Boss Your Business Podcast Trailer

Are you an entrepreneur? A business owner? Or just someone with a great passion ready to take their life into their own hands?

If so, then this podcast is for you!

I am your host, Yvonne Heimann of AskYvi.com, and in each episode, I’ll be chatting with amazing entrepreneurs and business owners about how they built their businesses to support their lifestyles and even how some of my guests helped their clients do the same.

After I lost my husband to cancer in 2014 I set out to build my business back up in a way that would allow me to support myself and my dreams.

Many lessons were learned. Many paths walked. Some of those choices might have taken me on a little detour – but all of them got me to where I am today. Enjoying life & Business in sunny San Diego.

If you are looking for real-life business tips that help you build the business of your dreams and support your goals – then you are in the right place so hit that follow button.

You’ll be getting a behind-the-scenes look as you get to listen into what I expect to be some of the most interesting and exciting stories out there.

Come join us as we build businesses that support our lifestyle – whatever that looks like for you.

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