Repurposing your Video fast & efficient

We all know repurposing our content is crucial.

Not just to make the most of our time spent, but also to get more eyes on it.

But let’s be real, many of us don’t have a big team, or all the time in the world to do all the things we know we should do with our video once it’s published.

So how can we make optimal use of our time, while getting the most out of our content?

PLAN! I know, I know… BORING! But hear me out.

What if I’d tell you doing just one thing ahead of time will save you at least 50% of your time when repurposing your content?

Our biggest time waster, no matter what we do, is the question “what’s next?”

To prevent that question from popping up and all the other ones that come alongside, like “What size does my Facebook image need to be?”, “How long is the Instagram video allowed to be?” or “What’s the character count on Twitter?” I help my clients build and implement interactive SOPs.

What the heck is an interactive SOP?

An interactive SOP is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) with all the assets and information attached to the task. You could also call it a workflow in your project management system that has not only the task but all sizing, subtasks, explainer videos, and all the things needed to get the task done right there.

So to make sure to make the most of your time when repurposing your video you just HAVE TO build and write out your repurpose workflow. There’s no way around…sorry. Having your workflow in place means you’ll be able to not just make your video a blogpost,  multiple social media posts, video shorties, Quote Graphics, a Slideshare, Podcast and more… but you’ll be able to do so in the same time it took you trying to figure out how to repurpose your video this time.

Repurpose Your Video Ask Yvi Pin - Ask Yvi

Mike Allton over at The Social Media Hat has an amazing post on how to Create 26 Pieces of Content from 1 Facebook Live, go check it out to learn about all the things you can turn your video into.

Now that we learned from Mike what we all can do with our video, let’s dive into how to do it efficiently.

Let’s be real, his ideas are amazing! But chances are we won’t be able to implement all of them right away.


1.) Decide on your highest ROI platforms

What are the platforms you have most of the engagement happening right now?
That’s the platforms you’ll focus on first.


2.) Decide on the tools you’ll be using

When looking at tools, make sure that resizing and adapting to different platforms will be easy.
Easil for graphics and Wave for video, allow you to resize your graphics and video on the fly according to the platform you want to focus on.


3.) Templates, Templates, Templates

Build your templates in Easil & Wave. Please, please, please don’t just wing it and use whateva when building out your content. You want everything to be coherent with your brand so viewers will recognize your content and not be completely confused because you use a bright pink, yet your logo and brand is a dark blue.
There’s way more to a brand, but that’s for another time.

4.) Bring it all together

Now it’s time to create your workflow!
Take a pen and paper and simply start listing the steps that need to get done for every video you publish:

Main Video

  • IG shorty to promote the main video
  • 5 Twitter posts
  • Share on Pinterest
  • Slideshare

and so on.

Now note sizing and character requirements next to those, as well as tools to create those additional assets.

You might even consider recording a loom video that walks your VA or team member through the process, making this process interactive.

5.) Automate 

And here comes the tech that takes all this to the next level, if you’ve been around you already know what’s coming…
Use a project management tool like ClickUp to now digitize the workflow you just build. Start a task, let’s call it 

“[Video Title] – Video Repurposing”

Add Subtasks for:

  • Post Content
  • Graphics
  • Repurpose
  • Marketing

And now add your tasks underneath those subtasks, like: 

Post Content

    • 5 Twitter posts (280 characters)
    • 2 Pinterest descriptions

Graphics / Easil

    • Pinterest long, 735×1102 pixels
    • Audiogram background image,
    • 1200×1200
      Quotes, 1200×1200


    • Podcast / Blubrry
      Audiogram /
    • Headliner App
    • Video Shorty / Wave 1:1 Square


And attach loom videos you have recorded to make your VA’s life easier when they work on it.


Make updating those videos a task for your VA. Whenever something changes, have them record a new video and swap it out.


And now that all the prep is done, make it a template in ClickUp and USE IT!!!

There will be changes, you’ll add more steps, more information, or it’ll simply adapt to your goals. The only way to figure out what works and what doesn’t, what needs to be adapted, changed, or dropped is by using it.

This setup will allow you to assign single tasks, the whole job, or if you work alone save you from the question “What’s next?”


Happy Re-Purposing

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