Once I figured this out, my Business got so much easier

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We all know how easy it is to sink money into strategies that coaches advise us to do, but in reality,  it’s hard to keep up with all the moving pieces. Because let’s face it: coaches often make things look so easy, but they’re not always as simple as they appear. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not discouraging you from investing in business coaching. In fact, business coaches can be extremely helpful if you know what to look for and how to make the most of it. *Here’s a little secret: I, myself, ask for their advice every once in a while, too.

Once I figured this out, my Business got so much easier-story

But I would like to emphasize that there’s ONE incredibly important process that you can’t afford to leave on the table. 

What is this ONE thing? 

You’ll have to watch the entire video above or check out the full transcript below to discover what it is.

Video Transcription:

[00:00:00] I know, every coach tells you that this one thing they’re selling is what’s gonna make your business successful. Niching, launching, social media, evergreen, Facebook ads, organic. It is a little bit embarrassing how much money I have spent on coaches telling me what I should be doing, and there’s really only one thing that will make or break your business and decide if you are going to be profitable.

[00:00:27] Don’t get me wrong, I have tried all kinds of things. I’ve hired all kinds of coaches in my past, and yes, I do still hire coaches to help me with specific areas of my business. I actually just joined a group coaching program for the next three months to adjust what I’m offering. However, there’s only one thing and one thing only that will decide if you’re going to be profitable and if your bottom line is gonna be able to pay you.

[00:00:53] And it took me a while to learn this. And the funny thing is you can already see it on my channel. You don’t even have to [00:01:00] pay your coach for this. And you then can add on by hiring coaches for specific pieces to help you and optimize this thing. Now, what is this thing?


Business got easier with this ONE thing

Actually quite simple. The one thing that has made my business easier and profitable is repeatable processes.

[00:01:18] Now you’re gonna be like, but Yvi, I’m already running repeatable processes. As a conversation that I had recently on LinkedIn shows, not necessarily. And you might actually have the one process. So let’s start in the beginning. Why am I saying having repeatable processes is the only thing that is going to decide if you make or break it with your business? There’s, there’s Fortune 500 companies out there that do not have repeatable processes. They’re making ends meet. Yeah, they’re making ends meet, but they’re gonna be bought out at some point, or they’re not making the profit they could be making. They’re stressing themselves out. They are doing the whole startup thing of working 24 hours and then burning out in a month.

[00:01:58] We don’t want that. So with [00:02:00] that, when you are looking and starting to really deep dive into your business and you are looking at those repeatable processes. There’s a lot of stuff going on, let’s be honest, right? There’s a lot of moving pieces. So where do you start with figuring out your repeatable processes to really make your business and your life easier?


The MOST important process

[00:02:18] Your clients. What do you mean by that? Yvi, you just told me I’m not niching down. Social media doesn’t matter. No, your client delivery. From your client as they come in as a lead to them leaving as a raving fan, that is your most important process, and it doesn’t matter what you deliver. It doesn’t matter if you deliver one-on-one.

[00:02:37] It doesn’t matter if you deliver membership or a course. If this process isn’t clean, you’re gonna struggle with clients coming back with complaint. You’re gonna struggle with the delivery. You’re gonna struggle with having to reinvent the wheel with every single client. As long as you make that client process a repeatable [00:03:00] process, it doesn’t matter if that is a hotel, if that is a coach, if that is, I don’t know what, as long as the process is a repeatable one, and you can repeatedly deliver amazing results. You are golden. The other thing is with repeatable processes, it is really easy to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. You see where in the process things get stuck. And again, it doesn’t matter if that’s a one-on-one client, if that’s a course client, if that’s a membership, where do things get stuck? Where are we losing track of the money, meaning the client, and what needs to get done? Having a repeatable process and the steps being the same every time over, you will know exactly where your money got stuck.


Can you automate it?

[00:03:48] And last but not least, repeatable processes also means you know exactly what happens next. And when you know exactly what happens next and what happens after that, you can automate that and you [00:04:00] can automate more, which then allows you to put even more effort into working with your client into your delivery, into upgrading your courses, into being present in your membership, into building your YouTube channel, whatever it is.

[00:04:16] But you cannot automate something that is not a repeatable process, and that has not been tested and cleaned up. So the only thing that really is going to make or break your business are repeatable processes, and once you got your repeatable processes down, you can turn your one-on-one into a group coaching. You can turn your group coaching into a membership because you have the process down.

[00:04:41] And not only that, you then can take that process, package it up, and teach it to other people. Now you have a whole nother avenue of revenue, and if you are ready to really work on your repeatable processes, I got a video for you where I talk about how you can [00:05:00] template all of this in ClickUp. It’s right there for you, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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