From property to publishing, the journey of a CEO with Tricia Scott

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Life often takes us through twists and turns, it can even guide us to new opportunities we might not have imagined were meant for us. I mean, just take our guest, Tricia Scott, for example! Not only was she courageous in pursuing her career paths, but she also built an impressive skill set spanning multiple industries. So, while she’s originally from the real estate sector, her transition into publishing and media demonstrates how having a wealth of life experiences can come together to create exciting new ventures.

Boss Your Business Podcast Ep 40 From property to publishing the journey of a CEO Tricia Scott story - Ask Yvi

who is Tricia Scott?

Tricia Scott got her start in business through property investment and sales. Leveraging her transactional skills, she rose through the ranks to manage multiple sales offices. The exposure to different markets ignited her interest in entrepreneurship.

Seeking more flexibility and control, she then ventured out on her own in publishing. Tricia founded The Female CEO, a magazine focused on empowering women entrepreneurs. Using funding from real estate deals, she self-published the first issue and continued growing the brand from there.

Tricia Scott connects with notable founders to share impactful stories and insights, and over the past decade, she has designed, edited, and produced over 40 entrepreneurial magazines under The Female CEO brand. Talk about a storytelling powerhouse!

But it doesn’t even stop there, my friends! She also runs an online academy training women in business and holds in-person conferences and retreats. Her expanding media company allows her to pursue creative outlets and help others start their own journeys.

So tune in to discover how Tricia Scott navigated her way through property to publishing, and the amazing possibilities when you do a career pivot. Learn how nonlinear careers, paired with grit and vision, can turn interest into an expansive opportunity to inspire other women to pursue their biggest and wildest entrepreneurial dreams.



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🏆 Highlights 🏆

00:00 | Introduction

02:57 | What does Tricia Scott do for the Community 

08:55 | How Social Media Create Connections

12:34 | Structuring the Week for Better Productivity    

16:08 | Technology that Makes Life Easier for You


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Episode 40 Transcript + Timestamps

From property to publishing, the journey of a CEO 

[00:00:00] Yvonne Heimann: Hey, everybody. And we are back with another episode of Boss Your Business, where I invite guests to share their journey to build a business of their dreams and that’s supporting their lifestyle. So today I want to welcome Tricia Scott, who by the way is in Washington yet. That’s Washington in the UK, not in the U S I always love the whole, huh?

[00:00:30] We Americans over here, not the only one. So I’m actually German. So I should know better for everybody to introduce Tricia to you. Her official titles include speaker, editor, author, certified coach and enter. Yeah, we already are starting with a tongue twister and eternal entrepreneur. You drink a lot of coffee and always have sunglasses on in your hair.

[00:00:53] Though today it’s headphones.

[00:00:54] I’m curious to see a couple of Instagram pictures, maybe you wear some red [00:01:00] head some red sunglasses, maybe I just got a fresh pair. I am digressing already. People, we are going to have way too much fun today. And if you are not at your desk, you can usually be found at the beach, writing, listening to podcasts or dreaming up new ideas.

[00:01:16] You have designed, edited, and produced more than 40 entrepreneurial magazines. Girl, we need to talk about that. I don’t like writing for fun. I cannot wait to get my book finally done. You also have worked with some of the world’s most notable entrepreneurs and business owners. And in your business, the female CEO create, evolve, overcome.

[00:01:36] You currently hold space for over eighty thousand entrepreneurs worldwide. Damn. And in your previous live, you climbed the corporate ladder from data entry clerk to board of directors. You have set up several companies and we’re faced with burnout twice. Yeah, I think we all learned that [00:02:00] lesson. Your experience has taught you that you can do anything, but not everything.

[00:02:06] And that’s the that the possibilities are endless when we come together. If you’re ready to shake things up, shed the old and embrace the challenge of something new, you’ve landed in the right place. This is the episode for you. And now I’m finally gonna shut up. And welcome Tricia to the podcast today.

[00:02:28] Great to have you.

[00:02:30] Tricia Scott: Thank you so much. What an intro.

[00:02:33] Yvonne Heimann: That’s quite a lot girl. So I’m like, I’m now I’m following that up with my most favorite question. How did you actually get here? Which is my favorite question, because you never know, even with having an idea of how you got here. Those always bring out the best stories.

[00:02:52] So I’m handing the microphone over to you. How did you get here?

[00:02:57] Tricia Scott: I feel like if we sat here until [00:03:00] tomorrow, we wouldn’t get through all of the ways that we got to where we are today. However, I will try my best to keep it brief. As I’m learning through the women that I work with all of the time some of the best business ideas are born of not business ideas.

[00:03:14] And the female CEO is no exception. So this business in the form that you see today began as a blog. And it wasn’t a blog in my name. I blogged under a different name. Probably because if any of my employers at the time had read my blog, I would have been fired quite frankly. And that’s not because I was doing anything wrong.

[00:03:35] That’s because I was setting up businesses at the time. And I was, they were interlinked. And I was just making all of these mistakes. So I was doing these, I was making these mistakes and people were looking at me like, did she just say that? Or did she just do that? And I just felt ridiculous, like every day.

[00:03:53] The only thing I felt secure in was my full time employee job on the board of directors because I was good at it. I knew I was good at [00:04:00] that. I’d done it for a long time. I climbed the ladder. I was secure with that, but starting a business, I don’t know anyone that I’ve spoken to who tells the truth, who is totally secure in starting a business because we do stuff that is totally out of our comfort zone.

[00:04:16] When you haven’t got security of employees or employers or salary and all of these things we do these things that quite frankly, I was just thinking to myself what are you doing? And so I started to blogs. I’ve always loved to write. So it’s always been an outlet for me. So I started to blog on it.

[00:04:34] I just found any old blogging platform, to be honest, back in the day. And I started to write about these really stupid things that I was doing all these really, like the cringe worthy things that I was doing and my experiences. And I didn’t think anybody was reading it because why would you?

[00:04:47] It was just me being ridiculous. And it was funny. Like it was meant to be funny. And I started getting replies from women all over the world, which was my first big surprise, because one, I didn’t think anybody was reading it. [00:05:00] And two, to find that women were reading it in the States and in Australia and in India was like, what?

[00:05:06] So they were finding this blog probably by accident because I didn’t know anything about hashtags at SEO. I was just writing for fun. And they were saying things to me like, I thought I was the only one and things like hold my beer, just wait and see what I did today. And then they would share their experiences and we would get into conversation and it became like a bit of a standing joke.

[00:05:30] Like every time I put something out, someone would come back to me and go, Oh, girl, just wait. And then we, and I started to think about this and it just became more and more prevalent. And I thought, what if. I just created a closed Facebook group, which was like not linked to anything, wasn’t, you couldn’t see it from anybody’s wall because at the time, Facebook again was different.

[00:05:51] And what if I just said to these women, look, why don’t you get in this group with me? And let’s share experiences because all of us thought we were by ourself [00:06:00] and we’re not and we’re all doing the same things and worse and we all think it’s hilarious and none of us can tell anybody because the the authorities in our life, the people who are relying on us for really serious things would think we were crazy.

[00:06:15] And so that’s what we did. We started this little Facebook group. And it grew, and they would tell their friends, and it grew, and they would tell their friends, and it grew. So in the beginning it was me, and my mother, and a girl I used to sit opposite at work. And that was it. That was the following.

[00:06:30] There were three of us. And as it started to grow, it got to… 10 and then 15 and by the time we got to 20 followers, I felt like I’d made it. I was like a celebrity in my eyes. This is the best thing ever. Who knew that anybody would be listening to this stuff, let alone interested.

[00:06:47] And that, that is really, in a real nutshell, the foundation of how I began to experience these women all over the world who felt like they were by themselves, and that planted a [00:07:00] seed. I went on to work locally with women in groups, and we started a… A local entrepreneurial group and, it grew and grew.

[00:07:07] And then they came into the group and, things happened after that. And I eventually did start blogging in my own name. I fessed up to my employers. I was like, look, you need to read this because it’s really funny. Is it okay? And they just thought it was hilarious. And it. So I did eventually start blogging in my own name.

[00:07:23] And yeah, and it really. It’s probably not the actual beginning, beginning of the business, but it’s always the space that I credit is the beginning of the business. It’s the place that I can take myself back to in an instant and think that was when I knew there were women like me. And if I knew there were women like me and I could tell other women that was the case, they would know there were women like them.

[00:07:48] And it’s almost like a message of resilience. And that’s

[00:07:52] Yvonne Heimann: the you are not alone in this.

[00:07:55] Tricia Scott: Yeah, so our tagline for the female CEO and for our community is you [00:08:00] are never alone here. Because at some point, even if we’re not doing the stupid things, even if we’re just doing the normal things, we always feel like, am I the only one that doesn’t get this?

[00:08:09] Am I the only person that can’t do this one seemingly simple thing? And it usually isn’t simple but we feel like we should know everything because, as women, we are, we’re supposed to be capable and nurturers and caregivers, and we’re supposed to take charge of these situations. And we don’t we don’t really feel a lot of the time, like we’re able to show vulnerability in that respect.

[00:08:33] And that’s what the female CEO is based upon is me showing my vulnerability. And just saying, how do I do this? And you women in our community to this day who join us are always amazed when they ask for help and get it.

[00:08:49] Yvonne Heimann: And supportive help, not just the whole Yeah. Yeah. So who is Trisha today? What do you do [00:09:00] nowadays? How does business look like nowadays?

[00:09:04] Tricia Scott: Do you know, it changes on the daily business chat and then I’m not joking. It literally changes every single day. Trisha today is a very very different girl to who she was back then.

[00:09:15] We’ve gone through, we’ve gone through a lot as a business. So the business grew to a point where. or the community grew to a point where women started to ask us for different things. Now, I’m a coach, I’m a business coach. I’m also, like you said in your intro, I’m a speaker and all these other things.

[00:09:30] But at heart, I’m just a girl trying to find my way in the world, same as anybody else, trying to work all of this stuff out, and trying to navigate this world of entrepreneurship. And that continues, and I hope it never changes, because I’m learning something every day. I learn from my community as much as they learn from me every day.

[00:09:48] Yeah, Trisha and I was a cons the name, Create, Evolve, Overcome. That’s where the name came from. We’re always creating something, we’re evolving. Through whatever that thing is. And then we’re overcoming the challenges. [00:10:00] And it’s the creative cycle. We go back to creating something else and that’s what this business is.

[00:10:05] So in the beginning it was a blog and then women would ask me for certain things. I’ll use money mindset as an example. And I’m not your girl for money mindset. Like I, not my bag, like not my forte. And I’ve always been the first to put my hand in the air and say, look, not, this is not me. I don’t know.

[00:10:22] So rather than try and give them advice based on something I wasn’t sure about. I went out back into my communities and said, look, I need a really good money coach. I need a a hot money coach, somebody that everybody knows and who’s brilliant. And I started getting names back and one name was coming up again and again.

[00:10:39] And it was a lady called Alana and she’s in Switzerland. And so I contacted her and I was like, look, I’ve got this. I’m not really sure what it is, but I’ve got this thing. It’s a community but it’s got a decent following and I need a money coach. So would you come into the group and maybe give your expertise in return for growing your audience?

[00:10:57] And, so it’s like a, it’s a win. I get [00:11:00] expertise from my audience. You get to grow your audience. And she was, she’s still with us today. She’s one of my favorite humans. And she said, yeah, of course I will. And so Alana started writing blogs for us every month, which helped our community out. And she was in there answering questions if anybody needed it. And that’s how we evolved. So then someone else would come and say Is it okay to ask about spirituality here? And I thought again, not my bag, but yeah, let me see who I can find.

[00:11:25] I think you actually had Ambila on your podcast, Ambila Nath. Wonderful, amazing lady. Again, one of our editors to this day. Her name came up again and again. So I went to her in exactly the same way. She came on board. She started talking about spirituality and business. She’s a spiritual business coach.

[00:11:42] Yvonne Heimann: I love her take. It’s it’s logical. It’s to the point and it’s still spiritual. It’s not too far off the edge. It is everyday implementation. I love the episode we had with Ambila.

[00:11:54] Tricia Scott: She is such an unusual mix. She’s logical [00:12:00] and business like. She’s as sharp as a razor, that woman. But she is highly spiritual.

[00:12:05] And I didn’t know you could marry those things, but you can, and she does. So she came in, and now, fast forward all of these years, but now we have 19 editors in 9 countries. At the time it wasn’t a magazine, of course, it was just blogs. So yeah, so that’s how, it’s the collaboration. But that’s, again, it’s the heart of what we do.

[00:12:27] So we collaborate with each other to create the best for our communities. And we encourage other women around the world to do that.

[00:12:34] Yvonne Heimann: So there’s a lot going on between community, website, magazine, all the things. Membership. How, and membership on top of things. How are you managing all of that?

[00:12:46] What does the behind the scenes of the business look like?

[00:12:51] Tricia Scott: I’ve had to learn a lot because I am not the most I used to be a thoroughly organized human. So I was a finance director for a large [00:13:00] property business. So I was super organized. And then I left my job because this was taken over and I couldn’t do both things well.

[00:13:07] And I knew I wanted to pursue this as a dream. So I left my corporate job and put myself full time into this business. And quite frankly, I went absolutely feral. Like I was like, I don’t have to get up in the mornings. I don’t have to do anything. Anybody asks me to, I can just do what I want now.

[00:13:26] And let me tell your listeners, that’s a mistake. It’s a fun mistake. But it’s a mistake. So once I didn’t have that structure, I was like I’ll just work in my pajamas or, and I sometimes still do, or, I’ll just, I’ll not work on Mondays anymore. But as you’ve just said, the amount of work dictates that I could actually work seven days a week if I want, if I chose to.

[00:13:49] So I fell behind really fast really fast.

[00:13:52] Yvonne Heimann: And I think That’s one of my buttons when I see content of just jammies on the couch. And I’m like, don’t [00:14:00] give me, don’t give me wrong. I have days, especially as women, there is days in the month where I’m like, screw you all, I’m staying on the couch.

[00:14:09] I’m not going to talk to anybody. Don’t give me wrong. I’m not saying we should not live our life. That’s why we have the podcast. However the. There’s so much content out there where it’s yeah, just be lazy on your jammies on the couch and work on your laptop. I’m like, that might work for a couple of you, but how many of you would actually be more productive to go take a shower, put on a face, sit at your desk and get work done for two hours and then go on the couch.

[00:14:41] Tricia Scott: Absolutely. So that’s been my learning and I, and it was a tough lesson because I really wanted to be on the couch. Like I really wanted to be at the beach every Monday. I wanted a cinema on a Monday. It didn’t work for me. Let me say that. Yeah, so I, to get everything done, I’ve had to, I’ve had to relearn really to be [00:15:00] structured in a different way.

[00:15:01] And what that looks like now is that I don’t work on Thursdays, for example. Thursdays I have a day with my mother. I do not pick up an email, nor a laptop, all day Thursday. I get up, I go out, and that’s my day. I stay out all day. And that’s, but that’s, I have to work around that day. So often I’ll work on a Sunday because I, that work still has to be done.

[00:15:23] So I’ve had to learn to be more structured in a, just in a different way. And it’s something that feels good to me. So like you said, there are certain days of the month where I think I am not getting out of these pajamas. If there is a fire, you can just leave me here and that is okay, and I will be fine with that.

[00:15:40] So it’s a balance and I’m still, I still haven’t got it right. I’m still working on it, but it’s, this is a lot of work, a huge amount of work. Systems, processes software tech. Helps me an awful lot. Having editors who provide content for us [00:16:00] and moral support and, girls friendship my, my squad helps me an awful lot.

[00:16:07] Yvonne Heimann: Love that. You already started diving a little bit and I love that into systems and processes. Now, I would love to talk a little bit about. technology. What are some of those systems and processes that allow you to take Thursday off? Or what are some of the tools that make life easier for you?

[00:16:30] Tricia Scott: Let me, I’ve tried everything. I have had free trials of every kind of software you can possibly imagine on the market. Yeah, just to see what works because you don’t know what you don’t know. Also it’s helpful for me to free trial everything because then I can say to my community that this worked for me or this didn’t work for me, but it might work for you.

[00:16:48] So the big things for me in the beginning, so I started my website when it wasn’t really, it wasn’t a membership or a magazine or anything. It was just somewhere to hold blogs, but I didn’t want to hold them on a blogging site. I wanted [00:17:00] our own platform. So I built my own on Squarespace.

[00:17:04] It’s not Squarespace anymore, however. I would say to anybody, listen, and I’ll tell everybody this, that was, it was a real savior for me because they made it really easy. Now, I don’t come from a tech background at all, not even a little bit. And in the beginning I did think to myself I’ll just hire a designer and get it done.

[00:17:23] And I am an advocate for saving yourself time where you can. However, because of the type of community I was building and all of the startup women who might not have been able to hire a designer, I wanted to do it myself. So that I could say to them, look, if I can do this, you can do this. I promise you, you can do this.

[00:17:40] And I say the same today. Look, if I can do all of these things that I’ve learned how to do, any woman, anyway, can learn how to do them. I’m not a tech wizard. I have no qualifications in tech. However, I do quite like it, which helps. I’m a bit geeky with that kind of thing. Like I quite enjoy figuring out new tech, just a little[00:18:00] so that does help.

[00:18:02] However, if I can do it, then so can they a, hundred percent. So I would say things like, Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy, whatever. I haven’t tried all of them. But that in the beginning was a huge resource for me, it saved me a ton of money and I was able to set up a basic site that had a blog section and it had a welcome page and a contact us page.

[00:18:22] It was three or four pages. It wasn’t huge. It wasn’t spectacular. But it did..

[00:18:26] Yvonne Heimann: And the advantage of that is too, where in, in my community, I often have seen the issue of, I’ll just outsource that. Yeah, but if you have no idea what your outsourcing team is doing, how long that potentially does, or heck, even just if things go wrong, you have to call them again.

[00:18:48] Having just a basic knowledge of what’s actually happening helps you know and be able to vet the team you are bringing on. You are not just blindly [00:19:00] trusting somebody else to do the right.. I wish we could, I wish we could. And I have a team around me that I do blindly trust at this point, but they’re all just humans.

[00:19:12] Things happen. It’s you can’t just give up the complete keys to the castle and hope somebody does the right thing.

[00:19:19] Tricia Scott: Yeah. And I’ve heard that a lot. Even, even with someone who’s had a designer make their website and they can’t even change basic wordings to the add new product to service and they can’t change it, they spot a spelling error.

[00:19:30] They can’t change it. And that designer may then not be available or they’ve changed their number or they’re no longer at that company. And that is, I’ve seen that become a real nightmare. So yeah, you’re right. I think a basic understanding, just even if it’s set up for you, but then you have, you know how to go in or you have all your passwords to get in and change.

[00:19:49] Yvonne Heimann: Oh God. Yes, Please. People big red button right here. Have. Your passwords. Please. I swear back. I was back in the day, [00:20:00] I was a web designer. I am the nerd that actually built this kind of stuff. And I was always somebody, I want my clients to have the keys to the castle. Here’s how you edit things.

[00:20:09] Here’s how you do. Here’s all your passwords. Always. Because I don’t know, like I learned the hard way things can happen. And I have taken over so many websites where they had no access to their hosting. They had no access to the URL. They didn’t have any access to their website. I’m like, people please don’t do that.

[00:20:33] Do not ever give somebody that much reign over your business.

[00:20:40] Tricia Scott: Absolutely.

[00:20:41] Yvonne Heimann: As you can tell, that’s a slight button of mine.

[00:20:45] Tricia Scott: It’s tempting though, isn’t it? This is the thing, it’s really tempting to be like, somebody else just take this off me. I advocate for that, I really do. Somebody else just help me with this, whether it’s finances or tech or whatever it is.

[00:20:57] But you should always regain a certain [00:21:00] amount of control, or at least… the tools to control that function. Yeah, for sure. Moving on from my first ever website, I now use something called Kajabi. You’ve heard of Kajabi, I’m sure. And that hosts everything. So as we grew and, I was using Squarespace over here and MailChimp over there and something else over there.

[00:21:18] And Kajabi just, Brings all of that together and it allows me also to have my memberships hosted there my magazine embeds on there So everything’s in the one place And that has been a huge time saver. So I’m not having to dot around it’s all together now So although it’s and actually it didn’t even work out that much more expensive now that I think about it because once you get rid Of all of the little bits The price just takes over, it takes care of itself.

[00:21:46] So Kajabi’s been a huge one for me because, and it’s also, it’s future proof the business. As you can probably tell, I’m a, 10, 000 ideas a minute kind of gal. I’m constantly thinking. I’m constantly, let’s do this, let’s do this, let’s do this, [00:22:00] and Kajabi’s I’ve got you, I can handle that, which is what I need, like I need that tech in my life.

[00:22:06] So Kajabi, things like Grammarly, oh my goodness, how much time I’ve saved using Grammarly, but I just, you can say it again, I type quick, I think quick, I blog quick, and then I run it through Grammarly and I’m like, holy hell. Holy hell, if that had gone out.

[00:22:21] Yvonne Heimann: I have Grammarly everywhere. I got it as a Chrome extension, so it’s literally everywhere.

[00:22:27] I’m like, it’s a lifesaver.

[00:22:30] Tricia Scott: Trello, another one. I love, Trello is a lifesaver. I must, I don’t even know how many. workspaces I have on Trello now, it’s ridiculous. But having everything in, I’m very visual, so having everything in board format. So every week on Trello, I have my Monday to Friday, excluding Thursday, of course.

[00:22:48] And I have all of my tasks carried over from the week before that I didn’t get done in one column. And then all of my tasks I planned to do that week, and then I fit the others in. So I can see, and with Trello, of [00:23:00] course, you can move things around. So if it doesn’t get done that day, I move it to the next.

[00:23:04] And that, again, has been really helpful for me, especially trying to get back on track. I have to be able to see what my week looks like. And I just, I’ll keep an eye on the calendar, keep an eye on Trello. And if those two things, every, plus, and I don’t know if you do this, and you probably do, because I think we’re similar.

[00:23:22] I’ll get to bed and I’ll just lie down and my brain will go. You’ve got to do this tomorrow.

[00:23:26] Yvonne Heimann: No, God.

[00:23:27] Tricia Scott: I don’t want to get up. So I have Trello on the phone so I can just go on in my little to do list, put it on and forget it. And once out of my head, I can sleep. So again, that sort of thing that at one time I would have to get up, get a pen, write down.

[00:23:40] I can’t forget. Yeah. So again, those kinds of things. Most of those things are free. Kajabi obviously isn’t free. It’s a platform, but Trello, there’s a free Canva, free version of Canva, amazing product. Grammarly, there’s a free version of Grammarly, Google Analytics. Fantastic. And any startup [00:24:00] can access this stuff.

[00:24:01] Yvonne Heimann: And guys, you listening my audience knows I’m a fan of ClickUp and I want to use this chance here for this moment for This chance for a moment, guys, can somebody just please send me another Starbucks coffee or something? My tongue is all weird today. What I was trying to say is I wanted to use this moment as a chance to let you guys know, and everybody listening, one of the reasons why I bring you this podcast with everybody and their tools is to also show you.

[00:24:32] We do have a ton of tools out there. Tricia is loving Trello. It works perfect for her. She is loving Kajabi. It works perfect for her. Me personally, I don’t like Trello or Kajabi, but you know what? It does not matter, because we are having this podcast, so guys, so you can learn about those tools. So you can learn why my guests do love those tools, how they work for them.[00:25:00]

[00:25:00] So you can decide what the right tool is for you, because you know what? The best tool is the one you actually use. Doesn’t matter if it’s a paid one. Doesn’t matter if it’s a free one. If you don’t use the tool, it doesn’t help you for shedoodle making YouTube head happy, I do not get to cause as I do on my coaching calls.

[00:25:23] So with this guys, please remember, yes, all of the links are always in the comment sections. All of Tricia’s recommendations is going to be in there. You’re going to be able to link to it. You’re going to find all of her links as always. Again, go revisit the podcast, go revisit all of the podcasts. All of my guests do share their tools and processes.

[00:25:45] This podcast is for you to help you find your own way to build your business of dream, your dream business. What is going on with my tongue today?

[00:25:59] Tricia Scott: I have to [00:26:00] say, I also do love ClickUp. I’ve been using ClickUp a lot lately, so I’ve been doing a bit of training on that. And I also find that an excellent tool.

[00:26:08] Yvonne Heimann: And we do, I do have people in my audience in general that do use Trello and have used that greatly. The problem that I personally have experienced with them is at some point, as you mentioned, you have so many boards and not no big picture overview and I haven’t looked into Trello in a while, so we don’t need, we really don’t need to go down this road.

[00:26:31] But yeah the initial lessons that I had with my community is at some point they hit the ceiling of how much they can scale Trello,

[00:26:44] that’s all there is.

[00:26:44] Tricia Scott: Yeah, of course, but I think exactly like you said, there’s a tool for every entrepreneur. And it’s the only one that’s going to work is the one you’re going to pick up and use and you enjoy using.

[00:26:55] And there’s this, there’s so many.

[00:26:58] Yvonne Heimann: Because it’s like, when it comes down [00:27:00] to running a business, when it comes down to tools, when it comes down, heck, to processes and systems, we are the weakest link. I’m sorry, the tech is not the problem. The systems are not the problem. The problem are the humans that run it.

[00:27:16] And it’s not a bad problem. It just is. We are humans. We need to be motivated. We need to figure out what works for us, what doesn’t work for us. When we do things, how we do things. So everything else around needs to align. With us and our team and how we work. And thankfully we have a big selection of tools that allow us to find the right one for us.

[00:27:45] Tricia Scott: Yeah.

[00:27:46] Yvonne Heimann: So tell my audience, where can they find you? You also got some goodies for them. I heard. And yes, guys, all the links are also going to be in the show section. [00:28:00]

[00:28:00] Tricia Scott: Yeah. You can find us everywhere actually. So we’re on Instagram, Facebook LinkedIn. We have a LinkedIn biz company profile. We’re everywhere.

[00:28:09] But we do, we are at “thefemaleceo.com”. So that’s where you’ll find the platform. And that is absolutely jam packed, full of free resources for entrepreneurs all over the world.

[00:28:22] Yvonne Heimann: And so you have the we have the magazine guys. You’re going to find the the link in the description. You have the momentum business club.

[00:28:32] Go check out Tricia guys, please go check her out. There is a huge community. There is so many amazing women. They you don’t want to miss out on that.

[00:28:42] Tricia Scott: No. And I would like to also just also mention, if you don’t mind, Yvi, while we’re here. So this just happened yesterday. Or was it the day before yesterday?

[00:28:50] Day before yesterday. So we actually won Female Led Publishing Platform of the Year. And we won Most Empowering Media’s CEO of the Year. [00:29:00]

[00:29:00] Yvonne Heimann: Oh, hell yeah! I’m like where is my art? I need audio stuff. I need, heck yeah. Congratulations. That was amazing.

[00:29:13] Tricia Scott: And who’d have thought from a single blog

[00:29:16] Yvonne Heimann: from a, I think I’m alone in this, but I’m having fun stories

[00:29:22] Tricia Scott: To a hundred thousand women worldwide, 47 published publications, and a membership with thriving membership.

[00:29:30] Yvonne Heimann: Now is your time to join, go find the link in the show description, go join, go celebrate, go send Tricia a message and go send her the cheers emoji and celebrate her a little bit. And congratulations again. I’ll see all of you in our next episode of Boss Your Business, where I interview my guests of how they have built their business of their dreams.

[00:29:58] Thank you. Bye everybody. Thanks [00:30:00] for coming.


Tech Stack Highlights

  1. Squarespace 
  2. Wix
  3. GoDaddy
  4. Kajabi
  5. MailChimp
  6. Grammarly
  7. Trello
  8. Canva
  9. Google Analytics



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16:08 | Technology that makes Life easier for You


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