The Simple Secret to be Happy and Successful in your Business

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It’s not uncommon and I know — you love what you do but there’s just something missing. This missing piece of the puzzle often leads to dissatisfaction and stress, even when your business might be financially successful. 

But to solve this mystery, we need to get to the roots of the problem — a seemingly invisible wall between personal goals, values, energy, and the vision of your business. 

First of all, let’s explore your Core Values

What are they? How are they reflected in your business? Measure the energy you give and receive from your clients and your business operations. Your goals shouldn’t just match with the next set of sales figures but should be linked to your big-picture aspirations. 

Ask yourself the ultimate questions:

  • Who do you want to be? 
  • What is the grand objective you want to achieve through your business? 
  • Which kind of energy do you wish to attract and give out to the world?

Coming to terms with these aspects lays down the foundation for building a business that is aligned with your mind, body, and soul.

Happy and Successful Business The Simple Secret to be Happy and Successful in your Business

My 6 Simple (Secret) steps to be a Happy and Successful Business Owner

STEP 1: Eliciting Your Core Values

The first step is a process that requires deep introspection. 

Consider Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead list as an excellent starting point. Identify 3 to 5 values that resonate with you. Handwrite them on paper, as physical writing links directly to your subconscious mind, establishing a more profound conceptual understanding.

It’s essential to note that this process involves recognizing values that can operate not just in your personal life but also in your business.

PRO TIP: There is a difference between the values you choose. The ones that your conscious mind relates to and the ones that are ingrained in your subconscious. Both are important but the core values in your subconscious mind are the ones that also need elicitation.

BONUS: For both NEW and EXISTING members of the SOARR Squad: The first 10 to message will get a FREE value elicitation with me. It’s only half an hour per target. If it’s your business values or your personal values, we’re going to run one!

STEP 2: Review Your Business

This provides a roadmap to understand where your business currently stands. 

Make an in-depth review of your business from an overall perspective. Begin by listing down the various aspects of your business – problems you face, ongoing projects, decisions, client interactions, and the like. 

This ‘big picture’ overview offers insights into areas that respond to your values and those that don’t. While doing this, you might already start noticing parts of your business that you don’t particularly enjoy and the ones that bring satisfaction.

Be sure to highlight them as they would be focus areas to proceed in this transformative process. 

STEP 3: Understanding and Managing Energy 

The third step revolves around understanding and managing your energy.

Consider energy as a universal currency that you exchange with others. It appears in various forms like time, money, and even your sleep. Hence, it’s important to identify where you’re investing a lot of energy and where you’re drawing it from.

Start by listing down these different areas in your journal. Remember, at this point, you’re collecting information that will be useful also in the following steps. 

Excessive energy used without enough replenishment can drain you, ultimately burn you out, and impact your business. The goal is to utilize energy wisely. 

STEP 4: Adjusting Your Offer

With a better understanding of your core values and energy, you can adjust your business offers.

Tailoring your services and products to echo what you truly care about can make a significant difference. For instance, if security is a major value to you, it translates into the need for a consistent income source. A one-time high-ticket item sale like VIP days might offer instant gratification but lack in providing continuous financial security. 

Therefore, consider restructuring your offerings. Try to introduce a base membership that guarantees constant revenue, providing you with that sense of safety. 

Always remember, that the offerings should resonate with your values while also catering to the needs of your clientele.

STEP 5: Charge Accordingly 

The final step pertains to appropriately charging for your services. 

Pricing plays a critical role in communicating your business’s mission. Rather than selling your time, focus on selling solutions to problems. The shift may seem slight but very monumental in practice – instead of simply selling hours, you’re going to start selling value, the solutions your business offers to address your client’s needs. 

This mentality helps in recognizing your worth and leads you to charge accordingly when your purpose, core values, and energies align.

FINAL STEP: seamlessly integrate these insights into your business operations

After unraveling and understanding the root of the issue and the five-step process of finding the solutions, the journey doesn’t end there! The last piece is to apply this newfound wisdom effectively into your business — a task made simple with these 3 easy strategies to integrate.

1. Revisit the steps listed above, where you comprehensively worked through the five steps and then steadily upgrade your business accordingly. The knowledge you’ve gathered is your stepping stone to implement developments.

Dig into the process to be able to identify and slowly but surely make changes to level up your business.

2. Maintain your values at a forefront position in your daily business activities. Implement a ‘daily ClickUp dashboard‘ or something similar, where you visibly display your 3-5 top core values. 

Not only do these core values influence your business, but they can also guide decision-making. It might not make decisions easy per se, but it does pave the way for more mindful decision-making based on your priorities and values.

3. Utilize the Eisenhower Matrix tool. The matrix aids in determining the urgency and importance of your tasks. It is four boxes based on the tasks you’ll do first, the tasks you’ll schedule for later, the tasks you’ll delegate, and the tasks you’ll delete.

ClickUp also has this tool and it will help you streamline your decision-making process. Tasks that score high on both urgency and importance should catch your immediate attention. Less urgent but needed tasks call for a prudent decision by setting due dates.

Urgent tasks that lack significant impact on your business should ideally be assigned to someone else. Lastly, tasks that are neither urgent nor important should be eliminated from your to-do list, freeing up much-needed energy to focus where it really matters. 


In the pursuit of happiness and success in business, understanding your core problem is fundamental. Unraveling this provides a tailored set of solutions and acts as your guiding light toward their successful integration into your business practices.

By diving deep into personal values, measuring the energy you invest, and understanding your purpose and goals, you’re equipped with the awareness that drives the creation of a happy life and satisfying business.

However, this realization is merely a third of the equation. That’s why you need to follow the five-step process that enables you to bring solutions – eliciting core values, reviewing your business situation, managing your energy, adjusting your offer, and lastly, charging accordingly.

And for the last piece of the puzzle, we have three steps of integration. These include revisiting part two to level up your business, keeping your core values visible and accessible in your daily workflow, and utilizing Eisenhower’s matrix to drive decision-making. 

Each step is designed to move you closer to operating a business that aligns personally and professionally, creating a harmonious balance between success and happiness

Aligning values to your business is crucial, but of course, a value that all of us have that run a business is to make profits. Make sure you’re watching this video where I talk about the one process that will change your business to encourage you to take immediate action, claim your future, and commit to building a business that aligns with you. 

Engage with this transformative process and watch the ripples of success touch every aspect of your life and business journey!

Episode 169 – Transcript + Timestamps

The Simple Secret to be Happy and Successful in your Business

How To Be Happy And Successful In Your Business

[00:00:00] Yvonne Heimann: Look, I hear you. You love what you do, but still feel something is missing in your business. I’ve been there, I’ve often complicated things. And I’m here to tell you there’s one simple secret that changed everything for me, and it can for you too. This video has three parts. First, we’re going to talk about the problem because if we don’t know the core problem, we don’t know how to run the solution, which brings us to part two, the solution, and then in part three, I’m going to share three easy ways, how to integrate everything that you’ve learned in this video in your business. 

Part 1: Identifying The Problem

[00:00:36] Really dive into your personal values. What do you perceive your personal values to be? What is the energy you receive from your business, from your clients, but also giving them out and what are your goals? And I’m not talking about your sales goals for the next year. No, I’m talking about your big picture goal.

[00:00:54] Who do you want to be? What do you want to accomplish with your business and really [00:01:00] being aware of your core values and all the things that are going on and the level of energy you are putting out there and receiving is really at the core of building a business that makes you feel happy and successful.

[00:01:13] Now it’s time to take your first action, claim your future and commit to building a business that is fully aligned with you by clicking the like button and alongside you will make me happy and others aware of this video. Complete win win situation here.

Part 2: 5 Steps To Bring Simple Solutions

[00:01:29] Now that we got the big picture problem out of the way, let’s dive into this five step process to really bring in that simple solution.

[00:01:40] And yes, the work to get there might not be quite as simple, but once your brain switches, I promise you, you will never unsee this ever again, and it will feel really simple.

Step #1 – Elicit Your Core Values

[00:01:53] Step number one, elicit your core values. You might not know how to [00:02:00] elicit your values. So let’s go and decide on some values. Shall we?

[00:02:04] Brene Brown has a dare to lead list of values, which is a great way to start and go through these values and. Feel out and speak them out or write them out. Yes. Pen to paper. We’ll talk about this in a second of the ones that just speak to you, no matter if you are kinesthetic and you feel things out, or if you read it out loud, you are auditory, or maybe you’re a visual, just looking at this last and choose three to five values and write them down on a piece of paper.

[00:02:38] Yes. You really want to take pen to paper. Our brain works differently when you handwrite things rather than typing them out and studies have shown that when students take notes by hand, they develop a stronger conceptual understanding than in typing, so handwriting.

[00:02:56] There’s a reason why I still use paper, even though so much is digital. [00:03:00] And here’s your pro tip. Yes, there’s a difference between the values you choose. You might be choosing some values for your business too, not just for your personal. Those chosen values happen in your conscious brain. However, when values are elicited, which is a process that NLP coaches learn.

[00:03:18] And I have learned to, that is your subconscious mind. And as we often know, sometimes we do things and we’re like, where did that come from? Your subconscious mind is doing things because you have values ingrained in your subconscious mind that you haven’t decided. So how do we elicit values? Really simple.

[00:03:36] If you would like your values elicited and really understand what your subconscious values are, your core values. That I ingrained in you join the community and message me. Yes, this counts for existing community members too. And the first 10 will get a free value elicitation with me. It’s only half an hour per target.

[00:03:59] What we want to talk [00:04:00] about. If it’s your business values, your personal values, we’re going to run one. And the first ten to message me, let’s do it.

Step #2 – Review Your Business

[00:04:05] Now, number two, once you have those core values down, you want to review our business. Let’s get big picture here because we’re talking about being happy and successful in your business.

[00:04:16] We need to know what’s going on in your business. So again, make a list of your problems, projects, and decisions, and anything that is going on in your business, your offers, how your clients are working with you, how you work with your clients, all the things, just write them down. So that we can get that big picture of your business.

[00:04:36] And chances are you already gonna realize and see and feel some things when you write those down, where it’s like, Ooh, I really don’t like this about my business. Mark them a little bit so we can come back to them and keep that list handy for you as we move forward in this process.

Step #3 – Understand and Manage Your Energy

[00:04:54] Our next step is to really understand and manage your energy besides values.

[00:04:59] [00:05:00] Your energy is crucial. Everything is energy and everything is a exchange of energy. Now, what do I mean by that? Your time is energy. You literally have to put a battery in your clock for it to run. That’s energy. Money is energy. It’s neither good nor bad. So when you are getting paid for your services rendered, that’s an exchange of energy.

[00:05:20] So if you are not getting paid enough, you are not getting enough energy from your client to make you feel good and do the job to the level you actually want to do, see where the problem is with under charging your sleep is energy. You taking care of yourself and replenishing your energy.

[00:05:38] So again, take your journal and your pen and write down where do you give a lot of energy and where do you get a lot of energy? It is all just data at this point. We will come back to all of this because if you do not use energy in your favor, you will run out of it. If you are giving too much energy and not recharging, your battery will run [00:06:00] out.

Step #4 – Adjusting Your Offer

[00:06:00] Step number four in this process is adjusting your offer. And I’m not even talking money yet when we elicit values and my values, for example, actually have them right up there. The top three ones is security, support, and strength. Let’s play this through here for a second. Security is my number one. I want to feel safe.

[00:06:20] That means needing the security to know money is coming in the door every day, every week, every month. My bills are paid. I have a roof over my head. And I can take care of myself. Now with security and safety cool, offering VIP days. That’s a nice high price ticket. However, VIP days constantly have to be sold and it’s often a one or two off.

[00:06:45] There is no safety and security that that client is going to stay around for two months, three months, six months, or even years. So you might want to go look at your office and what you are offering and how that feeds into your [00:07:00] core value. Having a base membership that has a constant revenue stream for you might bring more safety than constantly having to bring in new VIP day clients.

 Step #5 – Charge Accordingly

[00:07:12] And step five on this process is charge accordingly. First of all, stop selling hours and start selling solutions. Your value often aligns with your mission, with your solution. Don’t just be like, Hey, here’s three hours of my time. No. What’s the value you bring to your clients. Now, suddenly you are selling a solution rather than hours.

[00:07:34] And with all you have learned and all, you know, the chances are that solution is a higher value at less time than just selling you hours. And then reflect if one of your core values is safety and security, like mine, do you feel safe with your income? You have. Nope, might be time to raise your prices. Now tell me how do your values and goals align with your business?

[00:07:58] Pop in the comments. [00:08:00] I want to know, have you ever gone through an exercise like this to align your core values and goals with your business.

Part 3: 3 Easy Ways To Integrate

[00:08:08] Now that we’ve gone through all of this, let’s dive into the three easy ways to integrate everything you just learned into your business. Because none of this knowledge matters if you are not actually integrating this into your business.

[00:08:23] Step number one, to integrate this, go back to part two, go through the five steps and really work through your business and up level it. You need that information. You need that knowledge. And there is your first. And a major integration step at that point.

[00:08:39] Then integration step number two, daily ClickUp dashboard. You need to keep your values front and center. As you’ve already seen early in the video, I have my values right there. I also have my values right on my daily task dashboard. This is a simple text field in my ClickUp [00:09:00] dashboard. My core values one through five. The first five are the most impactful values for you and your business.

[00:09:07] That’s why they’re here. The rest has a little bit of impact, but nothing major. And I also got my weekly big three in here, as you can see. Now, keeping them in front of you is great to really reiterate them and, and. Pay attention to them and make decisions based on this. Now, making decisions based on your core values doesn’t mean you really easily can make decisions.

[00:09:30] Often we are standing there. I’m like, I, I don’t know. I don’t know what to do with this. Yeah, it might align with my values kind of. Yeah, it does. But does it align with my business values? Does this actually have to get done? This is where your Eisenhower metrics. Comes in to really help you make the decision.

[00:09:50] So integration tip number three, use the Eisenhower matrix right in ClickUp to help you make decision, how to move forward with your [00:10:00] tasks in your day to day. What the Eisenhower matrix does is it helps you make decisions. You’ve already decided. Cool. This aligns with my goals and my values. Awesome. Do we still have to do this?

[00:10:10] So is this a task that is urgent and important, then go get it done. That’s your job. If it’s not urgent, however, it is important, you need to decide what to do with this. Set a due date, hand it off. You need to make a decision and get this out of your brain. If it is urgent and not important, hand it off.

[00:10:28] If it doesn’t have a major impact on your business, but it has to get done, hand it off and you already can see a really great feature right here in ClickUp if you use your text in there. Any text can be turned into a task. So this is not just a, Oh, we’re just collecting stuff kind of whiteboard in here.

[00:10:48] No, this is full on actionable. Once you brainstorm this, you can turn these things into actionable tasks. And then if it’s not urgent and not important, delete the stuff, just [00:11:00] delete it. It’s not urgent. It’s not important. What is it doing on your to do list? There, you are getting your energy back to really put energy where it actually matters.

[00:11:12] To align your values to your business is crucial, but of course, a value that all of us have that run a business is to make profits. So make sure you’re watching this video where I talk about the one process that will change your business forever and ensure you are making profit right now. There’s the next one to watch for you and you subscribed yet because more videos are coming up to help you run your business and your mindset more efficient.


00:00 | How To Be Happy And Successful In Your Business

00:36 | Part 1: Identifying The Problem

01:29 | Part 2: 5 Steps To Bring Simple Solutions

01:53 | Step #1 – Elicit Your Core Values

04:05 | Step #2 – Review Your Business

04:54 | Step #3 – Understand And Manage Your Energy

06:00 | Step #4 – Adjusting Your Offer

07:12 | Step #5 – Charge Accordingly

08:08 | Part 3: 3 Easy Ways To Integrate

08:23 | 1. Go Back To Part 2 And Work Through

08:39 | 2. Keep Your Core Values In Front Of You

09:50 | 3. Use The Eisenhower Matrix

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