The 10 Success Habits that Helped me Grow my Business (and Stay Sane!)

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Have you ever noticed how a single drop of water can cause ripples upon hitting the water? Imagine then, the effect of continuous, consistent droplets – it’ll definitely create waves. This saying also goes with businesses.

chieving success does not solely rely on big wins, but it has more to do with the cultivation of small daily habits. They can be as simple as saying one nice thing about yourself everyday to full on organizing your finances. From your physical health up to your mental health, these habits act as the bridge between you and your future business.

And yes, building a dream venture is no quick task; it’s a beautiful ride that requires consistency, patience and persistence. 

So to help you kick-start this journey, here are my 10 SUCCESS HABITS that have shaped me to move my business to the next level!

SUCCESS Habit #1: Learning To Say NO

As much as saying YES opens up opportunities, saying NO creates boundaries that protect your time, energy, and intentions. 

If you find yourself being a people pleaser, often saying YES to everything will lead to overextending yourself, resulting in stress, burnout, and sometimes even, depression or anxiety. That’s why learning to say NO to commitments that don’t resonate with your values, fit into your schedule, or serve your goals is essential.

Think of it as the airplane safety precaution – you need to put your oxygen mask first before helping others. Similarly, you need to prioritize and protect your interests before accommodating others’ demands. By setting these boundaries, you’re actually carving out more room for the pursuits that truly matter to you. 

Just like how subscribing to this channel aligns with your goal of improving your business and life. The power of NO can set you on a path to healthier habits and successful entrepreneurship.

SUCCESS Habit #2: Time Blocking And Batching

The truth is that our efficiency doesn’t rise from the most ambitious plans and extensive strategies, but it’s a result of how we effectively manage our time. Time is the fundamental currency in any business. Learning to manage it wisely can massively impact your success.

Time Blocking and Batching is an intentional habit where you start by visualizing your ideal week. Allocate different days of the week for varied tasks.

For example, Mondays for admin tasks, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for client-related work, Thursdays for marketing initiatives or recording videos, and Fridays for learning, catching up, or recharging. 

Remember that keeping track of how long tasks actually take can prevent misjudgment and procrastination. This understanding aids in realistically allocating time to tasks, mitigating the impact of ‘Parkinson’s Law,’ which states that tasks will inflate the time given to them. 

Finally, flexibility is key. Life is unpredictable, which is why it’s essential to include some overflow time for unforeseen circumstances. This could be your Friday or any other suitable day, designed to catch up on tasks that may have been delayed or suddenly emerged.

Whether you’re using virtual calendar planners or prefer traditional pen-and-paper methods, time blocking and batching is a habit that helps maintain focus, increase productivity, and balance different aspects of your life.

SUCCESS Habit #3: Scheduling ME Time

When you’re busy with your business, it’s easy to forget about yourself. That’s why it’s important to set aside time just for you. This helps you get your energy back.

To do your best for your clients, team, and business, you need to be in good shape, both physically and mentally. This can mean going for massages, exercising, meditating, or just taking quiet time for yourself. Taking care of your health should be a part of your schedule.

Sometimes, taking a break or thinking about yourself might make you feel guilty or restless. But it’s really important for your long-term success.

So, always remember to make time for yourself. You are the most important person, and taking care of yourself is necessary for making your dreams come true!

SUCCESS Habit #4: Coworking / Body Doubling

Contrary to popular belief, coworking isn’t solely about sharing office spaces, it’s about ‘bathing’ in others’ energy, brainstorming ideas, and meeting new people. All of these collaborative actions can recharge you just as much as your ‘me’ time does.

I’ve found that going out of my comfort zone — my home — and engaging in co-working environments brings a refreshing change. It helps me interact with new faces, learn more, and often leaves me feeling revitalized. 

Furthermore, it’s been evident that 
coworking or body doubling can make you more productive. Sitting in an energetic space where everyone around is engrossed in their work motivates you to focus more intensely on your own business. It’s like a contagious wave of productivity that enhances your focus.

You can try changing the scenery and work in different places to help you get more work done. You can go to a coffee shop, a club for businesses, or a shared workspace (aka coworking spaces). 

But if going out is hard or not possible, you can also try working with your friends/peers/colleagues online. Use Zoom to have video calls with your friends. You can all work together, and it can help you all feel more motivated to get the work done.

The trick is to not isolate yourself but to thrive in enriching environments that not only induce better work focus but also open doors to meeting potential collaborators who can contribute to your growth journey. Schedule weekly meet-ups or co-working sessions to ensure regular interaction and watch how your productivity takes off.

SUCCESS Habit #5: Being Comfortable With Therapy and Coaching

This habit moves in a slighter personal direction – embracing therapy and coaching. Successful entrepreneurship isn’t just about expanding your business venture; it’s also about personal growth, eliminating mental barriers, and gaining new perspectives. 

Therapists and coaches play a crucial role in this journey. They identify your blind spots, call out your follies, provide new tools, and help you reframe old narratives. Their external view of your situations can help you see things in an entirely new light, thereby strengthening your decision-making. 

In my own experience, therapy and coaching have been constants, with the frequency altering based on the season of life I am in. These sessions serve as an outlet for external processing, letting go of baggage, and preparing better for future challenges.

If you find it challenging to afford a therapist or coach, alternatives like journaling could be beneficial. You can write on a journal or record your ideas with a voice note. This process allows you to organize your thoughts, reflect on them, and gain insights independently.

So, whichever one you choose, always give yourself the accommodations you need to nurture your internal growth and mental wellness. By doing so, you are not just investing in your personal well-being, but also indirectly fostering the growth of your business.

SUCCESS Habit #6: Doing Cold Plunges

As unexpected as this habit might seem, this icy challenge surprisingly goes beyond physical wellness; it’s an exercise in mental resilience. Immersing yourself in cold water trains your blood vessels much like a workout trains your muscles. Furthermore, the Forbes magazine indicates that these chilling immersions can lower stress levels, enhancing your overall well-being.

However, the real power of cold plunges lies in the mental toughness it cultivates. By voluntarily staying in an uncomfortable situation, you’re training your mind to endure adversity. Each cold plunge builds self-esteem, amplifying your internal voice that says, ‘I can do this.’ Overcoming the discomfort equips you with a fortified sense of resilience.

Though a daily plunge might not be feasible for everyone, a simple alternative is to have a cold shower right after your regular warm one. This daily cold bath challenge can jumpstart your day with a triumphant ‘I can do this,’ significantly influencing your mindset for the rest of the day.

SUCCESS Habit #7: Template Everything For Efficiency

This success habit is all about efficiency – Template everything! If you find yourself repeating a task more than once or engaging in a regular process daily, it’s high time you turn it into a template. It’s not solely about saving time; it’s about conserving brain power and enhancing productivity.

The initial time invested in creating a good template will effortlessly save you countless hours every week. Whether it’s business procedures, daily routines, or specific tasks, templates help in standardizing processes and infusing consistency in your work.

Moreover, they diminish overall work stress, freeing you up for high-level strategic tasks. Remember, a well-designed template is akin to a well-oiled machine – it guarantees smooth, efficient operations.

SUCCESS Habit #8: Profit First – A Framework on Finances

Now this habit is a strategic approach to business finances – embrace the Profit First methodology. This system prioritizes profit, ensuring you know precisely what your financial standpoints are at all times and aids you in making informed spending decisions. 

By segregating your financial inflow into various segments, including profits, you can manage cash flow effectively. This approach not only brings discipline into your business but also provides a mental boost by reinforcing the sense of accomplishment that comes from recorded profits.

No more feeling guilty about personal splurges or worry over open invoices! The profitability in your account can be joyfully earmarked for spending. Want to learn more about this transformative financial strategy? Go watch my previous video on the 
Profit First and start implementing it today!

SUCCESS Habit #9: Understand Mind Hacking 

This habit explores cognitive wellness called – mind hacking. Success isn’t solely about physical actions, strategic steps, or financial acquisition; it significantly involves hacking your mind to work in favor of your goals. 

A common obstacle in this journey can be our hormones, particularly dopamine, also called the ‘happy hormone.’ Excessive exposure to social media, waking up to a stream of ideal-life snapshots, can leave us in an addictive cycle of constantly seeking dopamine hits. Instead of progressing in real-life, we find ourselves trapped in an endless loop of scrolling and comparing our lives to what we perceive on screen. 

So, how can we regulate this hormone to avoid its addictive trap? Start by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, limiting screen time and ensuring comfy sleep. Reading enlightening material like ‘
Dopamine Nation‘ can offer in-depth insights into managing our dopamine levels effectively.

Remember, to be truly successful, you need to take control of your mind – understand its triggers, learn its weaknesses, and utilize its strengths. Mind hacking is about mastering your mind instead of letting it master you.

SUCCESS Habit #10: Establish A Morning Routine

The final habit is the start of an impactful day – Establishing a morning routine. A thoughtful morning routine sets the tone for your entire day, promoting productivity, focus, and wellbeing.

Post a good night’s sleep, let the morning light naturally wake you up. Start the day by embracing the peace, maybe with a coffee in hand on your patio, soaking up the sunlight and resetting your rhythm. This optimization of your biological clock greatly impacts both your mental and physical functioning.

Begin the day with self-care – engage in reading, journaling, exercising, or simply enjoying quiet moments of solitude. Journaling in particular is beneficial for decluttering your mind, capturing insights that may have surfaced during your sleep, and offering a fresh start for the day.

Remember, your first priority in the morning is YOU. Invest in yourself before plunging into the day’s tasks. Over time, you can add activities and refine your routine to suit your changing needs. 

Above all, make sure to incorporate early morning sunlight exposure into this routine to maintain a healthy routine. Once you’re at your best self, you’re ready to support your team and lead your business effectively!

6 APPS that Save me 10+ hours a week-story


From laying down clear boundaries by learning to say NO, mastering efficient time management with time blocking and batching, to preserving your wellbeing with scheduled personal time and therapeutic support – these habits lay a sturdy foundation for your personal growth. 

Other habits like 
coworking/body doubling, reinforcing self-confidence with cold plunges, maximizing output with comprehensive templating, finance management with the Profit First system, while also eyeing mental health with mind hacking techniques and last but not least, establishing a morning routine to kick start each day on a positive note are success habits that will complete your journey towards a great future.

Remember, habits only work when you do it consistently. So, start by slowly adopting these tips into your routine. Let these practices guide you to reach your maximum potential personally and professionally. Successful business growth is not just about working harder, it’s about working smarter. Take the first step today and watch these habits elevate your trajectory like never before!

Episode 168 – Transcript + Timestamps

THE Habits that Helped me Grow my Business and Stay Sane

Habits That Help Me Grow My Business

[00:00:00] Yvonne Heimann: What if I told you that small daily habits are the one thing that actually determine if you will succeed in your business and not those big time wins. In this video, I’m sharing my 10 habits that have taken my business to the next level. These somtimes quite small, but always consistent actions compound over time to create massive results.

[00:00:24] And if you want to transform your life, stay tuned as I reveal my secrets to building unstoppable success habits.

Habit #1: Learning To Say NO

[00:00:33] Habit number one, say no. Saying no is just as important as saying yes. And this one is just as easy as it is difficult. However, I would like to challenge you. Are you a people pleaser? Then stop saying yes to freaking everything.

[00:00:51] There’s so much to unpack here. God, this, this habit alone deserves its own video. And we might actually do that at some point. However, [00:01:00] what happens when you say no to things? First of all, you give more room for yes, you’re setting boundaries, which again, makes more room for the things that are actually within your boundary.

[00:01:15] And not only that, I actually just came across a video talking about studies that have been done that show that people who are dealing with depression, anxiety, and burnout, guess what they all did? They said yes to way too many things. Saying no is pretty much like putting your mask on on the plane.

[00:01:34] Like they always tell you, put your mask on first before you put them on as somebody else, because you only can give your best if you are at your best. And being at your best requires you to say no to things that don’t align with your values, goals, or even your calendar. And I know subscribing to the channel is the best thing you can do for yourself right now to improve your business and life. So hit that [00:02:00] subscribe button.

Habit #2: Time Blocking And Batching

[00:02:00] Habit number two, time blocking and time batching. Time blocking and batching means you really choose a timeframe to focus on the things that are important to you to focus on the things that are important to up level you to focus on the things that move the needle.

[00:02:21] Now, how do we start time blocking and time batching? And I do have a full video on that on my channel. For this case, I’ll give you a quick little rundown of my calendar. Look at this. We time block in a way where Monday we have admin time and some client work. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are client focused.

[00:02:39] Thursdays is when I often record videos, when I do marketing and product, as well as program development. Friday is for my additional education, as well as a catch up and recharge day. Now this has been growing over the years. I didn’t start out like that. So for you to apply this in [00:03:00] your everyday life, here are a couple of tricks.

[00:03:02] Set up your dream week. This is my dream week. This doesn’t mean that I always, I’m able to implement it a hundred percent. So tip number two, be nice to yourself when you were implementing this habit. Track your time clearly. So you know how long tasks take. You remember that task that is just going to take you five minutes and three hours later, you were still working on it, yeah.

[00:03:23] Which brings me to Parkinson’s loss. A task is gonna take as much time as you give it, but to give it the right amount of time, you need to know how long it really takes. You say, I am gonna give this time a whole week because you did not set a specific timeframe. It’s gonna take that long because you’re gonna procrastinate till you have to get it done.

[00:03:45] Let’s not do that. Let’s know really how much time things need and then. And again, give yourself a margin for overflow. Life happens. That’s why Friday is my overflow day. So things can [00:04:00] go south or client calling or me being sick or whatever it might be. Now I want to know from you, how do you plan? Are you using a virtual calendar planner or are you all paperwork?

[00:04:11] How do you plan your week? I personally brainstorm on paper and then take it into the digital version to easily share it with the team and be able to access it anywhere and anytime I am. Comment below. What’s your preference? Virtual or paper planner?

Habit #3: Scheduling Me Time

[00:04:26] Tip number three that goes straight into this too, schedule me time. You can’t just spend all your time on your business. You need to schedule me time. And if you’re like me and you love what you do, this might not be quite as simple. However, it comes back to you. It’s grab your own mask first. If you are not recharging, if you are not taking care of yourself, you can’t give anybody energy.

[00:04:51] There is that idea of pouring into somebody else’s cup. And I saw a TikTok or Instagram reel that was talking about, no, we are not pouring into [00:05:00] somebody else’s cup. We are giving the overflow. Once our cup overflows and everything that’s getting collected in that little sauce underneath your cup, that’s what you give to others.

[00:05:10] For that, you need to schedule me time. Do you have regular massage appointments? Do you have chiropractor appointments? Are you going to the gym? Again, you need to refill your cup and make it overflow to be able to give to others. Now you might not like the idea of scheduling me time because the voice in your head might get quite loud.

[00:05:35] I feel you on that one, especially just being, not being on the phone, not doing anything and really letting that voice come up can get quite overwhelming. I know that one, but it’s worth it. I promise you. And something you do hopefully already like is this video. So hit that like button and tell YouTube, this is a video worth liking.

Habit #4: Coworking/Body Doubling 

[00:05:58] Habit number four [00:06:00] goes alongside with me time and that’s we time, meaning co working. I love being at home. I love being on the couch. I love my me time. Yes, sometimes a busy me time, because I don’t want to deal with the voice on my head, but me time is easy for me. Leaving my house. Making that effort of putting a face on and leaving, however, sometimes gets a little bit difficult.

[00:06:24] Yet, when I am making that effort and I am going out and I am co working with somebody, I leave refreshed just as much as me time refreshes me. Bathing in somebody else’s energy, being able to chat, just come up with ideas and meet new people, can and is just as much a recharge as me time is. I am working actually right now on this habit to really put effort into coworking.

[00:06:52] So I have a membership right here in downtown San Diego at the university club at top of the symphony towers. [00:07:00] So what I’ve been doing is really consciously making the decision to at least once a week, go there and it has helped me grow my business, because I meet people because I’m also more productive in working because I’m sitting next to somebody that’s working on their business.

[00:07:16] Guess what? You’re going to be starting to work more on your business. It’s this, this idea of body doubling. A lot of people that are struggling with ADHD and wanting to make it their superpower have really found that body doubling, which co working is, makes them more productive and keeps them more focused.

[00:07:37] And it gets you out of the house! Now, if you don’t have something like me with the, club membership and you club downtown, that kind of thing, do virtual calls during COVID we did a lot of zoom calls where often enough, I literally just had a window open and somebody was working and I was working. Go into a coffee shop, run into new people.

[00:07:57] How many coffee shops do you see that have [00:08:00] people sitting there on a laptop? Believe me, if you sit next to them, you’re going to be more productive too. Or simply call up your local business besties. Meet up with them. Find a weekly time slot that works for all of you to really just get together and co work.

[00:08:15] Take half an hour to catch up and have a coffee and then get down to work.

Habit #5: Being Comfortable With Therapy and Coaching

[00:08:19] Habit number five, therapy and coaching. Having a community, the local co working, and running into people is great, but sometimes you need a little bit more. I’ve been in therapy and coaching for ages. Sometimes I go weekly. There were times where I was really in the deep of it and I went weekly, and right now I’m bi weekly in different sessions.

[00:08:44] Why? Because they call up my bullshit. I get to work through things with somebody that sees my blind assets, like, Yvi, really? Did you just hear that? Really? Now, I’m lucky enough, I have friends that do that too. With a therapy and a specific [00:09:00] coach, you have a specific goal, but they also give you tools to really work through the things you want to work through and reframe those old stories and strategies.

[00:09:11] Now, talk about talking through shit. I’m an external processor. I process information by just telling the story. Not everybody can deal with that. And especially if they’re close friends of mine, they love me. They, they get invested in that where for me, it’s sometimes just dumping of that story, Oh, cool, done, release that one.

[00:09:33] And now suddenly they are carrying it around. Having a coach or a therapist, they know how to put that barrier up and not internalize that and just let you external process that and then let it go. So as I mentioned, this is a change of things where sometimes I go weekly, sometimes I go bi weekly. It matters what season in my life I am in and how much help I need.

[00:09:59] [00:10:00] It doesn’t have to be a therapist. What’s your goal right now? What do you want to change? What do you need help with right now? Might be a coach, might be a consultant. Those terms are at this point quite interchangeably. Just make sure they have the tools to help you. And if you don’t have the money, try journaling.

[00:10:17] It doesn’t matter if it’s voice or written. I prefer voice because again, I’m an external process. I talk a lot and I talk fast. Writing it out is not always my best thing to do. What works for you, there is tools and processes for you that you can do right now without hiring a therapist or a coach.

[00:10:35] However, I always have something going and I really would put a budget aside for that or simply join our SOAR community. The link is in the description. We’ll be more than happy to loving you, kick your booty and help you see your blind spots and do something about it.

Habit #6: Doing Cold Plunges

[00:10:51] Habit number six is cold plunges. This is another habit that is perfect for you to focus on your breathing and thought.

[00:10:59] [00:11:00] There’s a lot of talk and researches out there that says exposing yourself to low temperature is proven to be good for your health. You are training your blood vessels just as much as workout trains your muscles. And according to the Forbes magazine, cold plunges may even lower your stress as well as you train your body and your mind.

[00:11:19] Now this piece right here, I don’t know why they lower your stress, but I know why they lower my stress. Think of cold plunges as your mind training, you are putting yourself in a really uncomfortable position. Nobody wants to be freezing cold like this. So now suddenly you are working on your mind and being like, Oh no, I can do this.

[00:11:40] The self esteem you build doing cold plunges is insane because you are not giving in the moment your brain says, oh god, I’m in discomfort. I don’t want to do this. I want to get out here. You are like, oh no, I can do this. And if you can take a cold plunge, then you can pretty much [00:12:00] take anything. You start your day completely different than, oh my god, yeah, let’s take this easy.

[00:12:08] No, you start your day with a hell yeah, I can do this. That’s a completely different mindset. Now, cold plunges, I don’t actually cold plunge every single day because I don’t know where to put a cold plunge and not everybody got a bathtub and I don’t want to fill up the bathtub with ice. However, what I do is when I shower in the morning, I shower cold after my regular cleaning warm shower.

[00:12:31] That’s how easy it is and believe me, it is still as discomforting as a cold plunge can be.

Habit #7: Template Everything For Efficiency 

[00:12:36] Habit number seven, template everything. You do it twice, It’s a template. Regular process. It’s a template. You repeat it every day. It’s a template. You literally can template everything. And this is not just time saving.

[00:12:51] This is brain saving. This is efficiency at its core. And the time that you will save by building out one good [00:13:00] template. Girl, that stuff is going to save you hours and hours every single week. Now, how you can apply that in the everyday? I wonder. I think we got quite a few templates for you that lessen your ClickUp discomfort and help you standardize your processes right now.

[00:13:16] And you don’t even need to spend the time to build them yourself.

Habit #8: Profit First – Framework On Finances 

[00:13:21] Now talking about processes. One of the recent videos, I already mentioned that. And habit number eight, profit first. Didn’t see it. Didn’t see the video. You don’t know what profit first is. Watch the full one down in this video right here.

[00:13:33] Profit first is the habit of applying a process and a framework to your finances. And that is not only a smart financial decision, but also a smart Mental decision. You are separating your money. You know exactly what’s going on. You know exactly if you can afford something or not. And you always have a little bit profit less to celebrate and make your mind happy that you do [00:14:00] deserve that Starbucks you want and not feel bad about it because they, the invoice is still open.

[00:14:04] No. There is profit in your account. You get to spend it. So the first thing you want to do is go watch the full video we have on profit first, and then start implementing it.

Habit #9: Understand Mind Hacking

[00:14:15] Habit number nine, mind hacking. We already talked a little bit about body hacking and we really need to dive into the mind hacking too. Now in my past, I’ve been a lot in fight or flight.

[00:14:28] If that is my husband fighting cancer and dying, if that is being in a narcissistic relationship, my hormones were completely off, fight or flight. And let’s be honest, social media makes us completely addicted to dopamine on top of everything. So the whole mind and body hacking and all the hormones that your brain produces is a big thing.

[00:14:54] If you do not control those and learn what’s going on with those, I’m sorry. You’re never going to be [00:15:00] successful. Have I found myself scrolling for hours and hours on Tik Tok getting that dopamine hit, Oh, this is funny. Oh, this is cool. Rather than working through my shit. Let’s be honest. To then, really feel crappy the next day because everybody’s got their stuff together, right?

[00:15:17] We know better that social media reels is just a collection of the best, but still, it hits us different in our mind and body, where it’s like, oh, the perfect world and this is how my life is supposed to look like. Those dopamine hits are not just happy hormones, they literally make us addicted. So how can you prevent getting addicted to your own hormones?

[00:15:40] How can you level this out and really get a base level? Limit your screen time. Sleeping well. I have my place cooled down at night. I have blackout curtains. My morning starts with a sunrise wake up light, where it slowly increases the light, which then also [00:16:00] helps you really get into that circadian rhythm, which we’re going to talk about here in a second about morning routines, little sneak peek on habit number 10 in this one, I really want to focus on the dopamine.

[00:16:14] This book right here, Dopamine Nation, go read it if you haven’t done so yet to really take charge of your dopamine, be able to get a normal level and back to your life.

Habit #10: Establish A Morning Routine

[00:16:28] And as I already hinted, Habit number 10, my morning routine. After that nice night of steep sleep, my lights already go up with a morning routine where it, where the light literally slowly gets brighter and brighter.

[00:16:41] I then open up my blackout curtains to get the light, go grab my coffee and go sit on my patio to really reset that circadian rhythm, that runs physically through us and impacts so much of our mental and physical behavior. [00:17:00] You want that light. You really want to have a good circadian rhythm to be at your best.

[00:17:06] I have my coffee first and I take time for me. I might read a little bit. I might just hang out whatever the morning is for me. I am definitely journaling in the morning. To get all of the things that my brain might have worked through in their sleep out of my system so I can start fresh and clean. I also go to my workout in the morning and I also walk in the morning to really pay attention to me first.

[00:17:30] Again, start slow. My morning routine has evolved over the years. This didn’t start all at once. I added one habit after the other. However, one of the things you really want to start fast is that sunlight exposure first thing in the morning. Get it however the best way for you. So now that you are your best self, it is time to start supporting your team to be their best self.

[00:17:59] [00:18:00] And I got a video here for you how to be the ultimate team leader that takes all of these personal habits and transfers your amazingness to your team to run your business the best way possible and go hit that subscribe button if you aren’t yet So I can see you in the next video.


00:00 | Habits That Help Me Grow My Business

00:33 | Habit #1: Learning To Say NO

02:00 | Habit #2: Time Blocking And Batching

04:26 | Habit #3: Scheduling Me Time

05:58 | Habit #4: Coworking/Body Doubling 

08:19 | Habit #5: Being Comfortable With Therapy and Coaching

10:51 | Habit #6: Doing Cold Plunges

12:36 | Habit #7: Template Everything For Efficiency 

13:21 | Habit #8: Profit First – Framework On Finances 

14:15 | Habit #9: Understand Mind Hacking

16:28 | Habit #10: Establish A Morning Routine


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  • Dopamine Nation

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