Entrepreneurship and especially serial entrepreneurship can be lonely and daunting.

Many of us waste time and money on jobs, tools, processes, systems, and stuff in general, that does not do anything for our soul or business.

My mission is to build Bulletproof Businesses that can withstand anything, helping YOU have the entrepreneurial freedom you always dreamed of.

We do so by using Technology to our advantage, continued education to advance our minds and deep dive coaching to open our eyes to possibilities.


To be the go-to resource for serial entrepreneurs:

• Community
• Knowledge
• Connections
• Answers & Help

for anything in and around your business and life

My vision for Ask Yvi is to be a place where serial entrepreneurs come to find support and answers. Where YOU can be yourself and find support without the fear of judgment. Where business owners get educated help and find reliable connections and resources.

Where all of us help each other build business that can withstand anything and work for us… so we as people have the time to follow all the other passions we have and never worry about our businesses breaking apart.

You are never alone!

My FREE weekly coffee chats are open to anyone.

No matter if you want to meet me, brainstorm, bitch, cry, celebrate or just see where the conversation will lead us…