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Start Your Day Being PRODUCTIVE! With ClickUp

Starting your day knowing exactly what awaits and understanding what you’re responsible for, results in a smoother, more efficient workday. No longer will you have to deal with miscommunication or struggle with chaotic workflows.

By introducing this three-step process into your daily routine using ClickUp, you create a systematic flow to start off your workday. It efficiently guides you to clean up notifications starting with your inbox, creating an on-fire list or your normal to-do list with due dates, and discovering the most important task that you need to do as the business owner — organizing your work process just click away in ClickUp.

How to scale your business sustainably - Ask Yvi

How to scale your business sustainably minus the burnout

how to scale your business without the burn out? is that possible? Are you looking for effective tips on how to scale your business sustainably, without having to work 80 hours a week? Well, I’m so delighted to tell you that… YES!!! You actually can run a business, live a fulfilling life, and be your …

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Perception of what other people must be thinking of us is controlling. We can overcome our false beliefs of perception to find our own success.