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ClickUp is versatile, customizable, and has what seems like endless possibilities, setups, and layouts…

A blessing that doesn’t have to turn into a curse.

My Personal
Love Story

If you’ve been on my YouTube channel, and chances are that’s how you got here, you know I fell in love with ClickUp a couple of years ago. Way back when no one know that name and it was still version 1.0

Since then a lot has happen, many updates been added, and ClickUp has become a household name in many offices.

With that growth and more help being needed, ClickUp decided to start a verified consultant program. And yes, you guessed it I’m honored to be part of that now too.

No matter if you are looking to start of right, or feel overwhelmed and like your setup is a mess… we’ve all been there, no worry.

Help is on the way!

ClickUp has not only become the go to project management system, but can also replace some of your other tools, and streamline your complete internal and maybe even external workflow.

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Pick My Brain

What structure, what tools, what automations…. so many questions when getting started or optimizing your ClickUp. You got your ClickUp all going and simply want to make sure it’s the best it can be? Get feedback from a ClickUp Expert? 

ClickUp Sidekick

Have your own personal ClickUp Consultant in your corner and on-call ready to help you and your team.

No more waiting for support to get back to you or digging through YouTube videos to find your answer just to discover it’s not the solution for you.

Get Sh!t Done INtensive

No time to waste! Let’s get your framework set up, that workflow of yours implemented, automations build, or templates setup.

You wouldn’t believe how much we get done in a laser focused 4 hour GSD session!


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What Clients Say

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Client Testimonials

"Working with Yvonne has been an absolute pleasure, and brought efficiencies I never thought I would achieve. She has been flexible with Zoom calls, and then promptly helps get things arranged so that I wake up on my timezone, and I have a new system in place, mostly without having to lift a finger.  I highly recommend her services for anyone that wants to take their business to the next level."
Annette McDonald
Founder, Easil
"Yvi is the guru of all things efficiency, especially when it comes to ClickUp. By watching her YouTube tutorials and following her recommendations, I have been able to transform the way my business approaches project management - we are now an efficiency MACHINE! If you've been looking for a way to streamline and automate your processes, Yvi is THE investment you need to make for your business!"
Kasey Childers
CEO + Founder, Childers & Co
"Yvi is an absolute master of efficiency and effectiveness & efficiency. She helped me get setup with ClickUp and I now feel like there’s literally a clone of me running part of my business (the part I don’t like to run!) Now my team can focus on their work rather than me micro managing them. "
Adam Keagan
CEO, Equa Social
"After my call with Yvi I now understand the best structure for using CU for hardware development and general business operations. Working with Yvonne was great. She was able to understand my business needs and point me in the right direction to get started."
Rob Hampton
CEO, Coda Music Tech
Ask Yvi - Yvonne Heimann stairs

"So you only consult on clickup?!"

Yeah, no 😉   this is only part of what I do

ClickUp has become my favorite tool to streamline all the tasks & moving pieces in my and my client business BUT more often than not I do not stop there

My ultimate genius zone is optimizing your tech stack, consulting on which tools to use and which not, which features of your tools make sense, and most importantly… how to make them all work with each other like a well-oiled machine. Go take a look…