Agorapulse – THE answer for overworked Social Media Manager

When you are a social media manager, there are so many moving pieces. So many things you have to think about, especially when you’re working with a team and with multiple clients. So many moving pieces and at some point, you’re just like, aaaahhhhhh.

This month we are all about how to take care of our overworked social media manager, how you can streamline your whole workflow and how you can take care of your clients without having that “dingdingding” of notifications happening everywhere.

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You know I’m efficient. Let’s dive right in.

You are a social media manager, you are running a marketing agency, you are working with a whole bunch of clients and you feel like aaaaahhhhhhhh I don’t know what do you do and how and why…

You feel like a hamster on a wheel. Let’s take care of that.

Now when my clients come to me and ask me, what tool do you use for social media?

My first question is, are you an end user? Or are you a company?

Most of them are companies that are running multiple profiles for multiple clients with a team and they are trying to find an efficient way of taking care of all of those moving pieces. Now we have an answer for you. Agorapulse.

Why Agorapulse?

There are so many… Hootsuite and SmarterQueue, Buffer and Planerly and what the heck ever is all out there.

I’m like, well, we have more than enough social media scheduling tools, right? It’s like there’s so many out there. I stopped counting. Why do I recommend Agorapulse and why is this month, month Agorapulse and you’re going to get to see even some really cool people that share how they use Agorapulse, but that’s just on a side note I love Agorapulse because we have the complete workflow right there.

You don’t need to have a project management system. You don’t have to email and Airtable and whatever. You don’t have to, you can if you want to but you don’t have to. Agorapulse gives you the full process from the idea of the post, getting it approved by the client, getting it scheduled, and reporting to the client how all of that did and what numbers they got and all of that analytic stuff. What else can you ask for? It’s one thing. The second big thing, why I love Agorapulse – is it takes the liability off of me. When I’m scheduling for a client, they get a “ding” in their inbox saying, “Hey, we want to schedule this post with this image on this day. Do you approve?” – Yup.

Suddenly I don’t have a legal issue anymore. The client approved. Do you know the whole Twitter, everything goes crazy because somebody posted something stupid on Twitter and it wasn’t even the company – not happening here. The client can approve the post, can say, hey, this is a little.. yeah, no!

And if something goes wonky the client approved it and the liabilities is off of you and your liability insurance is going to love you to pieces.

The third reason I love Agorapulse

I can turn off all of the notifications.

How often were you like Ding, Ding and phone vibrates and phone vibrates and it just doesn’t shut up because we needed to be logged into Instagram to set everything up and we have it on the phone to be able to comment there and we got their Facebook connected to our profile and everything is dinging everywhere and you’ll get notified from all of your clients. – Nope.

Mute, mute, mute. I get my email that tells me, hey, you need to check that. We got a comment there. We got a comment there. We got a message there. You need to take care of it. Nicely wrapped up in one email and if I want to just go back in once in the morning, once in the evening, check everything and I don’t have my phone going off constantly, you know, separation of personal and business. It helps because suddenly you actually can focus on other things you need to take care of.

The next thing I really love about Agorapulse – hashtag templates.

Meaning when you work with the VA that is putting together your content and your image. The VA doesn’t have to figure out, “Are these the right hashtags? Can I use them? Are they approved, are they not approved?”

You can put together your hashtag packages, save them as a template. Those are for my products. Those are for my services. Motivational Monday, Tool Tuesday, however you want to categorize them and you save those groups of Hashtags, tell them you use that for that. You use that for that.

You use that for that and then everyone month or every quarter how often ever you want to do it – You revisit those hashtags, adapt them, change them, adjust them, whatever you need to do and they’re right there ready for you to go. Even if you don’t work with a VA, it saves you so much time.

And one last big thing Pdf reporting.

Our clients want to know how we are doing, are we bringing them a return of their investment and there is nothing worse than not reporting to your client and showing them what you did. So after the month and after the all the work you put in after all the scheduling and publishing and commenting and talking, you go into Agorapulse, you pull the report out, brand it with your company logo on all of that on there and send it off to the client. That easy.

Now this month we will dive deeper in it. I will talk specifically about our workflow in Agorapulse for social media manager and agencies. You will see how we schedule things, how we work Agorapulse right here.

But you also get to hear some case studies of some amazing people that share with you how they use Agorapulse to save a shit ton of time. So stay tuned this month, every Tuesday and Saturday you’re going to see new videos talking about Agorapulse and how it can save you time and make your life easier.

GO, take Agorapulse for a test drive >>

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