Pivot for Profit & Peace with AnnMarie Rose

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In these times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for businesses to be nimble and adaptable. But do you know what’s even more important than that?

It’s staying true to what you enjoy doing and using your business as a force for good in the world. 

And yes, nobody knows this better than our guest, Ann Marie Rose.

Ann Marie has nearly a decade of experience helping business owners leverage their zone of genius to help them reach the right audience with the right message and generate revenue online.

Boss Your Business Pivot for Peace Profit with AnnMarie Rose story - Ask Yvi

She and her team have helped hundreds of coaches, consultants, and experts pivot and scale with ease by aligning their business model with their vision, elevating their offer, clarifying their brand message, and streamlining their marketing and sales efforts so they can impact and earn millions online without the overwhelm and hassle.

In this episode, Ann Marie is going to share with us her story of how she made the switch from a job she didn’t enjoy to one she loves. She’ll also share with us some tips on how you can do the same thing, so you can finally have a business you enjoy and feel good about. 

So if you’re feeling stuck in a business that’s no longer serving you or your vision, or you’re just curious about how to make a successful pivot in your career, then this episode is for you. 

Read the full transcript below to learn how to pivot to a job that you’ll love with Ann Marie Rose.

📄 Video Transcription:

[00:00:00] Yvonne: Hello. And welcome back to another episode of boss your business. And today we are talking about pivot for peace and profit with Ann Marie Rose. If you haven’t seen her yet, I never know which way to point, um, Ann Marie Rose is actually located right here with me in San Diego. So we actually, maybe we should have done this just in person, but to introduce you to AnnMarie Rose, she is an online business strategy strategist.

[00:00:34] We are starting with the tongue twisters early with nearly a decade of experience. Helping business owners leverage their zone of genius to reach the right audience and the right message and generate revenue online. She and her team have helped hundreds of coaches, consultants, and. Pivot and scale with the ease by aligning their business model with their vision, elevating their offer, clarifying their brand message and streamlining, oh, she used the word streamlining guess is why we get along so well.

[00:01:06] their marketing and sales efforts so they can impact and earn millions online without the overwhelmed and hassle. Hi Anne Marie, how are you today?

[00:01:17] AnnMarie: I am good. I am good. It’s a Friday. Just feeling

[00:01:21] Yvonne: relaxed. And I was like, I am so happy. I was able to get you on the podcast and you guys are gonna get to hear why I’m so excited about that, but let’s start in the beginning.

[00:01:33] So you started out as a content marketing strategist, right?

[00:01:39] AnnMarie: Hmm. content marketing service provider. So it would a lot of done for you.

[00:01:45] Yvonne: Oh yeah. That is a lot of done for you. So why, why did you pivot away from that? I’m

[00:01:52] AnnMarie: curious. So this is. Really the bottom line of why I do business, the way I do it is because I started out doing the done for content marketing after leaving an agency position and realized very quickly, say very quickly, six months to 12 months, that many of my clients, who I was writing blog posts for and writing podcast show notes for and helping them to create social media content, doing all.

[00:02:18] I was doing a lot of the doing. I will say is also not my zone of genius. You know, there’s zone of excellent zone of genius. I’m good at it. It’s not the thing that lights me up. At all. Um, so I realized pretty quickly that a lot of my clients who were bigger names in the online business space were doing all these things because they’d been told that they had to, because they’d been told that it was part of the process that they had to have a podcast and it had to be focused on, you know, a very specific niche.

[00:02:48] But I literally had clients saying, you know, I’m not excited about this thing I’m known for. And, um, I’m trying to escape for, you know, I wanna. For lack of better words, like escape from my business as much as possible. And for me and my core values and the way I grew up seeing my dad build a business that he wasn’t super in love with, I just was like, I can’t help people build these businesses that feel like prisons to them.

[00:03:14] And that’s what the content is ultimately doing. Content can be a beautiful, magical, amazing thing, but it should be building you a business that feels incredible and feels supportive. To who you are and what your life is and what you wanna be accomplishing out in the world.

[00:03:27] Yvonne: And I think that’s, that’s, I’m like, this is the core of this podcast where it’s like, we didn’t start out as an entrepreneur.

[00:03:36] We didn’t start a business to just be miserable in our position again. Yeah. Because all you’ve done, if you are not passionate about what you were doing is you just created another nine to five, you are miserable about, and you might not even have a 401k that goes alongside. So why do it? I do it. Um, so you started focusing way more on really aligning with what lights up your clients, what does your client, but I think there might also be a little personal strategy behind it.

[00:04:12] So if you guys are listening in and even if you are watching live on YouTube right now, what you don’t see is the lower half of Ann Mo. So you have actually managed to pivot your own business while helping your clients pivot and make room for something that’s coming up here pretty soon. Isn’t it? Yes.

[00:04:34] AnnMarie: At the moment I’m 32 weeks pregnant. So that’s eight months pregnant if you’re doing the math and, uh, expecting a baby in just a couple of months. So,

[00:04:42] Yvonne: um, And knowing some of the behind the scenes it’s like your business is set up and your clients are handled throughout you taking, I think you scheduled two months of maternity.

[00:04:54] Yeah,

[00:04:55] AnnMarie: in my brain, it’s three months because I’m not gonna, like in December, there’s not gonna be any growth initiatives happening. And those are the things that like getting on calls with clients. That’s so like life giving to me that, um, you know, you know, we’re gonna, I’m gonna jump back in a little bit in that third month to dabble with clients, but yeah, two months pretty much completely off.

[00:05:16] Yvonne: Um, like when I, when I look at a lot of us that. That are trying to figure out our Jesus that are trying to get this idea of what do we really want, because I think when we start our business, we need to test out what works for us. Absolutely. We might have a couple of starting points. I know. Um, you work a lot with personality tests and like, I think we both are nodding out on those on every single level.

[00:05:47] Definitely. Um, , but we also need to test the information we are getting mm-hmm so how, how do you help people in that process of really figuring out what’s actually my genius? How, how do I do this thing? What do I do? And, and just get that clarity, how that’s, how can somebody do that?

[00:06:11] AnnMarie: So what the very first thing that very first.

[00:06:17] Step is really getting to know yourself in all of this, because you can hire, you know, the best strategist or the most amazing coach or consultant. But ultimately if you don’t know which recommendations are truly right for you, and you can like, you know, I I’ll toot my own horn here. I’m pretty good at knowing my clients well enough to know.

[00:06:39] Um, even when they bring up something they’re thinking about doing, I get a really good gut feeling on their behalf for whether it’s the right, like it’s an approach that’s gonna serve them. Well, and there are, I’m not the only co consultant coach out there who can do that. Um, there’s plenty out there, but Y at the end of the day, like I’m a big believer in being the CEO, the, the head honcho in your business, you need to take ownership over.

[00:07:04] Your own self awareness, strategic awareness of where you want your business to go and being able to know yourself well enough so that you can push back. If you need to, when a recommendation is given to you or weed out some of that shiny object syndrome. So I’m a big, big, big believer in. You, like you said, you said how so?

[00:07:25] I love leveraging those personality frameworks. Yeah. Some, some people feel like they’re fitting them in a box, but I really think they’re just a great way to start to get clues as to what is, how to, how you’re hardwired for success so that you can quickly identify. Yeah. If something is totally going to be working against you, or if something might be a right fit for you to test out.

[00:07:44] Yvonne: And I love how you said using it as a starting point. I’m like, I don’t get me wrong. I am a sucker for personality tests. I took them all. No matter if it’s. The human design. If it’s the 16 personalities, if it’s the Clifford strength, if it’s the Ngram, it’s like, I think I got them all now, anybody pop them in front of me, I will take them, but I take them in a way of just trying to get data points.

[00:08:13] My audience knows I’m like, I’m all about data points, figuring out things, um, one. Actually just happened because of one of your clients, um, human design, one of when I’m in my genius for human design. I’m in my gut. I am in that trust and it has taken me a long time to just trust my gut. So moving forward now I have that data point of yeah.

[00:08:40] Actually every time I trust my gut I’m right. I am somebody I’m that type a personality. I also like to have it written down. So now human design tells me to trust my gut too. And it’s, it’s this, this combination of just getting. Headway and getting some ideas of what to pay attention to mm-hmm what to potentially test that could work for you.

[00:09:06] AnnMarie: Totally. Yeah. I like to always say, or I, I often tell the story, the first personality test I took with any amount of intention or that I can remember at least was Myers Briggs. And I took it back in college. Mm-hmm and I had, uh, it was through a class and I had someone actually kind of interpret the results for.

[00:09:25] And it was like seeing myself on paper. Yep. And not only did I stop. Doubting myself and my own instincts and started to see some of the things that I’d previously, um, question whether or not those were actually strengths as strengths. I also gained a massive amount of appreciation for other people and the way that their brain works and the way, I mean, Myers breaks is a lot about how you process information take in information and, um, You know, get and receive, you know, give and receive energy.

[00:09:59] And I gained so much more appreciation for how other people are hardwired for success that sometimes, you know, we can ask ourselves like, why the heck do they do things that way? Like, why the heck doesn’t my roommate won’t wanna have a conversation. In the morning, this was in college again, have a chit chat in the morning.

[00:10:16] Like why does she wanna be so quiet? Oh, she’s an introvert and I’m an extrovert and I need to verbally process out what’s going on with my day

[00:10:24] Yvonne: don’t before I had my just don’t. Yeah, let me have my coffee. Let me have my time in the morning.

[00:10:31] AnnMarie: And doesn’t doesn’t, she doesn’t like me. It means she just needs some time to internally process.

[00:10:37] Yeah.

[00:10:37] Yvonne: I feel you on that one. So how can somebody take that information from those personality tests? No matter how crazy you get with those and start making educated decisions in your business. So how do I translate that information that I’m getting from these personality tests?

[00:10:56] AnnMarie: Hmm, well, high level, I think it’s.

[00:11:00] A combination of two things that you kind of wanna have as data points. One is, and I, I think self-awareness probably comes first. Mm-hmm because that’s gonna help to inform your vision and where you wanna go with things. So once you. Have enough clarity on kind of how you’re hardwired for success that can help to you to do some level of visioning work of dreaming up where you wanna go with things in your business.

[00:11:23] And then you can. I like, I mean, each of the different personality frameworks, in my opinion, kind of serve a different purpose. For example, engram, I like using the Igram as a way. For lack of better words, like smell your own BS so I’m an engram eight, for example, the engram is a way it kinda, the bottom line of the engram is it, it, um, is a framework that is based on your core motivation and your core fear.

[00:11:50] So that’s like the bottom line of the information you’re gonna get from it. There’s so much more, it’s very intricate, but your core motivation and your core fear, and those things can work for you or work against you. And I’ve gotten really clear, like my core motivation for me. Get having more control, having a little more power in my situation and of core the core fear, the opposite side of that is, would be powerlessness or lack of control.

[00:12:12] So I can very quickly tell, especially if I’m entering a situation where there’s a lot of uncertainty. If I’m find myself white knuckling obsessing over, um, having all the details figured out, wanting to hire a bunch of people so that like we have support for anything and everything we could possibly need.

[00:12:31] That’s usually coming from my own BS. It’s not a, um, where I could, I could probably release a little bit of control and things would work out anyways. That’s just one example. So each of them has served with a little bit different purpose. Yeah.

[00:12:46] Yvonne: And love that. It’s like, yeah, mm-hmm I have to call my own BS out regularly.

[00:12:51] Oh, I have somebody that can help me call out my own BS. . Now I also know, um, you are also using the personality test to figure out your core offer. Mm. Yeah. And I, when I took your, your ACE, um, Half day intensive. Your coor is your coor. I was, I was literally sitting. I’m like, again, my audience knows, we already talked about this.

[00:13:18] I love my personality test. And I’m like, I have never thought about building my offer around. A personality test about you don’t fully build it around a personality test, but you, you use it to start figuring out what might be the right way. And I was sitting in that intensive and I’m like, this completely makes sense.

[00:13:42] I’m like, I’ve been soaking up personality tests for years now and I’ve, I was sitting there and I’m. Wait a second. I am not a behind the scenes person. I don’t care much for the implementation. I have the passion and the energy and the view of the big picture and how that IM gets implemented in the tiny one.

[00:14:04] Mm-hmm . But if I’m just staring at a screen all day, I don’t have the engagement with my clients as much as I would love to, and I’m not getting fueled. So I would love to, now that I already shared my experience with your approach to that. I would love to take this for a moment into building your off and potentially pivoting.

[00:14:24] Like me, I’m like one on one intensive days. We, IP days we figured out this is not my thing. It’s I just, I can’t support my clients as much as I would love to. And I’m sure my listeners are having the same kind of struggle as. Especially when they’re starting out where it’s like great people. Tell me, do a course and record a ton of videos because it’s passive income or do V I P days, because you only need to do for a day or do a group session because you can bring a hundred of people.

[00:14:57] How, how does one go about figuring out which one of these. Recommendations, because everybody tells you their solution is the best is the actual best for them. How can they get started to really figure it out? Mm.

[00:15:16] AnnMarie: Again, it’s kind of those three factors is like, where do you want the business to go? How are you hardwired for success?

[00:15:21] And that can come from like looking at those personality. Framers can give you clues as to that. And then I like to look at your, kind of your story and your background. Like, why are you motivated to. do business in the first place. If you have some sort of like personal connection or even it doesn’t even have to be like, I went through this hardship and now therefore I’m really driven to help people.

[00:15:44] It can just be, you know, I noticed this was a strength of mine and I helped X, Y, and Z people with it. And now I saw the results and I’m really, really excited to help more people with it. Just if there’s some sort of. Emotional connection that you have to, it, it tends to be, um, have more staying power. And I think the best way to an like get down to the nitty gritty of what you’re asking is just to share my own experience.

[00:16:11] You know, obviously I’ve helped dozens and dozens and dozens of clients do it at this point. But in my own experience, I realize very quickly, I say again, I say very quickly, but I wanna, and I kind of wanted to say this at the beginning, cuz you said. You were doing all the done for you, content marketing, and then you made a pivot.

[00:16:28] Well, it wasn’t that simple. Um, is it ever ? No, this was like, I mean, I was still doing the done for you content marketing stuff in 2017, I think. Yeah. I think it was 2017, then 2018. I really, I got clear that I was never excited to just sit behind my computer and write a blog post. Never, uh, I was really excited to get on calls with my clients.

[00:16:53] I was really excited to strategize with them, even if that’s what they weren’t, they weren’t paying me for that, which by the way, in 20 16, 20 17, nobody was paying me for strategic support. They were all paying me for the done for you content. Yep. And that I wasn’t, I, I would even get this little bit of a twinge in my stomach when I’d make a, get a new client on.

[00:17:14] I was really excited to. Pay my rent for another month, but I wasn’t excited, super excited to deliver on the work. And I had, uh, a coach that I decided to work with, who we were on a call to coach me and I like couldn’t help myself. She was talking about a launch that she was doing and I started strategizing for her and she was like, why won’t you just lean into this strategy thing?

[00:17:36] And so often the, the thing I hear from so many clients is, well, when, when we nail their true zone of genius, they’re like, well, who’s gonna pay me for.

[00:17:46] Yvonne: Yeah, that’s definitely a question that comes up

[00:17:50] AnnMarie: because when it’s the, what you’re delivering in your business or the, sometimes it’s the way you’re delivering it.

[00:17:57] So if you have a product based business or whatever, or maybe you do have a content agency and you really resonate with the strength, my own hardwiring for success that I’m sharing, but you’ve got an agency, so you’ve got a team running it and you love the leadership piece of it. It could be really hard to recognize that the struggle, the strain, the white knuckling isn’t required for business success.

[00:18:20] As a matter of fact, the more and more you can release that, the more ease and flow you feel, the more success you’re gonna have. I’ve just have infinite proof at this point that that’s true it, but it can be really difficult to get your brain and body on board with that. Um, when it’s just not something you’ve experienced before.

[00:18:40] Yvonne: Yeah, I was that no, to my VA, we got a snippet right there because I’m like, even still looking out there to this point, we are being told still, even though it’s starting to change, it’s a hostile mentality. You gotta fight. You just. Gotta do the thing. And I’m like, no, this is not what I started a business for.

[00:19:01] Mm-hmm . And if we look around to everybody that has grown their business, that has that’s living their life, that’s enjoying, they are usually in that realm of their genius. They have let go of the, the thought and the need of it has to be a hassle 20 for seven. And you just have to write your way through.

[00:19:24] I’m like, no, you don’t. Guilty. I’ll that myself too. Don’t give me wrong. It’s like, I’m in that. I’ve been in that same mindset, at least not as crazy with the whole hustle mentality. Mm-hmm but it doesn’t have to be difficult. It really doesn’t

[00:19:38] AnnMarie: mm-hmm and I mean, there are like, don’t get me wrong. Running a business is not easy.

[00:19:44] There’s pressures that come up. There’s hiccups that happen. They aren’t anticipated that you still have to face and deal with that. Aren. The most enjoyable thing, but if what your business is known for and what you’re getting paid to deliver can be as enjoyable as possible. Everything else is like, you’re gonna be able to manage those hiccups and those stressful things that are just naturally going to occur much, much easier.

[00:20:09] So, you know, I wanna like circle back on, basically the, the question that you asked is how can you get started is noticing, like, what are you actually getting excited to do in your business? What do you do without thinking about it? Where are you over delivering for clients? But you’re not feeling resentful about it.

[00:20:24] Where are you? What’s the thing that, you know, you could do. For hours on end and kinda get lost in it. Right? Those are all really good clues about as to what should be at least a component of your core offer or some semblance of a structure of your core offer. So for me, I was really resenting. And some, there were times when I was asked to over deliver kind of that scope creep stuff.

[00:20:50] Yeah. With the mm-hmm with the content marketing, you know, so I remember there was one moment when I had a client ask last minute to write a big blog post for his, uh, launch that he had coming up. And I, it was a hard, no, for me, even though I was like, at that point, you know, financially, I was worried.

[00:21:10] What’s he gonna think if I do this, is he gonna find somebody else who will drop what they’re doing? But I knew that writing the post was gonna be so painful and it was not part of our original agreement that I was like, no, I’m not doing that. Now. I would strategize with him all day. I. Like, you know, I, I went to a retreat.

[00:21:30] He was hosting and helped with his visioning for the next year. All of that, like there was no extra like that wasn’t in our contract. I didn’t get paid extra, but I, I love that piece of it. But you want me to write a robust blog post to prepare for your launch? Sorry hard. No, cause that’s gonna be incredibly painful.

[00:21:45] So notice those things. Mm-hmm , you know, what is it that a client, you know, if a client asks you to do something or if a client, you know, you, maybe something you write into a contract that you have a little bit of a feeling like I’m not gonna wanna do this when it comes down to it all clues as to things that you can maybe release out of whatever your core offer is and the things that you find yourself going above and beyond about anyways, you’re getting really excited to do things you could weave.

[00:22:11] Yvonne: Love that. And yeah, it’s like it also, not even if it’s, if it’s a scope creep or anything, but I’m like last minute block, post for a launch. How long have you been planning this launch? Yeah. What, why? But life happens. It, we, we all had those clients. Sure. So, um, before we share with everybody, I know you have a Phoebe for us coming to make life easier too.

[00:22:39] Yes. And we’re gonna make sure that everybody also can follow you and knows where to find you. I wanted to just take a couple more minutes and dive into, maybe take a link, a couple tips out of you on how people can start pivoting. So we talked about how to figure out what might be your zone of genius, where you.

[00:23:02] Be better. You also gave some great tips on how to figure out which offer might suit you the best now. Cool. I got all of those data points. I’m ready to just down my business and let’s change it.

[00:23:21] I’m not that huge fan of that. How can people start doing that? Pivoting and the adjusting to the business that really gives them the peace and the effort, the effort, the peace, and the, the knowledge and the security to know they’re having a business that supports them.

[00:23:40] AnnMarie: Mm. So, yeah, I’m typically not a fan of the burn down your business.

[00:23:44] Probably also because I mean, our business supports our whole family. Full-time my husband and I are full-time business partners. So burning it down our business would not be an option for us. So I tend to think, how can we keep, how can we keep the lights on in the midst of a pivot and, and even. Grow cuz oftentimes that’s, that’s very possible, but we tell ourselves I’m gonna, all my clients are gonna fall away.

[00:24:08] I’m not gonna get any new clients if I start doing things differently and it’s just not true. So one of the things I really love to encourage clients to do is first of all, get really clear on what your revenue goals are. And I’m not talking about what money you want in your, I am talking about the money you want in your personal bank account, cuz that’s the first thing that you need to look at.

[00:24:25] What’s the revenue you need coming into your personal account. And then what does that mean? Your business needs to be doing revenue wise. And oftentimes we can just simply craft, uh, either craft something new or refine what it is we’re currently offering so that it serves the vision we have for our business.

[00:24:42] And if you are doing. What if you’re doing business in a way that supports how you’re hardwired for success, you’re actually gonna serve your clients better. So I know that can be a mindset thing that can be tough to move past is thinking well, are my clients actually gonna want this? Do I have people in my circle who are gonna want this?

[00:25:02] I have never had a client who’s come to me and we’ve refined their, what they’re offering or crafted a new core offer and then looked at who’s who’s in their immediate sphere. And not like it’s never been the case that they haven’t been able to generate some immediate revenue from an offer that actually allows ’em to do what they wanna do.

[00:25:21] Almost never have. We had to do a significant amount of audience building up front. Now you do need, like, you do need to continue filling that pipeline over time, but it’s not like you have to do that before you could do this, or you need a full rebrand before you can actually start doing a business in the way that you want.

[00:25:37] It’s nuanced. And this, as you know, everything I do in business, it’s gonna be, we assess, I mean, I only work with a select number of clients because I wanna know. The deep inside now of your business and your circumstances and the client types of clients you’re working with and who’s in your sphere and how big your audience is and all these things, because it’s everybody’s approach is gonna be a little bit different.

[00:25:58] Mm-hmm um, which is why so many of us can get frustrated when we take courses or glorified courses with Q and a, because like linear path, that really doesn’t factor in all those other nuances of our specific situation. So while I’d love to give a really cut and dry answer, There isn’t one. But what I can tell you is that I have never encountered a situation where a client has started doing business in a way that supports how they hardwired for success is the math works out for them to generate the revenue that they want in the hours they wanna be working and then not start generating revenue, almost additional revenue almost immediately, and feel better almost immediately.

[00:26:39] So. Courage. I guess maybe if we could boil it all down is courage, clarity on where you’re going. Mm-hmm and then having some courage.

[00:26:49] Yvonne: I love that. And I’m like, we already have to have courage to go out there by ourself and run our own business. So that should be too big a deal.

[00:26:58] AnnMarie: Yeah. So you’re that, if you’re, if you’re thinking to yourself right now, I could never.

[00:27:01] You’ve got the courage you do,

[00:27:03] Yvonne: you already want in your business. Yeah, you can. Um, love it. And you know, I love your approach. Um, so not getting a straight up answer is actually what I was hoping for because every time I get a straight up answer just means you are putting me in a box and it’s not personalized.

[00:27:19] Hmm.

[00:27:21] AnnMarie: And that’s hard. It’s hard sometimes to not want to like, especially on a, you know, a podcast where we’re talking to lots of different people and they’re just. There’s no one right way to do business, which is good news, which is great news for all of us, because we can do it in a way that’s right. For.

[00:27:35] Yvonne: And build the business of our lifestyle. Yep. That is a perfect, perfect. And not for us right here, but guys listening, um, NMO actually has awe B to you for you. She has her business breakthrough quiz, so you can actually get started with this kind of stuff. Mm-hmm and get headway on everything. It is going to be in the show notes.

[00:27:58] Ready for you as well as. All of her social media links, which I think you were able to get all of them lined up. I think you were everywhere. Um, Anne Marie Rose. So

[00:28:09] AnnMarie: ask Anne Marie Rose. Mostly. There we go. So as look at that, I know. So AskYvi.com, people are already used to that.

[00:28:15] Yvonne: Perfect makes that easy, but we also have it for you everywhere in the show.

[00:28:19] Not so you can catch up with her. Um, I recommend following her on Instagram. Love your stories. You know me, I’m always talking them any given time. And with that. Thanks so much for joining me. It’s gonna be fun watching little rows, come. What, within the next, what? Two months we got two months left.

[00:28:39] Something like that. Yeah. Baby

[00:28:40] AnnMarie: rose will be here in the next two months. I know we don’t know what we’re having, so we don’t have a specific name. As a matter of fact was talking with my team yesterday about what we’ll send out when baby actually arrives and all that, all that. And I was like, we could put, you know, baby roses here.

[00:28:53] My team member said, are we gonna say the name? I was like, oh yeah, I’m so used to calling saying baby rose or my husband, I say Rosebud . Um, and like this child will actually have a name when it comes and we can tell everyone the name.

[00:29:06] Yvonne: I love it. Yeah. It’s been fun watching. And I’m like, thinking back I had that, I think yesterday, the other day before where I’m like, Wait a second.

[00:29:13] She is pretty much due. I remember the announcement when the heck did the time go.

[00:29:19] AnnMarie: You’re telling me, you’re telling me, I mean, first trimester was, I wasn’t quite sure when it would end because our whole, if anyone’s listening and they’ve been pregnant first, know that first trimester comes with a lot of symptoms.

[00:29:32] That aren’t great. Um, but right now I’m very appreciative of the time that I have to continue getting things primarily like baby’s room and stuff in order.

[00:29:40] Yvonne: Oh, yeah. It’s like following on Instagram. Okay. So we are working on the baby’s room and we are having double date night and I’m also doing yoga.

[00:29:49] I’m like how I don’t need.

[00:29:51] AnnMarie: Yeah. And I don’t do the whole people are probably like, is it, I mean, I don’t do the whole two different Instagram accounts. So you get a nice mix of business in personal with me, which is very me anyways. That’s if we go to coffee, we’re gonna talk business and personal. If you, you know, like that.

[00:30:08] That’s just who I am. So I’m sure there will be a fair share of baby content, baby content mixed in with the business tips once baby arrives. So if you’re not into. It’s all good, but I don’t, I’m not running two Instagram

[00:30:20] Yvonne: accounts. It’s it’s part of life. I’m like, my audience knows. It’s like, I’m not doing two separate Instagram account.

[00:30:25] I am my business. So you get it all. Yeah. And I think that’s why we get along so well. So thanks again. So much for joining me today and everybody that watch life, as you know, we are recording Thursday mornings at 10:00 AM. If you ever wanna pop in and AskYvi.com questions, life, if not the podcast is live on any pretty much any platform, I don’t even know how many they’re out there.

[00:30:51] We are channeling it into all of them. And I hear and see you again in the next episode. And I will see you on your Instagram probably within the next 10 minutes. thanks so much for joining me. Thanks

[00:31:06] for

[00:31:06] AnnMarie: having me.


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