The BEST way to Time Blocking your Business Tasks in ClickUp

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When it comes to managing your business tasks, it’s hard to know where to start. It doesn’t matter how many lists you make or apps you use; if you don’t keep your brain in line, nothing will get done! 

Why? The brain is wired to be distracted. It’s like a magnet for distractions, leaving you stuck in an endless loop of procrastination and missed deadlines. 

But don’t worry. Time blocking can help you keep your brain in check and get the most out of your day. And with ClickUp (and Google Calendar), it just got a whole lot easier! 

The BEST way to Time Blocking your Business Tasks in ClickUp-story

How? This is where time blocking comes in.

Time blocking is all about breaking down your day into designated times of productivity, so you can get more work done in less time. 

But no, I’m not talking about making things too granular and scheduling every minute of your day. That just doesn’t work! Instead, you want to be flexible and adjust your plan accordingly as needed. 

And let’s just say the simple approach is the best approach. So if you want to learn more, you might want to keep reading!

Video Transcription:

[00:00:00] Now, ClickUp has no native feature to time block. And chances are, you’ve probably seen quite a few hacks to work around that and to add that feature of time blocking within ClickUp. And I’m now wondering just which way would work the best for you. And I’m not just gonna show you the best way to time block in ClickUp.

[00:00:20] No. I’m also gonna explain to you why. So you really get not only the easy how to just do this? No. You will leave this video with a full understanding how this way of time blocking fits in your business, allows you to be more productive and efficient and doesn’t screw up your ClickUp while doing so. Now the idea behind time blocking is your brain being able to stay in a certain area of types of works.

[00:00:55] I have mentioned that in the past videos. Don’t go crazy. Don’t go all granular. I only want you to have three to five different types of time blocking categories so we really can stay on task for your business within ClickUp.


Keeping your brain in line

Now, the idea of time blocking, as I said, is trying to keep your brain in line. With that we have some admin tasks. We have your client deliverables, we have marketing and client getting. We also have some program and product development. Meaning, you taking care of your business. Yes, do not leave that time block out because our goal is not just being productive, but being proactive in your business.

[00:01:38] Time blocking gives you that permission slip up. I get to work on my business too, not just in my business. So let’s pay attention to that, shall we?


Google Calendar

Now, why am I preaching for you to time block using Google Calendar? As you can see right here in my Google Calendar, it’s a separate day batching calendar. It does not interfere with my scheduler because I don’t wanna be shown busy here and not be able to take calls, right?

[00:02:10] It does not interfere with my ClickUp. It does not interfere with anything. They’re not even set to busy. They’re not showing anywhere else. It is a placeholder for my time blocking in my business where I then will assign tasks based on those time blocks. So reason number one, it doesn’t screw with anything.

[00:02:34] It is a framework that is right here that you can build up on top of. Now, it’s also easy to edit if you are using ClickUp and ClickUp tasks to time block. You need to go into ClickUp and you need to find the right task, and you need to record the task, and you need to edit the task. And are you editing the past task?

[00:02:52] Are you editing the future task? It literally is just a placeholder. You go in here, you easily can move things around. You can rename things. It is so simple. As I already mentioned, it does not screw with your Google calendar. It’s a separate date, batch and calendar. And if you want to go all crazy, add your daily routines to it.

[00:03:10] Not saying that. We’ve talked about this before. Now with this, it is a standalone calendar right in here that doesn’t screw with anything else. It is just the framework that you are working off of.


Syncing with ClickUp

Now, ClickUp, Google Calendar feature of syncing all the things allows us to pull in this framework for time blocking into ClickUp.

[00:03:34] If for whatever reason your calendars don’t show, you just need to show them right at the bottom. But I got another video for you on that one. Now we have this framework right here in ClickUp. It isn’t assigned to you, which means it does not screw with your time management and your resource management right here in ClickUp.

[00:03:53] It’s just a canvas you are working off of. And now what you do is you really just drag and drop these specific tasks onto the time block they are supposed to be in. Meaning, you drag your client work into your client work time blocking area. You’re needing to catch up on something and you gotta back lock off tasks.

[00:04:16] Great. Drag those into your time blocking segment of catch up and recharge. And this is really how easy time blocking can be in ClickUp without screwing any of your planning or resource management up at the same time. Now, the worst way of time blocking your business tasks within ClickUp. Yeah, I talked about that and you can see the video right here, where I dive even granular in different ways that I have seen out there.

[00:04:46] People recommend time blocking and ClickUp, and I’ll show you exactly why they don’t work and why you shouldn’t do them.

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