Master your Podcast Production in ClickUp

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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of podcast production? Do you find yourself juggling multiple tasks and struggling to stay organized? If so, you’re not alone! Many podcasters face the same challenges when it comes to managing their podcast workflow effectively.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that can help you streamline your podcast production process and take your podcast to the next level: ClickUp.

In this guide, we’ll explore how ClickUp can revolutionize your podcast production workflow, from planning and recording to editing and publishing. We’ll discuss the key features of ClickUp that make it the ultimate tool for podcasters, and we’ll provide actionable tips on how to use ClickUp effectively to maximize your productivity and create high-quality content for your audience.

Understanding the Podcast Production Workflow:

Before we dive into the specifics of using ClickUp for podcast production, let’s take a moment to understand the typical podcast production workflow. A typical podcast production process involves several stages, including:


This stage involves planning and preparing for upcoming episodes. Tasks may include brainstorming episode ideas, scheduling interviews, and creating outlines or scripts.

Master your Podcast Production in ClickUp-story


Once the pre-production tasks are complete, it’s time to record your podcast episodes. This stage may involve conducting interviews, recording solo episodes, or capturing audio on location.


After recording, the audio files need to be edited to remove any mistakes, add music or sound effects, and ensure a smooth listening experience for your audience.

Here’s an easy way to start editing for beginners!


Once the episodes are edited, they need to be formatted, uploaded to hosting platforms, and published to various podcast directories.

How ClickUp Templates Simplifies Podcast Production

Now that we have a basic understanding of the podcast production workflow, let’s explore how ClickUp can help you streamline each stage of the process:

  • Centralized Task Management: my ClickUp template allows you to create custom workflows for your podcast production process. We’ve removed the guesswork, now that you have tasks organized into lists and you can further enhance it to suit your organization’s specific needs. This ensures that everyone on your team knows what needs to be done and when, reducing confusion and ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Collaboration and Communication: With ClickUp, you can collaborate with your team members in real-time, sharing podcast content assets, ideas, and feedback easily. Whether you’re brainstorming episode topics, reviewing interview transcripts, or providing feedback on episode edits, ClickUp makes it easy to stay connected and productive.
  • Integration with Third-Party Tools: ClickUp integrates seamlessly with a variety of third-party tools commonly used in podcast production, including audio editing software, scheduling tools, and podcast hosting platforms. This allows you to automate repetitive tasks tasks, streamline your workflow, and focus on creating great content for your audience.
  • Analytics and Reporting: ClickUp provides analytics and reporting features features that allow you to track the performance of your podcast episodes, including download numbers, listener demographics, and engagement metrics. This valuable data can help you make informed decisions about podcast content content, marketing strategies, and audience growth initiatives.

How to Master Your Podcast Production In ClickUp (Step-by-Step)

With the help of a powerful ClickUp template, you can make your podcast workflow much simpler. No more juggling between different platforms or worrying about making mistakes.

From handling guest submissions and interviews to sorting out your content creation and repurposing tasks… or whether you’re mostly working with a team on show notes, scripts, and episode content, or doing it all by yourself, this template will save you a lot of time and effort!

Let me walk you through how easy it is to get started with podcasting using this ClickUp Template:

The ClickUp Template I’ll be sharing is organized like a folder. Inside, there are different lists for each stage of your podcast production process.

From the Overview tab, you can check your big-picture view of what’s going on so far in the production process. You’ll see different categories and potential documents you have associated with this workflow.

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Note: Personally, I use the Lists tab when we really need to get into it. We have to set this as Default For Everyone so everyone on your team can use this for their daily work.

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To get started with your guest applications, go to Overview and choose the Submission list.

w3 - Ask Yvi

Go over to the Application Form tab where everything has already been set up for you with a template. You will just need to go over it to customize and get those tidbits that apply to you and what type of information you usually need. 

- Ask Yvi

The Application Form is where all of the custom fields are housed. To gather all that information from your potential guests like their first name, last name, and email, if somebody sent you here, let me know who sent you, and who referred you to my podcast, website, or mailing address too.

- Ask Yvi

I like to send gifts once in a while. So I would like to have the mailing address right away without needing to go back and talk to the guest and get it. 

There’s also a space where guests can upload their best headshots. Having the freedom to upload what they like for you to use will definitely make you and your editing team’s life simpler.

ZnmK9YMziw2oiRzHPRQIpfR1NDBpSUNG7g2jGJm8XoZHDqrJ2 7Nuo4x5na9AVOorWrj - Ask Yvi

PRO TIP: Including a Have You Been A Guest Speaker Before question gives you the edge to adjust according to what level of experience your guests have.

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There’s also Proposed Titles, Additional Guest Question And Episode Description, Speaker Bio, Any Resources They Want To Share, and No Go’s.

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The reason why I always ask any No Go’s is because we often dive deep into a growth mindset in our podcast and there can be things that guests don’t want to talk about. This will make the experience so much better not only for you, but also your guests.

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Of course, don’t forget to get their social media links, and this right here – Who Else Do You Think Should Guest. So many of my guests refer to their associates or their friends and because of this, you can reach out to them and wouldn’t need to be cold-calling people. It sounds way better, doesn’t it?

6rEFF2fvg3pKL hPaKopmN9cUrWaRRK5HKtntfpKL079xpL7P SCkNgH1BJ0no ORL1nykldFCsuHbpZJfCrZnFUoZaeLhi32aT9dpLpeFLX m3KrBn12VQuRss0FEJ5eDT7 gb4ItN2tWp2giuGzjI - Ask Yvi

You can also ask if there’s any podcast that you might be able to guest on and links to it because this can get you podcast guesting leads too.

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We can’t forget to add some legal stuff in here that says: Yes, I am going to do my best to make this the best quality possible and I also give you the right to repurpose the whole thing.

When that gets filled out and submitted by your guest, it will show up as task in the Submissions List.

- Ask Yvi

PRO TIP: When you are in the application form and you are in editing, check that you always have Add Custom Field Answers To The Description Of The Task. In case someone accidentally deletes a thing or two while working on it, you can rest assured that it’s all backed up inside the description box.

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Automations For This Podcast Production in ClickUp Template:

We have different podcast stages for each task or podcast episode. The stages can range from Schedule Recording down to Podcast Scheduled, keeping you up to date on where it’s going so far. 

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This template has more automations with the goal to lessen manual work for you each and every time you get a guest signing up. Here’s how you get that started:

1. For the first stage after the guest has submitted the form, we have the
Stage: Schedule Recording. This stage can be set up with an automated email which sends out to the guest containing the link to schedule their recording. 

- Ask Yvi

2. When the recording is scheduled, there’s an automation that will automatically move this specific task to the Scheduled List tab. It will show up on the Upcoming Shows List.

Sh3C8gM5 UMBfPeOs aWzltNO1Mf8jLNzXKjz LGoXw35Hrs03SJ38xSrnT45mRdqHmk3wn2h8t9VELqdZCeP0ZtPQBfCA EMXs3LwXic8mdbjq9Rg2epfMMDw8RKmoq5 E Z lJukGjIcp1PnghX o - Ask Yvi

Note: There will be more custom fields as you explore this tab. It includes live show date, episode number, name of the guest, podcast stage and additional fields that will help you in the future when you want to automate more of this and share assets with your guests.

Some of these fields like Graphics have dropdowns on which stage it is in, Blog Link where you can manually input from your website URL and Google Drive Link folder for this specific episode.

And YES, once your podcast production workflow is running smoothly with this ClickUp Template, you can level up and automate the Google Drive asset generation too!

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3. After that call with your guest, we have more automations here as the task stage changes. One of which is when the status changes to Recording Done, then you can apply your custom template. This is something that you need to build on your end. Although this comes with the big folder template, you will still need to add that in here and change the status to In Progress.

- Ask Yvi

Note: Our podcast production task template is in year two already making our team tasks clear and accountable. This is included inside the FREE Video/Audio Podcast Production Template in ClickUp and simply save it as a template in your workspace, and then select the automations that applies to your show!

lXPk88HZKgKALQVKB7PB1GtdRgOzNHzSULIndWO4HYYnaZFjJpORP8eWce9DsfOwXyWGGylhT6 vwE0EEQj8cMl Kl9hk3WGbyeJhe7jv BDwrkmzuRX177Y1wzgebrVz5iRQ0Cy4yk0kznyRf1p5pA - Ask Yvi

4. When the previous step is all done and ready to go, you can change the podcast stage to Podcast Scheduled. There is an automation that will trigger at this stage that will change the status of the task to Complete.

- Ask Yvi

Turning Your Own Podcast Into Leads

Going into the folder level of the ClickUp Template, you will find a list that says Host As Guest, which is your potential to be in somebody else’s podcast show.

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 So for any guest that will answer Yes to the question in the application form, will also go to this list, making it easier for you to reach out and check it off the list once you get approved.

0LIuDkQSB08RiH3 Lqj9DOrRO6aPvfiEcpIo796TCvFSZYUBbJdowayL 5g8ErQFOyaM1Od W0gQXgEmlFgLPNHhBL orkOQmlXH1yR5LDqvUk7h3dt0M0ViW9 5hUsktScdwUXRQVR8njiwpE13 tA - Ask Yvi

And in case your guest also refers you to their co-worker or friends from another industry, these will show up in the Potential Guests List. These are leads that can be your future podcast guests to build and create more connections instead of just cold-calling people out of the blue.

xbMydhWIlzwgbFWL qjmMCZ 7aLco9eicAgPg0JE434I0DHNDXIXjTO9XYbfw4Ld32ivvuSSCd76hulRn6m r3scSQCE3P 5v0Si3EYFP7qL5JdQS WMaqKu 4Ovjo mojfOWoOpz0NvOBTteyXlwA - Ask Yvi

Under the Potential Guests List, there is a custom field where you can check mark a specific task or episode to the Referral Added To Wishlist. This then automatically adds the task to the Wishlist. That is where you collect who you would like to have on your podcast from past to future guests.

There is also a Guest Stage tab under Wishlist where you can potentially create more automations such as sending out an email for its corresponding stage. It will make it easier for you to automate and filter lists without having the need to open each task.

ScBilw8XoaFrJCvsvhdqmQvi 5uYlkmqlmVyRUxqG7e0iHlBCUEwe919v9q66 rRwAZHkMtWjwASDeGZIZotShrGXpBTLmz3Rau q FCKTtX - Ask Yvi

Where To Get This ClickUp Template?

You have 2 options on how to get this FREE template and get your podcast production process on the road to automation and domination!

KHIQPqdmC1PIHJBloHpxwcb0st1 YQNpo4qsxJ9vy8GN2pWjYdpjXJaJRWZmzeo4MFf rmecV ljWejK7DurpbfgbIdIhpMZwNSkOutm0gC6uWi9Gd5mu9L565td EG UP yZk1a fyH2X2a5EdHVWE - Ask Yvi

1. Simply go to the ClickUp Community Templates and search for “AskYvi”. Click on the Template and Get The Free Solution. This will work best when you have your ClickUp account logged in for it to integrate seamlessly.

- Ask Yvi

2. You can also get it inside the ClickUp app by going to your Quick Action Menu beside your profile icon.

  • Choose the Template Center and search for “AskYvi”.

8Slr XAtPyNwEbyIuULxnBdDAX8LaAU38QJTvwIk7Mw8cEkRkKjGMsIXInVEe KOAZKORmgWPfMt71 L bbrkTYAvYhpSOc 0bzv Sz1jufzkTT291W6TS1vNbHdfdzTmT48ekNGnehiqgZtua3djFs - Ask Yvi

  • Under Template Types: Folder, you’ll find the Video/Audio Production Template by AskYvi.com.

Cffw88mwJb ZLSKr xA0onkZO1evWRs8KnPqC C6MrzWL2ODQQG1ByKhuOTNm7uSAepydpLjgretO1U 0Q6sjDLshgNgKg5HiaqSCsiDjuIlEuy0JG9h754JuYMkrmYJLd5yKneNVoNkHPEP5krEc2c - Ask Yvi

  • Choose the Template and check which import settings work best for you.51W81p4I lrMhq5ChBnUTm9jsIjmqf3BE ZpOlLR9CZv78cwyaeS6DWpQdoe MsA8f utUpb7D BHJ wQRN4l84xbTI47mcKHdfMVcKTnnxLqmhzj YulC74j HFsogXsvZirsZ1XmNqEW1WNI9iQJ0 - Ask Yvi
  • Click Use Template to import and integrate in your workspace.

So, whether your podcast is audio-only or includes a video component, the versatility of this ClickUp template ensures its efficiency across various podcast formats. It’s designed not only to reduce the stress associated with podcast production but also to enhance the quality and consistency of your episodes.


If you’re looking for more tips, tricks and resources to help you use ClickUp for your podcast and even automate it further– be sure to check out my ClickUp For Podcasters Playlist! I’ve got a whole collection of videos covering everything from basic best practices to advanced automations throughout all the stages of your podcast production workflow.

free ClickUp template for Podcast Production to boost your leads!

The podcast production process often seems like a living nightmare with tons of tools and strategies out there, making it challenging to find a streamlined pathway to efficiency. However, the solution might just lie within the versatile capabilities of ClickUp!

Quick recap of all the perks of automating your podcast production workflow in ClickUp:

  • Stay Organized Easily – ClickUp templates help you keep everything neat and tidy in one place. With tasks, deadlines, and important stuff all laid out in ClickUp, you can see what needs doing at a glance and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Work Faster and Smarter – With a ClickUp template, you get a clear plan for each step of your podcast-making journey. Plus, ClickUp can do some of the boring stuff for you, like reminding you about deadlines and making sure tasks get done on time. That means you can spend more time creating awesome content and less time stressing about the little things.
  • Teamwork Made Simple – ClickUp makes it easy to work with your podcasting buddies, whether they’re sitting next to you or halfway around the world. You can chat, share ideas, and keep everyone in the loop without missing a beat. Plus, you can control who sees what, so you can keep your private stuff private.
  • No More Excuses – With ClickUp, everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing and when it needs to be done. That means no more excuses for missed deadlines or dropped balls. Everyone on your team is held accountable for their part, so you can trust that things will get done on time.
  • Customize to Your Heart’s Content – ClickUp templates are super flexible, so you can make them work just the way you want. Whether you’re flying solo or part of a big team, ClickUp can be customized to fit your unique needs and preferences.

With this powerful ClickUp Template, not only simplifies the entire podcasting journey—from guest management to episode publication—but also empowers you to optimize your production process like never before. Just imagine cutting down on the administrative workload by half, freeing up precious time to focus on creating content that resonates with your audience and turns listeners into leads.

So why wait? Start exploring the boundless potential ClickUp offers for your podcast production today!

Episode 177 – Transcript + Timestamps
Master your Podcast Production in ClickUp

Mastering Your ClickUp Podcast Production

[00:00:00] Yvonne Heimann: Are you tired of juggling multiple tools and spreadsheets to manage your podcast production? Wish you had a single streamlined solution that can handle everything from guest submission to episode publishing, to finding you opportunities to guest on podcasts. Well, look no further. In this video, I am going to show you how to master your podcast production using a real powerful ClickUp template.

[00:00:23] Now this ClickUp template will help you streamline your entire podcast workflow from managing guest submissions and interviews to organizing your content creation and your repurposing process. I will also walk you through how to use it to easily track and manage guest submissions, if you have guests on your podcast.

[00:00:41] Collaborate with your team on show notes, scripts, and other content that every episode needs, or make your own life way easier if you don’t have a team yet and you are doing all the work on your own, believe me, we’re going to save you a ton of time. So you can focus on creating amazing content for your listeners and [00:01:00] viewers.

[00:01:00] Yes, this template works perfectly fine for video and audio podcasts alike. So if you’re ready to master your podcast production and take some of the stress out of the process, be sure to hit that like button and watch the video all the way through. Whereas I might just have a surprise for you at the end.

Streamlining Guest Management In ClickUp

[00:01:16] Let’s start in the beginning. I’m going to be assuming you have guests on your podcast because you’re doing the podcast for some reason, right? You want to get exposure or maybe you want to find clients. The easiest way to do so is having a guest. Now managing guests is a lot of work. You need to make sure you have the bio and you have the headshot and you have this and you have that, you might have a couple of questions.

[00:01:39] Guest management is one of the most time consuming parts of this podcast production workflow, next to the content repurposing and the marketing that comes in the end. So let’s dive on over to ClickUp and let me show you the template and how easy it is to manage your guest application in your podcast.

[00:01:59] When you come [00:02:00] right here, as you can see, this template is a folder template. We are using multiple lists for different stages of this process to produce your podcast. If you look in the overview, you will see the different lists and potentially documents you have associated with this workflow. Now, me personally, I love all of this as a big picture view, but when we get into it and we are actually working on this, I like the list view still.

[00:02:29] With that, we have set this as the default for everyone. If I want to get the big picture of you, I just go back to the overview and get everything I need. My everyday working is happening in this list. And now specifically looking at the guest application process for your podcast, let’s hop on over into the submission list. As you can see, I already have a dummy submission in here, and there is a lot of information right in here.

[00:02:56] Now, how did this get here? Really simple, right in here, right up there. You [00:03:00] will see the application form. Now the application form is already set up for you with a template. I have again, some dummy content, some standard content in here.

[00:03:09] Make sure you update that to you. And this is where all of the custom fields are housed, to gather that information from your potential guests, where we have the first name, last name, the email. If somebody sent you here, let me know who sent you, who referred you to my podcast. What’s your website. What’s your mailing address.

[00:03:28] I don’t set this as required. However, yeah, I like to send gifts once in a while. So I would like to have the mailing address right away. Room to upload the headshot for your guest. Then have you been a speaker before? You always should know what level of experience your guests have, so you can adjust accordingly.

[00:03:49] What do they propose as a show title, always helps get some ideas. Then insert additional guest question and ask for episode description. This is where you can decide, what do you want? [00:04:00] Do you want to add additional question? Do you want them to give you an episode description, whatever it is. Then room for the speaker bio, any resources they might like to share.

[00:04:09] I always ask for no go’s. We often dive deep into growth mindset in our podcast. And there can be things that guests don’t want to talk about. So make sure when you really build out your podcast production process, also ask for things that you shouldn’t be asking on your podcast. What are their social media links? Who else do you think should be guest?

[00:04:32] This right here can bring you more guests in. So many guests that have been on my podcast, submit their associates, their friends right there. And I have an ongoing list, which you will see here in a second that allows me to reach out and not be like cold calling people, Hey, you want to be on my podcast?

[00:04:49] No, now I can say, Hey, so and so just referred you to my podcast. Would you like to come on? Sounds way better, doesn’t it? Then here, we also [00:05:00] ask, Hey, do you have a podcast that I might be able to be guest on? Sweet. Get yourself some podcast leads. What’s the link for it? And then we have some legal stuff in here that says, Hey, yes, I am going to do my best to make this the best quality possible.

[00:05:15] And I also give you the right to repurpose the whole thing. Now, when that gets submitted, it ends up in the submission. And now, we have all of the information in here. Now, little pro tip, make sure when you are in the application form and you are in editing, I would always have a custom field answers to the description of the task.

[00:05:39] Now we have dummies, dummy content in here, which means this has not been sent through the form, this has been edited when submissions come in. Sometimes custom fields can get wonky or somebody of the team deleted it or whatever. I always like to have the backup to add that information to the description [00:06:00] too.

[00:06:00] So make sure you have that turned on. Now that you’ve seen the initial work in this template and how easy it is to manage your guests and get all that information you need for your podcast process. Let me know if this ClickUp template for podcast production sounds like it could be a game changer for your show, go ahead and let me know in the comments below, what’s the biggest challenge you are currently facing when it comes to making your podcast workflows and process run smooth.

[00:06:28] I’d love to hear your thoughts and see how this template can streamline your process, just like it did mine.

Setting Up The Podcast Production Template

[00:06:34] Now that we have this submission done, there’s already a couple of automations, your first one right here in this template, where, when the recording is scheduled, move it to the scheduled list, which means we have our podcast stages in here.

[00:06:49] We have scheduled recording where you can add an automation to it. That then sends an email and says, Hey, can you please schedule your recording? Yes, that’s possible. And when you click [00:07:00] recording scheduled, meaning that guest has scheduled their recording, it automatically moves into the scheduled list.

[00:07:09] Now you have a clear list that tells you, Hey, all is done. Awesome. They have scheduled their call. We are ready to really do the thing. Now in here, you now see more custom fields in this list view where we have the live show date. When does this episode go live? We also have the episode field here, which is actually a text field.

[00:07:30] So I can do the zero zero one rather than just the one, personal preference of mine. The data that they entered in the form has been moved here because the whole task moved, you know, the podcast stage you already had there. And then there is additional fields back here that will help you in the future when you want to automate more of this and share assets with your guests.

[00:07:54] This is where you mark your graphics for the podcast done. This is where you enter your [00:08:00] blog link. This is where your Google drive folder for this specific episode is being linked. And yes, in the future, once you ran this and this podcast production workflow is running smooth for you manually, you can automate the Google Drive asset generation too.

[00:08:17] And it automatically adds the link in YouTube. There is a video in the playlist. More to that later. Your transcription links. So again, that your guest can grab the transcription. We use Transistor to host the audio podcast. That link goes in here. Okay. As well as the YouTube link following this ClickUp template and filling out these custom fields will allow you to automate more and more of this in the future.

[00:08:41] So please keep them. And for now, while you are running this and using this manually, Fill them in manually. Then once we have the recording done, more things can happen. Looking at this right here, look at this. We have a couple of automations for you already in here. When the [00:09:00] podcast stage changes to podcast scheduled, mark it complete. Let’s save this because that’s what it’s supposed to be and will be in your template as well as when the custom field changes to recording. You are going to have to update the template on your end because you need to build this template. It comes with the big folder template, but you need to add that in here.

[00:09:25] And it then changes to in progress. And as you can see, our podcast production task template is in here too. You just simply need to save it as a template and then update the automation, so it automatically gets applied. That means we have your guest podcast submission, all squared away, all done. That now also means you have the podcast production task template, all done and can go through it.

[00:09:53] Before we go into the last thing of how you can turn your own podcast into leads for you to guest on other [00:10:00] podcasts, make sure you are subscribed because I will be bringing you more templates and videos that help you go beyond the hustle and simplify your business.

Podcast Guesting; Referrals And Wishlists

[00:10:13] As we already said, going into the folder level, you will find a list that says host as guest, which is you potentially being guest. Yes, we would like to have Yvi as a guest. This is where you now can reach out to them and be like, Hey, I want to be guest. Can we please do this? You also can then check it off.

[00:10:33] Yes, you have been approved as a guest so that they disappear in this list. This is also where you can find your potential future guests that some of your guest applications have referred to you. Now, as you can see, there’s a check box in here that says referral added to wishlist, which is your wishlist right down here.

[00:10:55] That is where you collect who you would like to have on your podcast. [00:11:00] This is also where you would collect any referrals you have gotten from your future and past guests through this submission. This is where you reach out to. This is also where you potentially in the future can automate emails and say, Hey, so and so said, you would be an amazing guest for my podcast.

[00:11:18] I would love to have you. Can you please pop your information in here and you send them to your form to send you all of the information. Now you have a perfect, streamlined, optimized, and already partially automated podcast production workflow right here in ClickUp that will save you hours and hours and hours in your production process.

[00:11:40] And the template, as you have seen it is in the ClickUp community available for you. I’m confident that if you implement this template, you are going to see a huge difference in how efficiently you are able to manage your podcasts and just how much less time it will take you. Now, if you’re looking for more tips [00:12:00] and tricks and resources, to help you use ClickUp for your podcast and even automate it further.

[00:12:06] Be sure to check out my ClickUp for podcasters playlist. I’ve got a whole collection of videos covering everything from basic best practices to advanced automations throughout all the stages of your podcast production workflow. I’ll see you over there where you can dive even deeper into taking your podcast production to new heights with ClickUp.

[00:12:27] Thanks so much for watching. I’ll check you in the next one and don’t forget to subscribe.


00:00 | Mastering Your ClickUp Podcast Production

01:16 | Streamlining Guest Management In ClickUp 

06:34 | Setting Up The Podcast Production Template

10:13 | Podcast Guesting; Referrals And Wishlists


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