Yvonne Heimann

Digital Strategist and your “Can Do” Geek

You have a business (yeah, you!). You have an online presence (or you want one).

But you have no freaking clue how to build one that is awesome, functional, branded, and shows up on that newfangled Google dot com thing.


Don’t fret – you’re not alone.


Meet Yvonne Heimann, owner and CEO of Pacific Crest Media, and your new best friend (which means you can call her Yvi). Not only is she skilled in creating customized, beautiful, and optimized WordPress websites, more importantly, she can also help you strategize your business planning and social media, build and implement marketing campaigns, and develop systems that will help your business run so efficiently, you’ll be sipping mai tai’s on the beach in no time, while your business sits at home earning you money. (And as if all that isn’t enough – she’s even a trained electrician, so if your lights happen to go out while you’re gone, she’s got you covered!)

Yvonne Heimann - Ask Yvi headshot

Known for being just a little bit sassy yet totally honest with her clients, Yvonne will help you set realistic and manageable goals for your business, define and implement the systems and processes you need to get you there, and help you stay focused on achieving your desired end result even when you get tired or frustrated. She can even give you instruction in German, too, in case you need that extra push of having to translate to keep you focused and motivated!

Whether it’s a huge project like building a whole new website and online presence from scratch, something smaller like figuring out which social media systems will work best for you, or anything in between, Yvonne’s experience and expertise is what you need on your side to help you navigate the wild and crazy world of the interwebs.

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