How To Easily Attract Happy Clients For Life | here are 5 tips.

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You want happy clients. We all do. 

But how do you go about attracting them? Do happy clients just naturally flock to businesses they love? Is there even such a thing as a lifetime client?

The answer is yes; it’s possible for potential clients to flock to businesses they align with. And yes, lifetime clients do exist. But the thing is, they don’t come around as often as we’d like unless we take the necessary steps to attract them.

So what’s the secret to attracting happy clients that will stay with you for life?

The key is understanding what they want and need and then going above and beyond to give it to them.

How To Easily Attract Happy Clients For Life-story

If you want to ensure a steady stream of happy clients, you need to put in a little work, and to make things even easier, you can use tools like ClickUp (and sprinkle a few automations here and there) to make client management a breeze.

I know it sounds like a  lot of effort, but believe me, it’s worth it. Happy clients are the lifeblood of any business, and they can even make or break your business. 

Don’t let opportunities pass you by. Let’s get started on attracting those happy clients for your business! Read the full transcript below to learn more:

Video Transcription:

Today, we’re gonna talk about how to easily attract happy clients and keep them because actually, it all happens in a circle. And today, I’m gonna show you how you really can make this system work for you to continuously bring in clients and keep them happy. Now, I know it sounds really easy of, just magic dust and the clients just appear. Actually, that does happen like that. When you are really focusing on your processes and workflows in your business to be at your best and deliver at your best, these easy five steps will allow you to build that sales funnel, deliver on it and make it a repeatable business. So let’s get started right in the beginning. 

Tracking Your Leads

One of the biggest mistakes that I see clients do in this process is they lose track of their leads.

They literally are just like, wait a second. When did I talk with you? Did that happen? What, how, huh? And when you start out, you don’t have to go all crazy and get a whole crazy CRM. Yes, I did talk in the video, in one of my past videos about that ClickUp might not necessarily be a full-on CRM. I still am in that opinion, but ClickUp does work really well as a client database and as a getting started CRM. It’s not what I full consider with all the crazy email automations and all the fancy stuff that you can do. You don’t necessarily need it. The important thing is, are you tracking your leads and are you staying on top of things? As you can see right here in my workspace, I know exactly when leads came in, where they came in from, when the stage of the lead they are. Are they actually a client? Are they not a client? Are they in the discovery call, monthly consulting? Are they active? Do I need to follow up with them? They’re somewhere down there, keep them warm, too. We’ll talk about this in a second.

And it easily and effortlessly gives me an overview where things are right now and you can build automations based up on that. We’ll come to this in just a second with a couple points down the road. Right now, I wanna go into the next step that comes after really making sure that you do not lose any of those leads.

Because they don’t like to be ignored.

Speak Your Client’s Language

Once you got that lead in the door, really pay attention to speaking their language. Now I’m auditory digital. I like lists, everything to the point, straight and simple, no feelings, no visual. Yeah. I am visual to it. You really wanna pay attention to the language your client is speaking.

Are they using a lot of kinesthetic language? Which means they are more in their gut. They are feeling the things. Are they using a lot of visual verbs? I’m seeing this and doing that, doing is not, you know what I mean. You want to give that back to your clients. You really want to work in your client’s perception of the world.

So speak their language. If they’re using kinesthetic language, use kinesthetic language. If they’re using visual language, give them visual. Talk in a visual language and the same with auditory. Now that we made sure we are not losing a lead, we also made sure we are speaking their language and we are not overwhelming them with expert speak.

A Smooth Onboarding

You wanna also ensure your client has a smooth onboarding. Now you have seen the structure before in one of my client videos. The question is, do you have, in your setup, a client onboarding folder? Do you have your tasks in there that says, hey, I really need to set the expectations for the client so they know what’s coming up, what’s expected from them, what they can expect from me. Send them a welcome gift. Is this email going out? Do they need to be introduced to an account manager? All of these things that always happen in here should be in here as a task. And yes, this is a sandbox, you know how that goes. It’s not fully in there.

That is your workflow. What are you doing in the onboarding process that makes your client feel special? Nobody likes to feel like a number. Send some cupcakes. Send a Box Fox. There is so many different ways out there that you can send gifts, even if these are worldwide clients. Go to Amazon. Send them some coffee. Make your onboarding special, but also use it to really set those expectations and the boundaries so your clients simply don’t have any questions left of, what’s happening?

Your Delivery

Now, in this next step, we are talking about delivering. And this is where the real magic happens. All of this is nice little sprinkles and fairy dust that makes life easy and nice for your client. The delivery is where it comes down to. You know your stuff so make sure your client also knows that you know your stuff. Have your structure ready. As you can see, right in here, really having your process down and not forgetting anything, having your ClickUp spaces for the services rendered. Are you giving your client access to all the things that are happening?

Do you have a client hub? Maybe you’re using a dashboard. We prefer having our client hop in here with Custom Views because it’s easy, replicatable. Yes, might not look quite as fancy as a client dashboard, but it saves us a lot of time, which now allows us to put that time into our client and really take care of them.

Now, here is, we talked about in the lead stage, how about a lot of my clients? Forget that.

Offboarding Happy Clients

In this last piece, that’s one of my downfalls, you just delivered an amazing setup, an amazing service, whatever you do, it’s time to off board. And in your offboarding phase, are you asking for testimonials? Are you asking for referrals?

Are you asking for screenshots? What happened before? What happened after? Are you potentially already asking questions that could turn this experience of your client into a case study? Guilty of that one. I have dropped the ball on so many testimonials because it was not in my off-boarding process. Make sure you really close this loop with getting those testimonials in, getting referrals in.

Do you know somebody that is struggling with the same thing? And now, you are closing the loop again to your leads, where this whole video started. Get them in. Get them into your lead funnel, then make sure you speak their language, then make sure you have a smooth onboarding. You deliver the amazing product and service.

I know you do. And back again into offboarding, as well as your testimonial request. And here’s a little chef’s kiss. If you really, really, really, really, really easily wanna attract new clients, the best new clients are old clients. Chances are, your clients are evolving with their business, too. Put them into a follow-up automation, right in ClickUp that says, cool, this client is now in the keep warm stage. We delivered everything. Everything is perfect. We get the testimonial. Now, follow up with them in 30 days. Hey, how was everything going? Follow up with them again in three months, six months a year, send gifts, send a thank you note, share them on social media.

Make sure you really make this offboarding, but also the follow-up afterwards seamlessly and really easy for your clients to just say, hey, I’m back. I need more work with you. And this is how easily you can build this cycle of easily attracting happy clients. Let’s stick around for life. And if you are wondering how this whole little technology and all the things are happening, I do have a video on the CRM setup that I’ve been using right here in this video. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, go hit that button. I’ll see you in the next video.

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