How the Clickup Chrome Extension helps me streamline my client workflow

Today, we are talking about ClickUp and their new and updated chrome extension, which I am in love with.

To install:

  1. Go to ClickUp.com/chrome-extension
  2. Or you can go straight up to the chrome web store, search for ClickUp

Once installed, you can bookmark the page which adds a bookmark to one of your tasks in ClickUp. Really great if you’re doing research, just keep adding those bookmarks to your list.

Clickup Features

  • You have the screenshot feature: the entire screen or just the selected area. You’ve got some additional things where you can point or boxes.
  • You can also track times, so your ClickUp* time tracker now is everywhere you go. Really cool. You can already choose specific tasks, specific jobs that are already existing in your ClickUp and you can just track your time.
  • Creating tasks: Find the right jobs, whatever it has to go. For instance, client work, we had a task title and we create the task.

Clickup Chrome extension

In my emails, I can click those and it adds that email as a task to my workflow which means I can create a new task with it. In emails, I find the right workspace. I choose the client and I say create new task. I could jump in and see the task right away, but most commonly that’s not going to happen. You’re just throwing it on your to do list and you need to get it done later.

As you can see, because it’s a ClickUp task now it has that little button right up here that used the title of the email as the task name – you have the button right on top.

You don’t even have to go straight up into ClickUp and try to find it. It’s right here.

You can also open up a new tab. You have all the other features that we already know about or you can go into your ClickUp and there it is as an open task right where I put it.

Open it up, all the information is right there. That’s how I handle my customer support tickets straight up from email. People just don’t really want to deal with a system – they email me, I plug them in, connect them over to ClickUp, get it in my client workflow.

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