Boss Your Business with Yvonne Heimann

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Stop dreaming, start building! It is time to stop watching everyone else build the business of their dreams and live the lifestyle you aspire!

Here at the Boss Your Business Podcast Yvonne Heimann, Business Efficiency Consultant & NLP Master Practitioner, interviews thought leaders about how they have accomplished building a business that supports them and their dreams.

Gain a look behind the scene and learn the strategies, systems, processes, and tools that allowed these entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs to build their own support systems. 

Boss Your Business with Yvonne Heimann

Leave behind the overwhelming feeling of a chaotic business and find the clarity needed to build a strong, scalable foundation – knowing exactly what to do and where to take things.

Stop dreaming, and start building the business of your dreams NOW with actionable advice from these inspiring guests. Tune in now!

📄 Video Transcription:

Hello, and welcome to Boss Your Business, where we create businesses that support your lifestyle. I’m your host, Yvonne Heimann with AskYvi.com, and I invite you on this podcast journey that we will be going on.


Why I Launched the Boss Your Business Podcast

Now, before I dive into what this podcast is all about, what we gonna talk about, what kind of guests are coming in and why you even care, let’s start with why I care about building businesses that support your lifestyle. Now, back in like, 2012, probably. Yeah, 2012. I was living up in Sacramento. I had my own little business. That’s where Ask Yvi started back in the day. And as life will have it, my husband at the time got diagnosed with cancer.

Now, if you have had a family member that has been diagnosed with any kind of illness, you know how much that impacts your life, how much that interrupts whatever you are doing and how much it can just literally impact everything. Coming from Germany, I like safety. I like having insurances. I like having a backup to a backup, to a backup. It’s just a thing.

We like safety and security. So I had already started building my business in a way that it can support me, that I have residual income where I don’t have to put time in for money to come in the door. Things like that. But I was just in the beginning phases of it. It did not allow me to live off of it.

And I was lucky enough through the two years of taking care of my husband to be able to survive it. It was literally a question of survival. Thanks to the community we had, thanks to understanding clients that were like, I’m not worried when this website is gonna go up. And after my husband passed away in 2014 and I was taking inventory of everything we had, the wish and the mission really came up for me to help other entrepreneurs build businesses that allow you to live the lifestyle you want to live. Now, if that means taking a vacation for four weeks and not stressing about your business still running. Or, if that means working three days a week and spending the rest of the week with your family or what, whatever that means, whatever that lifestyle looks like for you, that is my mission. Building businesses that support you. Now, this is where this podcast comes in. If you are listening to this on any of the podcast platforms, what actually happens in this podcast is we are going live on YouTube every Thursday morning at 10:00 AM. If it works with the guests, sometimes it might change.

So make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel. I’m sitting here with my coffee right now. Cheers, by the way. It’s my second coffee today. Much needed.


What to Expect from Boss Your Business

And I will bring in guests for you that have built a business around the lifestyle that they want. That allows somebody like, AnnMarie Rose, who I’m gonna have on next to go on maternity leave without worrying about her clients, knowing they’re going to be supported and her business is not gonna be in standstill, and having that piece and that safety of knowing her business is gonna be able to run with minimal input from her during her maternity leave. And you are gonna get a straight up, Join My Guests and Me Behind the Scenes conversation of how they have built a business that supports them.

The podcast version you hear on any of the podcast outlets will not be cut. We are not editing this podcast. This is raw. We are having a conversation. You get to hear everything kind of podcast, because there is no edit. There is no edit needed. I want to get you the good, the great, the bad and the ugly.

What I mean by that is there’s a lot of information out there right now that tells you, this is how you build a perfect business to live on the beach. And they’re telling you, all you have to do is do VIP days. Yeah. Guess what? I’ve done VIP days before they were a thing. And honestly, I am tired of them because it does not align with my values.

So many offers out there and pitches and marketing that’s happening. Is happening on a base of this work for me, so it’s gonna work for you. Is that really the case? Because my values, my goals and my intentions are different than yours. So my goal with this podcast is bringing in speakers that have built their business potentially on a VIP day.

It works for them. Awesome. I want to dig in with those speakers and with those guests and ask those questions. Why does it work for you? What do you like about it? What do you not like about it? What have you done before that didn’t work for you? I want to get you all of these ins and outs, pros and cons so you can make an educated decision for yourself on which of these approaches might actually work for you, not just the build courses and do the whole evergreen funnel.

I love courses, but driving myself to record the videos and getting the course together has been quite a struggle simply because how my brain works, how I deliver information, how I get things done. I am a lot external-driven. So, maybe a group program is the right thing for me. Cool. Let’s bring somebody in that does group programs and dig in why this worked well for them and why it didn’t work well for them.

We are really going to open up those doors, look behind the curtains and really get you all of these information. And I have amazing guests already scheduled. I think right now, as of today, we are scheduled out with two months worth of guests. So if you want to join into this conversation live, subscribe to my YouTube channel. It’s AskYvi.tips/youtube. That’s A S K Y V I dot tips/youtube. That’s where you can pop into the comment section. For the sake of turning this into a podcast, we will put all of your questions when you pop in live at the end of the show. To keep the conversation, going to keep the thread going.

If I see something popping up on the live show and it makes sense, bringing it up right away in the conversation, because it’s happening that way, I will bring it up. But the general outline of this podcast is gonna be, we have this conversation, you get to join in. You get to pop in your questions when we are recording live on YouTube.

And I, then at the end of the live show, we’ll hop into kind of a Q and A with the guest, if we have anything and we’ll ask them straight up so that you can get your questions answered. Now, if you’re like, Yvi, the whole video thing and it’s Thursday morning and all the things, I don’t know, it’s just not my time. I’m busy at this. Not a problem. Hop on the podcast. We are literally everywhere. Thanks to transitor.fm, we are on Google podcast. We are on Apple podcast. We are on Spotify. It is everywhere. So hop on, look for Boss your Business. You should be able to find us right now. As of this episode, we do have the trailer app.

The episode is gonna go up here pretty fast as a podcast episode two. Again, there’s no editing happening. We are right there. As you can see, if you are watching this live, we are using StreamYard to record everything. I love that functionality that if something happens with the audio, if my guests might be a little bit lower on the audio, a little bit higher on the volume, I can export the audio really easy and fast. If we had volume issues on the recording, I can pull both of those as separate, out of StreamYard, balance it out to make sure that when you listen to the podcast, your head is not exploding because I’m so loud and the guest isn’t. That’s the only little fix that might be happening for the podcast and it goes straight up. I think why I also approach this is not just only because I wanna bring you a raw and real podcast, and we all stutter. I use uhms and ahhs, and I lose train of thought, but when I was getting really clear on the topic of this live show and the podcast, which some of you that have been around me know is it has been a struggle for me to really get my focus back.

I wanted to bring the live show back forever, but I also wanted to be able to turn it in a podcast because I know I have a lot of people that like to listen to it. Now, a lot of my YouTube content is How To content. How are you able to be efficient in your business with quite a few How To ClickUp videos and all those things.

Those are not usable as a podcast. It’s figuring something out, building something. You don’t wanna listen to that when you are walking the dog. So I was really figuring out where exactly my passion lies. What is the problem we wanted to solve? What is the story you want to tell? What is the mission behind this podcast?

So the moment this whole Boss Your Business came together and creating businesses that support your lifestyle. It was literally a snap second of, everything is suddenly fitting together. This totally makes sense. This is what it is. I was able to pull the plug on this podcast, literally within 36 hours. I already have the task template and the process down.

It’s the same process. The repurposing of this podcast is going to happen the exact same way. My YouTube videos are being repurposed using Descript, transcribing it, getting it on the block, turning it into social media. So that repurposing piece of how to create this podcast was really easy.

Not a problem. Templates done. Easy. I put the call out there and I had, 50 guest requests, literally within 48 hours. And then, the question was like, if I need to get into this process of really editing this podcast and just doing it all, it’s not gonna happen. It’s not how I function.


The Core Principle of Boss Your Business

The core principle of this podcast is, giving you the solutions that fit for you. So this is why I’m walking you through literally the whole thing that happened behind the scenes before we started this podcast. For me, taking a podcast recording that is like, it’s gonna be anywhere between 20 and 45 minutes.

It’s already gonna take my VA a little bit of time to clean up the transcription we have for that. Do I really wanna edit that? How do I feel about this perfect look of a podcast with all the things and all the realness being cut out of it and paying attention to the podcasts that really draw my attention.

That kept me engaged. That kept me in it. Those were the style of podcasts you get to experience with Boss Your Business. The behind the scenes, the straight up conversation. Yes, I will have some general questions to get the information out of my guests that I want to bring you. Meaning, what are the pros of running your business? What are the cons? How did you get here? What did you try before? What are you still struggling with? What do you love about this? So that you know all of the ins and outs of running a business, building a business, and creating a business that supports your lifestyle in that way. I don’t believe there is a one-shoe-fits-all.

And as I mentioned at the beginning of this episode, I am really tired of, this is what worked for me, so it works for you and people just throwing their solution at other people without asking the right questions to make a decision if that is actually right for them. So, yeah, I think we got a nice idea of what this podcast is gonna be about, and why I care about it.

I’m still in the middle of figuring out what that lifestyle business looks for me. I’m lucky enough that my business is online-based. I can take it wherever I wanna take it. I am lucky enough to have taken it to San Diego and now live where other people come for vacation, but I’m still struggling with what is the best delivery mechanism for me. I have learned that I do like courses, but keeping courses up, having to advertise them over and over and over, and my courses were based on ClickUp templates, so I need to advertise that template and that template and that template. And we are working a way out of being able to continuously help people that use those templates, because I don’t want to be a one off when I work with clients, which is one of the things why VIP days are going to become a secondary offer.

I don’t just want to come in work with you and leave you. I want to support my clients on an ongoing basis, have them be able to reach out to me and be like, Yvi, cool. We took care of this layer of the onion. My business is doing better. Everything is making sense. But now that my business and I grew, I’m running into this.



This is the exact reason why I’m bringing you this podcast. To really dig into the ins and outs, you get to learn the personalities of my guests to better understand why they chose specific ways of running their business so that you can make the decision of how you want to run your business. And now that we got all of that, it is time for a couple of shout outs.

I am so excited. Melody Johnson, our course gal and ClickUp Course Creator Queen. She popped in right on LinkedIn and girl, I hope you subscribed to the podcast already. I need to say a lie. I set up a custom URL. It should be AskYvi.tips/podcast for everybody who wants to subscribe.

I’ll make sure to have that link ready in all the next episodes. Melody is one of our guests coming up. She will be telling us why she loves course setup and membership setups. I’ll be poking her brain how she has built a business around that, being able to go to, I think it was Phoenix and be able to go through adoption training to be able to adopt a child and really grow her family that way.

It is really amazing watching her do all the things she wants to do. And then we got Rock Davis who popped in from YouTube. He is one of my regular YouTube peeps that I regularly see on all the videos. So with that, that’s it for today’s episode. I am really excited to bring you all the people. So if you want to jump in live with questions, again, pop on the YouTube channel and make sure you subscribe to the podcast feed so you can take us wherever, whenever you want to listen and learn how other people, entrepreneurs, digital content creators, and all the ones create businesses that support their lifestyle. Excited to have you all. And I’ll hear you soon.

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