The One Thing That’s Killing Your Productivity in ClickUp

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So, you finally got your ClickUp set up and running, but how come you still feel like you and your team are constantly playing catch up? If you’re struggling to maintain productivity levels in ClickUp, it could be due to a number of different factors. But more often than not, the root cause can be boiled down to one thing: the existing business system.

Having said that, ask yourself:

How are your business processes organized? What does your team need to do on a daily basis in order to move the needle forward? Do you have a ton of tasks that are waiting in the backlog for weeks, months, or even years? 

If you have a complex business system that’s difficult to keep track of, then the main productivity issue lies with the system itself. In other words, it’s not ClickUp that’s hindering you from getting things done – it’s your preexisting business structure.

The one thing that's killing your productivity in ClickUp - or any other Project Management tool-story

In order to get your productivity back on track, you need to take a close look at your business system and see where there are opportunities for improvement. 

So, how do you do this?  

There are a few key things you need to know, and that’s what I’m sharing in today’s blog post.

Video Transcription:

You’ve been implementing ClickUp. You have gotten all of your tasks in, all the things are going. Yet, you still feel like things are slipping through the cracks and you are just not productive. If that’s you, then this video’s for you as I’m gonna show you what I realize throughout my clients, how they are simply not being productive, even though they did most of the things they had to do in ClickUp.


What ClickUp truly is

So let’s talk about productivity in ClickUp. Again, as you know, I’ve been telling you if you have seen any videos, you know the rant that’s coming. ClickUp is only a tool that helps you do the things you know to get done in your business, that you systemize, that you automize, that you workflow over things.

It’s a support system for you, but if you are not putting in the right things into your ClickUp, things are not gonna get done. You are not gonna be productive. And that human aspect of project management being productive and being efficient is just gonna fall off the deep end. So today, I really wanted to focus on that one thing that I have realized, working with clients that makes them productive in ClickUp or doesn’t make them productive in ClickUp and the answer is actually quite simple, yet has such a huge impact. And because I really want you to stick around and understand the implementation and start doing this thing rather than not doing it.

Because you’re gonna see in my workspace right now, I’m guilty of this one, too. Yet, it has such a huge impact. So let’s head on over to my ClickUp so I can stop ranting, tell you what you need to pay attention to, to be more productive in ClickUp, and how you can train yourself with the new habit to make sure you stay productive in ClickUp, too. Now let’s look at my ClickUp. Let’s see what you see here. Because again, I’m making the same mistake and we are internally working on being able to develop the same habit that I’m gonna tell you to develop to prevent this from happening. I am all the way in everything where all of the tasks are getting pulled up.


productivity Issue #1

So you see everything, everywhere, anywhere in this ClickUp workspace. Look at this. 13 tasks overdue. Ooh, you need to do something. Some of this, like July, June, September. Some of them are recently, so it’s not too bad. We got our upcoming tasks. Cool, and oh my God, look at all of this. No due date, no assignee.

It’s just in there. And knowing what these tasks are, this stuff has been sitting in here forever. Now? Yes, I can tell you, you need to set due rates and have assignees. That’s the biggest productivity issue in ClickUp. But why is that an issue? Because I want you to understand what’s happening. This is not a tool issue.

This is a business systems issue, because what’s gonna happen for you or your team is you gonna start turning on your blinders. The human aspect overall that’s happening here. If you are constantly gonna see tasks that have no due date, that have overdue, that don’t have any assignees, you gonna start putting on blinders and ClickUp for you becomes just a dumping ground for everything and nothing ever gets done because it doesn’t get assigned and it doesn’t have a due date.

That’s how human nature works.


productivity Issue #2

Now, the second issue here is, potentially this doesn’t do anything to your business. Based on tasks that are happening in here and based on working with my clients. When we look at tasks that are not assigned and when we are looking at tasks in ClickUp that don’t have due dates, when we go through the process of analyzing those tasks in ClickUp, we often realize either way, this is stuff that was relevant a year ago and never got done.

If it was relevant a year ago and never got done, chances are, it’s not relevant anymore or it never has been relevant to your business. So by analyzing no assigned and no due date tasks within ClickUp, you are actually analyzing and reviewing your business and your workload. And if you look at those tasks, how many of those is like, it doesn’t do anything for my business.

It doesn’t do anything for my clients. It doesn’t do anything for our growth. Kick that stuff off. Now suddenly, you have this weight off of your shoulders of this, look at this list, of having this list of, pardon my English, be as tasks in here that this doesn’t matter. This doesn’t matter. This doesn’t matter.

Just kick it out, get it out of your brain and open up that brain power for tasks and productivity that actually matter to you. So not only do you clean up your ClickUp, you clean up your business and your brains, too. Now, here’s the pro tip for you to really get into the habit of things and plumber with a bad pipes, I teach this to my clients. We need to start getting working on this, too. Set a recurring task in your admin space for your recurring improvement tasks. Set a task that says, clean up your ClickUp, once a week, once a month. Don’t wait longer than that because it’s gonna get too much and go into your Everything view.


A few more productivity tips

Now, a couple of things you probably wanna do is filter these tasks and filter out the areas and locations within ClickUp where you are just collecting data. Kick those out because they potentially don’t have any assignees and they potentially don’t have any due dates, but it’s data collection so it is valid to your business.

Get that location out here, just location is not. That way, you have a clean list in here. And then go through the tasks, assigned tasks, set due dates, go back into your past due date tasks. Do they need to be reassigned? Do they need to get new due dates? And really start paying attention of always having assignees and due date within your ClickUp to keep your business lean, your productivity up, and your ClickUp running smooth.

Now, chances are, you’ve been struggling with this for a little bit because this productivity issue within ClickUp usually comes alongside with, I don’t even know what I need to do and where and how. I got a video for you where I talk about how to never, ever, ever lose a task again with a couple of pro tips for you to stay productive.

And chances are, it’s also gonna tell you where you need to put that habit task into keeping your ClickUp nice and clean.

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