The 6 Pillars of Strong Business Growth

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Are you looking for ways to grow your business? If so, you’re not alone.

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses need to constantly grow and evolve to survive – which is why a lot of business owners, like you and me, are scrambling to find the best ways to promote growth.

There are a lot of different strategies out there that businesses can use to grow, but not all of them are created equal.

Of course, some methods are more effective than others, while some are more sustainable in the long run.

But before diving into growth strategies, you need to know about the six pillars of strong business growth.

The 6 Pillars of Strong Business Growth story - Ask Yvi

Once you understand these key concepts, you’ll be able to create a solid foundation for growth that will help your business thrive for years to come.

Read on to learn more about these pillars of strong business growth and how you can use them to take your business to the next level.

Video Transcription:

[00:00:00] When I see the overwhelm in the eyes of my new clients quickly followed by them telling me the story up of how they have done all the things. Yet, their business is going nowhere and they feel like they’ve never gonna catch up with all the things that they are supposed to do. That’s when I know they’re focusing on the wrong things.

[00:00:20] When we drill down on this, everybody wants to grow their business. No matter if that means growing your income while doing less, growing your clientele and just offering more services, income, whatever business growth means to you. We need to focus on six pillars in your business to make that happen. Now, as I mentioned in the intro, often enough, my clients, when they come to me, they’re completely overwhelmed.

[00:00:50] They do all the things yet business doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I’ve been there. And I know you’ve been there. Anybody that has built a business has been there and maybe you still are there. So that’s why I wanted to share my Six Pillars of Strong Business Growth with you. Being aware of these six areas in your business will help you not only make quick and easy decisions about what tasks are important and what you really need to pay attention to, but also what are those you literally need to delete from your task list now and forever. To get to the six pillars of strong business growth, we need to start on the top. As you know me, we like to start with a big picture right here and looking at the big picture, there’s actually only two areas in your business that you need to pay attention to. One of which is growth. The other one is fulfillment. Now, if you look at my great sheet that I pulled out from a webinar we did just for you, you see how these all fit together.

[00:01:58] On one side, we have your business growth. On the other one, we got your fulfillment. Now, why do I say there’s actually just two areas of your business we have to pay attention to? Yvi, you told us there are six pillars. Yes, six pillars is what holds all of this up, but when it comes down to it, you want to grow your business, but you also need to deliver to your clients.

[00:02:22] You need to fulfill on the promise you have made while growing your exposure and getting out there. So how do we do that? Funny, you ask. Let’s look at it. Now, going back to our spreadsheet, when we are talking about growth, there are two partitions in your growth efforts. One of them is your actual exposure and relationship.

[00:02:47] Meaning, how do people find you? Who are you collaborating with? Who could be a great asset to your business because your services perfectly in sync and match that person’s services? So exposure and relationship is one of the things we need to focus on. Then, leads. All of the exposure and relationships don’t do anything if you don’t get leads in the door, right? Now, drilling further down on the fulfillment area of your business. On one hand, we have your clients, students or products. That is how you make your money, all the same thing. How are you taking care of them? Are you focusing on them? Because there is no fulfillment if you are not servicing your client’s needs or having the product or servicing the students and giving them new lessons and supporting them, right? On the other hand, when it comes to fulfillment, you also need to pay attention to your business. There are business needs that need to be taken care of. And now that we looked at this overlaying framework, now we can really dive into those six pillars that you need to take care of for strong business growth.

[00:03:58] And now we really get into the works of it and what needs to get done for you to know exactly what needs to get done and to grow your business. So let’s dive back in into our perfect spreadsheet and worksheet, which you will find in the comment section. This is part of my SOAR framework where we talk about how to really bulletproof your business.

[00:04:22] But I digress, right now, we are looking at the Six Pillars of Strong Business Growth. So what are those six pillars that really build this foundation to allow you to have a strong business that supports you, not the other way around. Are you ready? Perfect. Pillar number one, Outreach. You need to go out there.

[00:04:43] I told you in the last video, build it and they will come, does not work. Don’t wait for people to just find you. Why? They have their own business to run. Outreach. What are you doing for outreach? Paying attention to that and making that a regular occurrence in your task management system. Remember last video when I talked about recurring tasks? This is one of them have a task in there that says, did you reach out to them? Are you doing this? What are you doing there? How, what, why, who? Requests. Meaning, who is reaching out to you that wants to collaborate with you, that wants to align their services with you, that might be able to send clients your way, or you can send clients their way. Or, have you on a summit. What are those things where people come to you and request to work alongside with you and build that relationship. In your leads section, what are your prospects? What are you taking care of when prospects reach out to you?

[00:05:47] What needs to get done so that you do not lose that prospect in the ether because you did not follow up with them. Leads also means your sales funnel, means following up on your discovery calls, means making sure your potential clients know exactly what they are getting and that you are there for them and you will deliver. What are those tasks that need to get done for your sales funnel to run smoothly? Then when we look into your fulfillment in your area of client, students, or products. Again, they are handled the same way. I don’t care what you are actually selling and where your delivery happens, but the delivery needs to happen. Do you need to follow up with your virtual coaching clients on Voxer or WhatsApp?

[00:06:36] Does the course need to be updated? Do you need to build that ClickUp template and deliver it? Make sure you have your processes and workflows down for the delivery and you do not drop the ball because a well-delivered product or service also helps you build that retention with those clients. Are you asking for testimonials? Are you following up how things are going? That retention piece in your client fulfillment will help you, not only for clients to come back, but for them to refer you. That is a built-in sales funnel. Do not miss that. This is one of the strongest pieces to build a strong business, because now suddenly you save yourself quite some money on marketing. But again, we also talked about your fulfillment piece specifically to your business.

[00:07:29] You have a responsibility to also fulfill and deliver to your own business. Are you taking care of your financials? Do you know what’s going on and what cash flow you are having? Are you actually building prognosis of your income? Of your financial growth? No? Then you better start paying attention to it.

[00:07:52] Yes? Good for you. I hope you get the spreadsheet ready because I’m working on mine right now – Dropped the ball on that one – but also, improvements. When you are going through the Six Pillars of Building a Strong Business, go back. What’s happening in your outreach? What can you do better? What can you polish up?

[00:08:11] Where are your systems getting stuck? Is there maybe a better tool that you can automate better than the one you are using right now? Is one of your team members in a position that they might not be too happy about? Always pay attention to potential improvements. Don’t get like me and have to put them in right away. Put them in an improvement list.

[00:08:32] And then every month or every quarter decide which ones you gonna be focusing on. Now, if you are wondering like, Yvi, we are talking online. This is all just a piece of paper. Go watch this video right here. I’ll show you exactly how you can implement these six pillars into your project management system. And have you subscribed yet?

[00:08:53] I’ll see you in the next video.

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