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Let’s talk about the flood of coaches in the market. It’s interesting to see so many ads on Facebook for new coaches and so many career changes to coaching. It seems like everybody wants a coaching business for themselves, but they aren’t all equally qualified.

It’s baffling to me how people can start a business coaching business without ever having run a business. Or how someone can help small businesses grow and expand coming from a Fortune 500 company with a nice savings account. There’s nothing bad about having savings, but how are you going to be able to help someone in a situation you’ve never been in?

Working with someone who has no idea what challenges you’re facing and what it’s like to be in your position can often be a waste of your money. So, how do you find out who’s really qualified to help you?

I recently joined the Facebook group, Business Building Rockstars with Nicole Holland, and it was refreshing to see that when I applied to become a spotlight member in the group, she specifically asked for numbers. She asked, “Have you at least made this much money with your service offering?”

Plus, she asked for references! She asked for people she could contact or online reviews she could find posted by them. It had to be something like a LinkedIn review connected to their personal account so that it’s proven and not just something you put on your website.

I was pleasantly surprised, but it also made me think, why don’t we do that when we hire coaches?

Anyone can build a fancy website and have an Instagram account with thousands of followers.

We can make ourselves look amazing online and people will just believe that we’re qualified.

When we need help, it is amazing to reach out and work out with a great coach, mentor, or consultant who has been in our situation and can help us learn from their mistakes to get us to our own goals faster.

But please, do your research. Invest the time to find the right coach. If you’re going to invest a lot of money into a good coach, why not invest the time to research them? Ask them for just 2-3 of their past or existing clients you could talk to. Ask the coaches, how long have they been doing this? What results are they bringing for their clients?

Please, do not simply believe what you find online. Make sure there are reviews that are posted and connected through clients and double-check the reviews you find on someone’s website.

Do your research. I see so many people complaining that they spent money on another coach and didn’t get anything out of it. That’s when I want to say, “Did you do your research before hiring that coach? Have you done the work?”

Finding a good coach doesn’t help if you don’t do the work yourself. You have to do it.

Amazing coaches are out there and many deliver what they advertise. Just like everything else, do your research and know who you’re signing up with. 

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