Best Tools to Manage and Monetize Your Social Media Content

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Discover the best tools to enhance your content creation, simplify workflow,  drive engagement, and monetize your social media content.

Creating high-quality content consistently can feel overwhelming, especially when juggling multiple platforms and trying to keep up with the latest trends. 

As a business efficiency consultant, I’ve discovered some game-changing tools that make content creation a breeze. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the essential tools that can streamline your workflows, improve your content quality, and ultimately help you make a living from your creative endeavors.

eCamm: Your All-in-One Recording Studio

First up is Ecamm, a Mac-based recording, live streaming, and production program. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Ecamm offers a range of features to meet your needs. 

You can simply press a button to go live or delve into advanced options with fancy overlays, multiple camera integrations, and on-the-fly recordings. 

Best Tools to Manage and Monetize Your Social Media Content story - Ask Yvi

This flexibility makes Ecamm indispensable for content creators looking to boost their content quality and engagement.

Key Features:

– Multiple Camera Integration: Effortlessly connect multiple cameras for dynamic video content.
– Guest Inclusion: Seamlessly bring in multiple guests for interviews or co-hosting.
– Custom Overlays and Recordings: Add a professional touch with advanced overlay options.

By simplifying the recording and editing processes, Ecamm allows you to focus on delivering valuable content instead of getting bogged down by technical details. For a 15% discount on Ecamm, check out the link in the video description.

ClickUp: Streamline Your Project Management

As a content creator, managing a plethora of content types—from blog posts to videos to social media updates—can get chaotic. Enter ClickUp, a project management tool that centralizes all your project-based activities and deadlines into one easy-to-use platform.

Why ClickUp Stands Out:

– Customizable Task Lists and Workflows: ClickUp allows you to tailor task lists to fit your unique content creation processes.
– Facilitates Global Team Collaboration: With real-time communication and shared documents, ClickUp makes it easy to work with team members around the world.
– Content Management: Track statuses, approvals, and timelines for all your content types in one place.

ClickUp reduces the hassle of juggling multiple systems and helps you focus on creating quality content. Interested in upgrading your ClickUp experience? You’ll find discounts and offers detailed in the video description.

Castmagic: AI-Driven Content Repurposing

Castmagic is an AI-based tool that revolutionizes content repurposing. Initially, I was skeptical, but after a call with Cast Magic’s representative, Greg, I realized its full potential. This tool can turn any conversation into multiple content pieces, making it an asset for creators looking to maximize their reach.

Features to Love:

– AI-Driven Transcription and Captions: Enhance accessibility and SEO with accurate transcriptions.
– Automated Content Snippets: Generate titles, keywords, and descriptions from your videos.
– Multi-Platform Use: Helps you create YouTube summaries, newsletters, social media threads, and even blog posts from a single video.

Cast Magic is not just for videos—you can use it for client calls, trainings, and much more. This tool is perfect for those who want to automate and streamline their repurposing processes, saving both time and money.

Metricool: Optimize Your Content Strategy

Metricool is a scheduling software that goes beyond merely posting your content. It offers comprehensive analytics, helping you understand what’s working and what needs improvement.


– Competitor Analysis: Track competitors to identify successful strategies and trends.
– In-Depth Analytics: Gain insights into audience engagement and performance across all your social media platforms.
– Content Planning Tools: Optimize your posting schedule based on data-driven recommendations.

By focusing on what works and optimizing your strategy accordingly, MetroCool helps you make informed decisions to grow your audience and improve engagement.

Highlevel: Monetize Your Social Media Content

Finally, let’s talk about Highlevel, an all-in-one marketing platform that has significantly simplified my operations. While I still use WordPress for my standard website, Go High Level handles my email funnels, newsletters, and even my course deliveries, all in one place.

Features That Shine:

– Cost-Effective: Replaces multiple tools like ActiveCampaign and ClickFunnels, saving you money.
– Centralized Operations: Streamlines everything from email marketing to course delivery.
– Community Feature: Offers a community platform, particularly useful given the limitations of Facebook groups.

Go High Level may have a steep learning curve initially, but its long-term benefits far outweigh the initial investment in time and effort. For a 14-day trial and a test run, don’t forget to use the link provided in the video description.


Integrating these tools into your content creation workflow can make a tremendous difference in productivity, quality, and reach. From recording and production with Ecamm, to project management with ClickUp, content repurposing with Castmagic, strategy optimization with MetroCool, and comprehensive marketing solutions with Highlevel, there’s a tool for every aspect of your content creation journey.Monit

Video Transcription:

Yvonne Heimann [00:00:00]:
Are you tired of creating content for social media and endlessly trying figure out which tool to use and what to invest your money in and how to make money with your content? In this video, I’ll show you all the tools I use for content creation and how they make my online business and my life way easier. Hi everybody, I’m Yvonne Heimann with askgvr.com and I’m a business efficiency consultant here to take your business from hassle to happy and into vacation mode. First Ecamm. Ecamm is a Mac based recording program, live streaming program, production program. It can be as simple and as advanced as you want it and need it to be, meaning you literally can just hit the button and go live, or you can do all kinds of fancy overlays and recordings and go full on live stream streaming tv. So Ecamm also enables you to seamlessly integrate with multiple cameras. Now I need to go shopping and buy more cameras. But as you can see right down here, first of all, you can bring in multiple guests or you yourself can record yourself all at the same time in different camera angles.

Yvonne Heimann [00:01:14]:
It simplifies your recording, therefore the editing and your streaming process, boosting your content quality and engagement because it makes you look like somebody who knows what they’re talking about. And you’re going to see a lot more of those features coming up in our boss your business podcast. So keep your eyes open to get some ideas on how you can use Ecamm for your content production. I do have the link right in the description for you. It’ll get you 15% off of Ecamm for you to try. So use the coupon code that’s mentioned in the description. Go with the link. Number two, as a content creator, you are on my channel.

Yvonne Heimann [00:01:53]:
You found your way here somewhere. You probably heard me talk about ClickUp. ClickUp is a project management tool. I specifically love it because we have a ton of custom fields to be able to really manage all of the content we are creating. What it does is it helps us first of all, streamline our project management with customizable task lists and workflows. It facilitates collaboration among my whole team, which is all over the world with shared documents and real time communication. No worries, I’m going to show you that all in a second. It increases my productivity and my team’s productivity by really centralizing all of our project based activities and deadlines into one platform.

Yvonne Heimann [00:02:37]:
No more. All over. No more. We don’t do that. So let me show you first of all for content creation. Look at all the things that are going on between short form content, between long form video, between the podcast, between emails. This is not even all of the content that’s happening every single week. This simple.

Yvonne Heimann [00:02:54]:
I can literally see on the fly which one has approved, which one is going, what’s happening. We are managing daily shorts that are going out on multiple platforms right in here with the post, with the hashtags, all the things. Yes, we do have the templates on that, so make sure to check out the website. And I do have a discount for you guys. If you’re interested in upgrading your ClickUp from free to forever or any of the other plans, snatch it down below. There’s a little bit of discount with that too. And talking about ClickUp if you’d like to see a full breakdown of ClickUps, plans and pricing, guest members four members, all the features available. Let me know in the comments below.

Yvonne Heimann [00:03:35]:
I’ve been seeing some of the questions coming up of yeah, but I don’t need another full member, I just want to add some guests so I know the pricing can be a little bit confusing and I might even have bonus for you too. So you want to see the video about the pricing and really demystify it? Let me know in the comments. And number three, that is AI based and that I have discovered thanks to actually Ecamm, I was speaking at Ecamm’s Leap summit through them really was able to dive into and understand Castmagic. Now Castmagic says, let’s turn any conversation into content. And it was a little bit confusing to me. I’m like, what are we even talking about? And I jumped on a call with Greg over at Castmagic and he finally opened my eyes to all the things that is possible. So Castmagic empowers content creators with AI driven transcription, captions and improving in general your accessibility and SEO. It also helps me enhance my content reach by figuring out the snippets of the video.

Yvonne Heimann [00:04:37]:
So let me, let me show you now. We are repurposing everything, right? This is a YouTube video that I ran through Castmagic, and these are the simple ones. I’m literally just giving you a taste of it. We will be talking Castmagic more in the future where it helps me get the whole transcript done. We’ve always done the transcript. You always should upload your YouTube video with a manual transcript. So that’s happening. Then once I tell Castmagic, hey, this video, the only speaker in there is me.

Yvonne Heimann [00:05:07]:
The AI jumps in and helps me, based on that transcript, generate titles, figure out YouTube keywords, help me with the YouTube description. Give me the timestamps, helps me find clips that I can turn into shorts, then helps me write the newsletter to announce the YouTube video gives me the key topics and bullets as well as tweeting about the new YouTube video questions from the video, giving me some ideas for threats on Instagram and then create the blog post around this video. And this is just the beginning. There is even possibility of you uploading your trainings, uploading your client calls and have Castmagic help you create courses, teachings and all the things based on what you coached somebody on. So if you want to save hundreds of dollars every single month, letting AI automatically help you with your repurposing process, grab the link below. This thing is amazing. Before I get into other tools, don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe below because more videos are coming on Castmagic and other tools let’s dive into my next tool, Metricool is a scheduling software that also has amazing looking analytics. So Metricool helps you optimize your content strategy by identifying those trends as well as tracking competitors performance.

Yvonne Heimann [00:06:40]:
What are they posting? How are they generating traffic? How well is their content perceived? What do you maybe wanna take as a idea for your new content from your competitors? It also has, as you already can see, comprehensive analytics for your social media platforms, including audience insight and engagement metrics. So really figuring out which of your content strategies work? Where are you getting followers from? Where are your followers engaging with what really drives so that you can put the focus on what works rather than just throwing content out there. To throw content out there, it also offers you scheduling and content planning tools based on those data driven recommendations. Meaning when you go into planning, it will show you exactly where your audience is most likely active. Last but not least, if you’re on my email list, if you’ve been around on Instagram, you know that we’ve been moving, we’ve been moving to go high level and the standard website is going to stay WordPress. However, the things I moved and the money I saved. Ah, we’re not using Activecampaign anymore. We are using go high level for our email funnels as well as our newsletters.

Yvonne Heimann [00:07:57]:
Again, we are not using it quote for a standard website. However, as you can see, we do have just the landing page for our academy because this academy houses all our courses, all our templates, all our sales funnel and follow up based on those courses and templates, the full on, literally everything. So I don’t need clickfunnels, I don’t need active campaign just the cost of getting go high level. I paid nearly the same amount just for active campaign. It is really simple. It is all of it connected to each other. I don’t have to go all over the place and connect this to that to here to there to that. We really wanted to simplify the delivery of our courses.

Yvonne Heimann [00:08:40]:
The affiliate management, you guys getting the emails from the templates and courses you have bought, including the lead tracking and the automation and the follow up and really getting the data of okay, what do you guys like? If you as an introvert as me, you don’t necessarily pop in the comment section and tell me what you like. I’m getting data now on where courses might get stuck or just information. Not only that, it also has a community feature that we will be rolling out pretty soon. Where now with Facebook groups not allowing us to get in through an API, and also some of my friends having lost access to their Facebook accounts and Facebook groups as of late, we will be rolling out the group feature here in go high level two once everything else is moved. So if you are interested in taking go high level for a test drive now there’s a lot going on in the beginning, don’t get me wrong the first week, but it is worth it. The learning curve of Go Highlevel is so worth it. It makes it so simple in the long run. So if you are interested in testing it out and using it, go below again, I have the link for you.

Yvonne Heimann [00:09:49]:
Make sure you check it out. You get your 14 day trial. Take it for a run. Pop into my DM’s. If you’re running into something, I’m more than happy to help you. And the go high level community is really, really active. And that’s it for today. Those are my favorite tools for me as a content creator to effortlessly create content and make a living with my content.

Yvonne Heimann [00:10:14]:
Make sure you check out all the lists in the description. I got it easily accessible for you right there. And if you want to save even more time and optimize your content creation, make sure you check out this video over here where I share six time saver apps that I use almost every single day. And don’t forget to subscribe because I want to see you in the next video when we go beyond the hassle, get efficient and make technology work for.

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