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How I Travel Journal On The Go: HP Sprocket Review

I am excited to review a recent purchase of mine, the HP Sprocket Printer.

On a trip to San Diego, I decided to use my Bulletproof Business Planner tracking pages as my travel journal and it turned out so well. I shared a pic of my journal on Instagram and I got a lot of questions about how I was able to create my travel journal while I was on vacation.

The HP Sprocket is my secret and I’m going to tell you all about it here. I previously bought the Pickit M2 Portable Printer (ignoring the solid advice of Instagram friends) and dearly regretted it. It did not work out at all. Avoid this one!

So I got the HP Sprocket Bluetooth Printer right before I left for my trip. The portable printer itself is about the size of my iphone. Can you believe it? I think it’s pretty cute. 🙂

It comes with a charging cord and set of paper. Plus, I bought a nice carry case to hold everything together. To insert the printer paper, the HP Sprocket simply slides up and opens. The instructions are super clear and simple. In a few minutes, you’ll have your portable printer connected to your phone and ready to print!

If you’ve got the sticky zinc photo paper like me, you can print your photo and stick it right where you want it. 

You’re ready to start travel journaling just like that! If you’ve been on yourself for years to start printing pictures and making memories, this is the way to finally do it.

For my travel journal, I printed out pictures and cut around to get different shapes and highlight the image.

I did this to the adorable coffee mug below! The pictures come out pretty good and glossy.

While the color isn’t quite as vibrant as it is on your phone, it’s pretty amazing for being able to print photos on the go. If you’re like me, you don’t have time to create a travel journal when you get back from vacation. This was the only way for me to get it done. If you use a planner, you can take pictures throughout the week and fill them in your planner so your planner becomes a memory book!

I love being able to look back at my pictures in my planner where I can see them in an instant. It’s so much better than having them lost in a ton of pictures on your phone. The HP Sprocket is totally worth it. It’s so easy to use and portable.

How would you use a portable printer? Share your ideas with me in the comments below!

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  1. I rather like the idea of the little printer. We all have a major tendency to take tons of pictures and then never do anything with them. This little device would make that much less likely

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