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Help & Home for ClickUp users, implementers, enthusiast, and teams wanting to get quick trainings & qualified support.

Support & training with the OG of ClickUp
Consultants, Yvonne Heimann aka Ask Yvi
Newsflash, you are not alone!

It's easy to feel overwhelmed
when learning ClickUp

there is so much to do…. and learn….

Setting up
Learning the Basics
all Features
Use Cases
Your Team

You & your team deserve all the advantages ClickUp has to offer!​

Hi there! I'm Yvonne aka Ask YVi

ClickUp Goddess and Efficient Workflow Queen

I help Entrepreneurs find their ClickUp peace.
And love doing so since 2018

I’ve helped thousands of businesses implement, optimize, and automate their ClickUp workspace. 

As an OG Power user and educator I have become to go-to resource not just for ClickUp users but also the ClickUp team. 

I talk to entrepreneurs just like you daily, wasting their money and time simply because they don’t know what they don’t know. Being frustrated and tired, not using ClickUp to it’s full potential.

So I decided to take unique experience as ClickUp Consultant, business owner, educator, and systems nerd to bring you StartUp Your ClickUp – A membership to support you and your team with quick and easy trainings.

Are you ready to really put your ClickUp to work?


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Happy clients
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