Build a Content Marketing Plan in ClickUp

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Let me guess: you post content on social media whenever you feel like it, or whenever you just remember to. You know how important content is for your business, but you don’t know where to start. You don’t have a strategy, much less a content marketing plan.

If that sounds just like you, then let me tell you: that’s about to change. But you’ll have to keep reading to find out how.

In this post, I’ll be sharing some strategies on how to build a content marketing plan in ClickUp. We’ll go over where to start with content marketing, creating a visual calendar of your social media workflow, and an overview of the content creation process. So if you want to create content that will actually help you reach your goals – keep reading! 

Build a Content Marketing Plan in ClickUp-story

I promise you, if you follow these tips, your content will look more organized, and it’ll be easier for you to measure success. Plus, content creation won’t feel like such a chore anymore. 

Ready? Let’s get started!

Video Transcription:

[00:00:00] Yvonne Heimann: Let me guess. You are posting whenever you remember, or maybe you just feel completely overwhelmed with all the content you just created, and you are simply at a point where you are done being reactive with your content marketing and you are ready to make a plan and be proactive and actually plan on when to have a call to action and get new clients in the door. Let’s do that. Let’s build a content marketing plan in our ClickUp, shall we? One of the big things that I see happening in my community and with my clients is we are going way too big picture in the beginning. Meaning, we have all of these ideas and we have all of these contents.

[00:00:50] Yvonne Heimann: That’s why we are coaches and consultants because we have those big picture ideas. We are entrepreneurs, all of the things, and suddenly it’s like, [00:01:00] I’m completely overwhelmed. I don’t wanna talk to you. I’m going in my corner. I’m just curling up in a ball. I put on some music and don’t talk to me. Let’s not do that, shall we?


Start here with Content Marketing Plan

[00:01:10] Yvonne Heimann: Are we also gonna start nice and easy in the beginning? Forget about task management for a second. Forget about project management for a second. Go in. Where do you wanna post? Where do you want to share your content? Stop the project management and the task management. Close down your ClickUp for just a minute.

[00:01:31] Yvonne Heimann: We’ll open it right back up, but not in the task management. Where do you want to start? Everybody tells you, and they’re right. Don’t try to be everywhere all at the same time, especially when you are starting out. Where do you wanna be? Which outlets, which social media platforms do you want to focus on for your content marketing plan?


Social media workflow

[00:01:53] Yvonne Heimann: Now we are gonna open up ClickUp again. But we gonna go to our documents. It’s a document. We are not [00:02:00] starting the whole task management yet. We come to that. Now. Look at this. This is how you can easily start your content marketing plan. Now again, I am a few years down the road, I am not starting out, which is why you are seeing a lot in here.

[00:02:16] Yvonne Heimann: But even that, it is really simple. When you are going into our social media workflow in our Standard Operating Procedures right here in ClickUp documents, we are making it really simple. Nice and easy overview. What and when are we posting on YouTube? Shorts on Monday. There’s a time. The podcast on Wednesday with the time, as well as the recorded video on Friday with the time. When are we posting to the blog? Which by the way, as you can see, is on the same day at a similar time to make life simple.

[00:02:52] Yvonne Heimann: When are we posting in our Instagram feed? Right there. Prescheduled. Don’t have to worry about it. Bad [00:03:00] shit, right? IG Reel, this is one we are working on right now. See? Even mine is not perfect. Right now? I am not regularly posting on Instagram Reels. I’m just flying by the seat of my pants. It is in here because I do want to develop this habit and really add that to our content marketing plan.

[00:03:22] Yvonne Heimann: That’s why it’s here. So you can see Instagram Stories. I’m totally flying by the seat of my pants. Oh, yeah. We have a YouTube video coming out today, right? I should share that. Mm-hmm. , welcome to my life. As well as we have TikTok on the plan to do more of that and then StreamYard, our podcast is pre-recorded and then livestreamed to YouTube.

[00:03:41] Yvonne Heimann: This is when the announcement is happening. Now, what you can see right here is a simple content marketing plan, right in ClickUp. Is it actionable? Not quite yet, but that’s where we are coming now. But before that, you’ve seen this, maybe in, in, in the earlier [00:04:00] video, haven’t yet? I’ll have the playlist for you at the end.

[00:04:02] Yvonne Heimann: So you have all the ins and outs. This is what it’s gonna look at the end. So let’s dive into how your ClickUp hierarchy is actually gonna look like. And look, there’s our visual content calendar again. Makes content marketing so easy in ClickUp. Promise you. We’ve played around with multiple different ways of how to set up the ClickUp hierarchy to really help us create content on scale.

[00:04:29] Yvonne Heimann: You might have seen a couple of former videos where I handled YouTube videos similar to how I now handle my podcast. The podcast creation has multiple levels and the process from somebody applying to actually it being repurposed and all the things is longer than our YouTube video, which is why we have this, this way, where I am collecting people that either way got referred as a guest or that I wanna have on to keep them tracked right here in ClickUp. These are my submissions. Again, [00:05:00] there is video on my channels on all of this, how we are handling this, right? Podcast production. Cool. We’ve got the whole thing automated.


Content creation

[00:05:08] Yvonne Heimann: Just talked about that in my community. Now let’s look at the actual content creation. When it’s outside of something like a live show or a podcast. We have our creation folder, right in here in our content creation space, and it is sorted by type of content. Video, meaning long form, recorded video. Then we got our Shorts. Again, having a content marketing plan means you want to build different types of content that refers to each other so that you can hit your clients where they are at in their learning journey about you. Got it? Cool. Then we got our social media, which is what we are using for initiatives, collaborations, as well as paid promos [00:06:00] because right now most of the social media sharing of all of our content happens automatically for MissingLettr, and then we have our newsletter.

[00:06:09] Yvonne Heimann: Are there specific campaigns going on? Is it the weekly roundup? And this is how we build out this hierarchy. Now again, this can get really overwhelming, really fast. I know. It doesn’t have to be because if you are following how we set up this visual content calendar, I am literally working out of this content calendar.

[00:06:31] Yvonne Heimann: I know exactly where everything is. All of this green, that’s content that’s completely done. Scheduled. I don’t even have to worry about it. That one right there is nearly done. We are just waiting for the thumbnail. Same here. That was my fault. That’s my thumbnail. But it also means you can move forward and see exactly what’s happening and that I definitely need to create more short-form content and Stories. Do not get caught up [00:07:00] in the nitty gritty and the task management in the beginning. Start out when you were really setting up your content marketing plan in the basics. What do you want to focus on? When do you want to publish? And then build up on that. I used to do just one YouTube video and shared it. Now we are doing a YouTube video, a podcast, and a Short. That took me a while to get to this level.

[00:07:29] Yvonne Heimann: So really build up on it and once you are there, you really easily can bring it all together with this visual content plan. And if you are ready to really take your content marketing plan and ClickUp on the next level. I have a full on playlist for you right here where we dive in the nitty gritty of content marketing and content planning right here in ClickUp, as [00:08:00] well as a little bonus on how you can create microcontent really easily. Right there.

[00:08:07] Yvonne Heimann: So go choose one. I’ll see you in the next video.

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