Make 2024 YOUR BEST YEAR Yet (My 2023 Business Leadership Wins & Fails)

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As we stand at the beginning of the year, the desire to leave a mark, to excel, and to witness the fruition of hard work is more exciting than ever. It’s the perfect time to look back, not just to relish the wins but to learn greatly from the failures.

For all of you high achievers to reach new heights in 2024, come along as I share my collective journey from 2023— a year that was full of deep reflection, amazing hits, and crazy misses. It’s a masterclass of mindset shifts and strategies to turn your dreams into reality!

Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet: 3 Cornerstones You Need To Transform Your Life and Your Business


Everyone’s got advice on how to win big and smash goals. Giving the “keys” to the magic door of success that worked wonders for them and saying it’ll work for you too. Believe me, I’ve spent so much time, money, and energy on different courses and coaches but nothing worked better than what I’m about to share with you.

Make 2024 YOUR BEST YEAR Yet _ My 2023 Business Leaderhip Wins & Fails-story

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good frameworks, great strategies, and even amazing coaches out there but here’s the thing: they have different personalities and values than you. They can even think, act, and do differently in any situation that you might face, so what can you actually do? 

– Get Quiet And Listen Within

Take what they have done but give yourself time to really resonate and reflect. The best game plan comes from listening to your own guts and figuring out what feels right and aligns for you. 

Consider diving into personality tests or exploring the world of gene keys; such self-discovery tools can be diamonds in the rough, providing insights into how you can function best. By understanding your unique traits, you’re equipping yourself with the knowledge to play to your strengths and set yourself up for success.

– Don’t Lie To Yourself

At the heart of personal growth and a positive mindset lies an unspoken pact with oneself: the commitment to honesty. Promises we make to ourselves like going to the gym thrice a week and that email to be sent out by noon—carry weight.

Then falling short of these “lies”, it’s not merely a missed task; it’s a personal letdown that can spiral into self-doubt or the haunting sense of being an impostor. 

But when we align our commitments with reality, respecting our limits and capabilities, we gain a deeper understanding of what we’re truly capable of. 

Embrace the practice of being truthful in your intentions and stick in your actions. By vowing only what you can deliver, and delivering on what you promise, you forge a mindset of integrity that revolutionizes not just your self-perception but the very essence of your personal and professional life.

This is not just a shift—it’s a monumental leap towards authenticity.


We don’t have to conquer every mountain in a single day, nor do we need to be everything to everyone at all times. It’s crucial to understand that boundaries are not just passive lines drawn in the sand; they are lifelines. But also, these boundaries aren’t impenetrable walls. They are not created to isolate us from the world or construct a fortress of solitude. 

Having boundaries serves as conditions set for automating our emotional and mental health. It also provides a framework within which others can understand how to respect our space and energy without constant supervision. 

The foundation of boundary setting is internal and again going back to the first topic, mindset and clarity—knowing your values, understanding your aspirations, and discerning what truly resonates with your being.

When you’ve identified these core elements, you can assertively mark your personal and professional territories where you can feel safe, happy, and respected.

Just imagine how liberating it is every time you say YES and you actually mean it 100% now that you’ve set up your boundaries to fully allow yourself to step into your power!

no decision-making within the first 24 hours of an exciting idea or proposition. It’s easy to get swept up in the initial rush of enthusiasm, but that bubbling energy doesn’t automatically justify a ‘yes’. 

That’s why I give myself a day to sit with it, to dive deep and determine whether this opportunity truly aligns with my values and vision. The ‘my way or the highway’ attitude or any hint of that relentless ‘bro culture’ are immediate red flags—they’re simply not for me, and that’s perfectly okay. 

Here’s where distinguishing between a request and a boundary becomes essential. A request seeks another’s cooperation, but a boundary stands independently of others’ actions. 

So don’t forget, when you’re setting the parameters for your comfort and respect, you’re asserting a personal law, not merely asking for a favor because this is the magic of maintaining your power and peace!


For us, personality tests were far more than assessments; they became the windows through which we understood the essence of our team’s dynamics — offering insights into how we each perceive, process, and execute work.

It’s when we began identifying tasks with what naturally invigorates us that productivity soared, transforming everyday tasks into sources of joy, excitement, and satisfaction.

The secret sauce? It’s certainly team alignment.

By connecting each team member with what they inherently excel at and delight in, we hit a sweet spot—where work feels less like labor and more like an expression of each individual’s unique abilities. This alignment serves as the root not only for peace within but also as the catalyst for exponential growth and productivity within the business!

MIC DROP: Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet!

The past few years may have been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, but don’t let that sway you from the possibility that 2024 can be the year you hit the reset button on your life. It’s the perfect opportunity to take the wheel and navigate toward your most ambitious dreams turning them into realities.

Start with enriching your
mindset where you listen to what your body wants, what goals you want to achieve, and what core values you relate to by listening from within and being honest with yourself

Setting up your
boundaries will allow you to protect yourself from unwanted situations and keep you safe from overpromising and draining energy. 

And lastly, the secret sauce to teamwork —
alignment. Discovering what you want first as a business owner then understanding team member’s unique capabilities and aligning tasks accordingly will definitely create something extraordinary! This alignment is our very engine for business growth and the joy we find in our work.

As we greet 2024, carry these transformative lessons close. Use them to fuel a year where every YES is backed by passion, and every task is a reflection of your best self, both in your personal life and in business!

Episode 172 – Transcript + Timestamps

Make 2024 YOUR BEST YEAR Yet | My 2023 Business Leadership Wins & Fails

Secrets To Make 2024 Your Best Year

[00:00:00] Yvonne Heimann: Ever wish you could press the fast forward button to success and fulfillment? What if I told you that the secrets to a game changing 2024 are just one play button away? Hello my passionate high achievers. I’m Yvi, your partner in turning those mind blowing aspirations of yours into real world successes. And today I’m sharing my team and my collective journey of 2023, thoughtfully distilled into powerful lessons, strategies, and mindset shifts to catapult you into a year of unprecedented growth and prosperity.

[00:00:35] It is time to intentionally fill this year with abundance. Clarity and surround ourself by a vibrant, supportive community. So join me and together we will turn all our dreams into reality. So hit that like button and let’s dive into the treasure trove of wisdom that 2023 has gifted us because you’re exceptional [00:01:00] 2024 starts right here. All you need to do is claim it.

Transforming Your Mindset To Achieve Success

[00:01:05] When we talk about change, about growth, about achieving the unthinkable, it starts right here. Mindset is not just a buzzword. It’s the fertile soil where the seeds of your potential take root. For 2023, I’ve had to reach into the trenches of my own patterns.

[00:01:26] My own limiting beliefs, my own challenges, and really stop thinking I can’t and transform that into how can I, it’s been a year where the right mindset turned walls into doors, obstacles into opportunities, and a Google doc draft into the number one Amazon new book release this. Not so little plant right here began as a tiny seed, [00:02:00] much like the inception of an empowering thought with consistent care and the right environment and an unwavering belief it is thriving, even with my hand that usually does not do too well with greenery yet, however, through 2023 and all the work I have done.

[00:02:22] Even plans now survive and thrive under my care. Your mindset is brimming with potential, just like this plant. And it is waiting to be cultivated so that you too can grow and thrive. To your most purposeful and fulfilling life, because the truth is what you believe you become, your mindset is that powerful as we gear up for a stellar 2024, I challenge you to tend to your mindset gun, allow it to be as expensive and more than you could possibly [00:03:00] imagine.

[00:03:00] Reconnect with your core and what naturally brings you peace and joy. Weed out the beliefs that no longer spark joy, fulfillment, and alignment, nourish it with empathy and grace, and then watch it breed resilience, foster innovation, and bloom into unprecedented success.

[00:03:18] Join me as we dissect three cornerstones that have profoundly shifted my life, my business trajectory, and how they can revolutionize yours too.

[00:03:30] Are you ready to plant those seeds of transformation? Because it’s time to grow our most powerful asset, a winning mindset. Now, my biggest mistake in 2023, when it comes to mindset was looking outside.

[00:03:48] Everybody tells you their solution is the solution and the only solution. It has worked for them. So it has to work for you. And I am calling BS. I am calling complete [00:04:00] BS. You do not want to know just how much time and money and energy I have spent in courses and coaches that told me it worked for me. It has to work for you.

[00:04:12] No, because the biggest lesson here in 2023 that I want to share with you is get quiet and listen within. Yes. There’s amazing frameworks out there. There’s amazing courses out there. There’s amazing coaches out there. They have a different personality than you. They have different values than you. They think different.

[00:04:33] They act different. They do different. Take what they have done, then go inside, go quiet and figure out what does align with you. I have done pretty much any and all personality tests that they are at this point. Digging into gene keys. Digging into Myer Briggs. All the personality tests that are out there. I do not take them as a hundred percent.

[00:04:59] I [00:05:00] take them to give me ideas of how I work best. Start writing down when are you finding something? When are you really like I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do this. Ask yourself, why? Look at when things come easy and again, ask yourself why. And the most important lesson of 2023, when it comes to the mindset, and that has allowed me to excel my business and my own personal growth, don’t lie to yourself.

[00:05:30] And I’m not saying. Fully lie. I’m saying, be true to yourself and do as you said you’re going to do. If you tell yourself you are going to the gym three times a week, you are going to feel like crap. If you don’t do that, because you just lied to yourself. If you are saying you’re going to send out this email today and you are not.

[00:05:52] You lied to yourself again. That’s where a lot of self doubt and imposter syndrome is coming from, but it [00:06:00] also shows you what you really can accomplish in a day, because suddenly when you’re like, okay, I’m going to go to the gym three times a week, but you are not, why are you not? And why are you telling yourself you’ve got to go to the gym three times a week?

[00:06:13] If you don’t, why are you telling yourself you’re going to get this job done, but you don’t, you are going to see a profound shift in yourself, your personal growth, and your business. When you focus within, you ask what’s best for you, how it aligns with you, your values, your goals, your personality, how you work, how you think, how you do.

[00:06:39] And then getting into the habit of only telling yourself, you’re going to do something, if you’re actually going to do it and then stick with it. The shift is so profound. And this is exactly how Boss Your Business was born. My group coaching program to help you build, grow, [00:07:00] maintain, and boss your business based on you and focused around you, your personalities, your values, your goals, and not just what worked for others or me, but what works for you and your soul.

[00:07:15] Your mindset shapes the future. So what’s one big mindset shift you are making in 2024? Share in the comments below and let’s spark some inspiration together. I’ll be right there with you reading and responding. Your perspective might just be the catalyst for the change in somebody else. So don’t be shy comment below.

[00:07:36] And after that, let’s dive into the transformative power of boundaries. So comment below and let’s make 2024 a year of growth for all of us.

Setting Boundaries; Making Decisions Based On Your Values

[00:07:47] All right, my passionate achiever. Let’s dive into boundaries. No, you do not have to do it all. And you do not have to do it all now and all the things, because boundaries are not just lines we put down in the [00:08:00] sand.

[00:08:00] No, boundaries are lifelines. And I’m not even being dramatic. You see in 2023, dating for me, wasn’t just about finding the guy and finding romance, no, it was, it was, it was actually a masterclass in setting clear boundaries. A lesson that flowed over into friendships and client relationships too. Cause every time I didn’t draw that line and I didn’t say no, and I didn’t set boundaries, my energy just didn’t just walk out the door.

[00:08:34] It literally straight bolted for the hills. There is one specific situation where I did not set boundaries and it took me two weeks, two weeks to recover from that energy that I lost in that situation. Totally crazy. Don’t get me wrong. Boundaries are not steel walls that you prop up to keep everybody away.

[00:08:59] See, it’s [00:09:00] an invitation to give out for others to genuinely treat me with kindness and respect. It’s like saying, Hey, I value you. And I want you in my life. Here are the things that I need so that I can feel safe enough to keep letting you in. It also makes it really easy for people to know, what can I do? What can’t I do? It’s not a guessing.

[00:09:25] People can’t read your mind. Setting boundaries makes life really easy. Boundaries are powerful because it removes the majority of the guesswork that comes with interacting with another person, aka act or react in certain circumstances or come to think of it.

[00:09:44] Boundaries are a lot like automation. The next step only triggers based on an action taken. Would you look at that business and personal life? They all match. Now imagine how liberating it is when you no longer feel [00:10:00] your energy drain. When every yes is a fuck yes. And it is intentionally. And fueled by clarity of your own values and goals, and you allow yourself to fully step into your power.

[00:10:15] You see the pattern here, go back to one. We just talked about mindset. If you do not know your values, goals, then you don’t know what those boundaries are. So listen within, go through the practice. What are your values, your goals? All the things so that you know where those boundaries need to be set. So the lessons that I have learned and how I have adjusted based on this is I don’t make any decisions within the first 24 hours.

[00:10:43] I get excited. I get overflown with energy. That doesn’t mean a yes is right. That just means I’m really excited about the possibility. And within 24 hours, I can go within and see if this is what I want to do. Do people align with my values? My way [00:11:00] or the highway or the whole bro culture BS, not my people.

[00:11:04] And it is fine to just let them walk out of your life. There’s a difference between a request and a boundary. You can request somebody to treat you a certain way and it needs their interaction to do. However, a boundary does not need their participation. It’s like, cool. If you do that, I do that. Like a kid going crazy in an elevator and punching all of the buttons.

[00:11:32] I don’t want you to do this next time we go into the elevator, guess what? The kid is still going to do it. It’s a kid. They want to play with the buttons. However, if I’m in between the kid and the buttons, the kid can’t, that’s a boundary. That’s not just a request to not push the button. Making decision actually becomes really simple with my three H’s, happy hormones, happy ideas or happy bank account.

[00:11:56] And yeah, let’s have some fun with that. I actually [00:12:00] mean, if it doesn’t give me an orgasm, inspiration or income, it’s out. It’s really that simple. However, YouTube likes to have it clean. So go with the three H’s. Happy hormone, happy ideas, and happy bank account. And if you’re ready to set powerful boundaries and unlock your full potential in 2024, make sure you subscribe.

[00:12:17] Not only will you join a community of happy high achievers, but you’ll get regular insights to keep you motivated and on track. So hit that subscribe button and let’s grow together. Your journey to success is just one click away.

Prioritizing Team Alignment To Boost Growth And Productivity

[00:12:31] And now to explore the final game changer, teamwork and the secret sauce to teamwork, alignment. 2023 was a year of self discovery, but also team discovery. Personality tests were not just a test for us. They were revelations for us as a team, how we work. How we perceive information, how we process information, how we work best. Understanding personalities means tapping into what [00:13:00] energizes us. Productivity sort, because we were aligned not only with what we are good at, but with what brings us joy, excitement, and fulfillment in our work.

[00:13:11] And when I personally hit burnout in December, after the stress of the new book, getting my dual citizenship and cleaning all of that up, my team was there for me. So the struggle initially at the beginning of 2023 was I hired based on knowledge and education and what people said they can do. And also the limiting belief of having to do it all, having to do it all myself and having to do it all myself now, by the end of 2023, what I have learned and how our business has grown was Kitty became my creative hype unicorn.

[00:13:47] One of her personality tests we took is a strength finder. And I was amazing to see that her top five were empathy, strategy, connectedness, ideation, and positivity. So she [00:14:00] turned into my hype unicorn. She is the barrier, the Yvi, take a break, take a breather. Why are you freaking out? Cheering me on for the book launch, all the things while also being great in community outreach and that connectedness with you and the community over in school.

[00:14:22] Jeremy pretty much became my backup logical way. He’s like a mini me. He’s a true born INTJ and his personality type is especially good for systems analyzing and research. He, again, has been my mini me helping write SOPs, implementing ClickUp, mapping out processes and workflows. Oh my God. We have found the perfect home in that position for him.

[00:14:48] Now, Laurene became my content fairy. In human design, she’s what’s called a projector. Projectors are people who have the ability to see energy dynamics and patterns [00:15:00] in others. This trait is especially useful when I need a script really quick and I give her a topic, poof, magic, there it is.

[00:15:10] Aligning your team with their magic is the best thing you can do for your inner peace. And the growth. And productivity in your business. We covered a lot today from molding mindsets to setting strong boundaries and the power of friendship. I mean, teamwork. As we step into 2024, let’s keep these lessons close and use them to fuel our journey ahead.

[00:15:36] Thank you for this past year and every like, comment, share, and personal message. Your support shapes this community, this YouTube channel, and together we are unstoppable.

[00:15:49] Here’s to transform the year ahead. Cheers and to a spectacular 2024. Ready to transform your year? Like, subscribe and [00:16:00] dive into AskYvi’s channel, where every video moves you a step closer to the life and business you envision.


00:00 | Secrets To Make 2024 Your Best Year

01:05 | Transforming Your Mindset To Achieve Success

07:47 | Setting Boundaries; Making Decisions Based On Your Values

12:31 | Prioritizing Team Alignment To Boost Growth And Productivity

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