Hire Team Members: When & How to HIRE Successfully to GROW Your Team

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You’re at the stage in your business where you’re ready to start growing and you’re looking to hire team members. If so, congratulations! You’re on your way to taking your business to the next level.

Now, let’s get down to business. I’m sure you’re asking, when is the right time to hire? And how can you do it successfully?

The answer to the first question really depends on your business and your specific needs. But in general, you should start thinking about hiring when you’re at capacity and can’t keep up with demand.

When & How to HIRE Successfully to GROW Your Team-story

For example, let’s say you’re a business consultant and you’re getting more and more client work. You’re working nights and weekends to keep your business up and running.

Business is great. Yes, you’re right. But can you keep up with this pace indefinitely?

If the answer is no, then you need to start thinking about hiring someone to help you with the workload. Otherwise, you’re going to burn out quickly and your business will suffer.

The second question – how to hire successfully – is a bit more complicated, though. If you’d like to learn more, read the full transcript below:

Video Transcription:

So you are a digital entrepreneur and you built your business. You got it off the ground. You got all the clients. All the things are going, but you are so busy, you are ready to hire. Not sure if now is the right time and how to do it right. That’s what we’re gonna talk about today. Hiring is a big piece for digital entrepreneurs when they are growing and scaling their business.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of people out there. Yeah. Just hired, solves all of your problem. It does not. 


Hire team members – Is cheaper better?

Two major things to think about when you are hiring, is there is one hiring where you gonna spend extra money to figure things out or being able to hire cheaper because you have already figured things out. Now, what do I mean by that?


Hire team members: Option #1

Hiring number one is going to cost you additional money. Simply because you might be in the situation of you don’t have standard operating procedures. You don’t have your processes down. You are flying by the seat of your pants because you have been in a reactive state, where you are the business owner.

You’ve been doing all the things yourself and it’s all in your head. Now, what’s gonna happen because you do not potentially even use a project management tool. You don’t have the standard operating procedures down. You are bringing somebody in to help you and the first issue is, you’re gonna spend three times the amount of time onboarding that team member, because you are gonna have to teach them how to do it because it’s only in your head. Now, then they are going to do the thing.

And then they’re gonna come back to ask questions because chances are, when you taught them how to do it there were some little nicks and crannies, and things, and specialities that you forgot about because it’s second nature for you and they didn’t do it right. Or, they need to come back to ask on how to do it right. And then, you have to prove it and do it again. You see how you suddenly spent a huge amount of time transferring your knowledge from your head into their head. And what you’re gonna pay for is for them to learn the process. And if you’re really smart, you’re gonna have them write down the process for you to start building out those standard operating procedures, so that you have those down and you do not have to go through that process again of downloading your knowledge into the new team member.



Now, if you have watched some of my videos, watched the SOP video, and you already have started putting together your standard operating procedures and your processes and getting them out of your head in one way, shape or form ever. You can bring somebody on, in a structured manner of being like, hey, here is all I need you to do.

And here is how you can do it, which then means they’re needing less time. That is a position that’s not as high ranking as potentially bringing on a full-on social media manager, rather than I have the social media management system down. The repurposing, all of this is done. I just need a VA to run with it.

Now, you are saving yourself a lot of money because you have the processes down because you are not spending the triple amount of time educating somebody and downloading that knowledge from you into somebody else. So what does that mean for the question of, when and how do you actually hire people that matters?

Do you need somebody to implement your systems and you have your SOP down? Go for it. Get that VA that can follow that roadmap that you laid out in your standard operating procedure and your project management system, and have them run with it and offload that easily. Are you, however, in the situation where it’s like, Yvi, I’ve been reactive. I’ve grown this business. I just done the things and it worked great, but I did not have the time or the resources to download all of that information.

Cool. Hire somebody that while doing their job can help you put these assets together. No, I am not saying hire an OBM. Your operations business manager comes in when you have those down to run with those. You really want somebody boots on the ground that has an idea of how these systems already work and can help you polish up your specific system you hired them for, as well as build those assets. Write those SOPs and get all of that information out of your head. So now, it’s your decision.


Which position are you in?

How do you wanna hire somebody? Spending a little bit more time and money and build those systems with that new hire? Or do you have the systems ready and you can hire somebody to just run with it? I wanna know in the comment section. Are you ready to hire and who are you going to hire? And if you are struggling with your SOPs, I have a video for you on that with a template on how to set up an SOP for that new hire. And they have all the information they need, as well as existing team members, that really just need a little refresher.

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