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VEDA - What is this thing?

Every April vloggers and creators take on a month-long challenge called VEDA,
which stands for Video every day in April.

Challenges like these are a great way to kick past procrastination, overcome the fear of starting, jumpstart a new adventure, sharpen skills and start a new habit. But what if you could also get ongoing training and support to really take this challenge to the next level?
That is where The Content Marketing Power Up comes in.

Throughout the month of April 2021, Kelly Noble Mirabella and Yvonne Heimann plan to take the VEDA challenge to a whole new level of awesome by offering themed training, tutorials, support, and tools to help each participant succeed beyond what a normal challenge can give.

⏩  You do NOT need to participate in Veda to get value from this bootcamp. It is designed to bring value whether you are doing VEDA or not.  ⏪ 

Discovering Your Superpower

Week 1: Live Streaming

In week 1 of the VEDA challenge, we will teach participants how to be better live streamers. Bringing in guest trainers, giving tips, and doing tutorials on our favorite tools. If you are a live streamer supported tool or app this is a great week for us to let you shine! There are so many elements to a great live stream so why not take the week to let us show you how to vastly improve with the skills and tools to make
it click!

Finding Your Perfect Sidekick

Week 2: Recorded video & YouTube

We all know how powerful YouTube is for a brand. It can help open the doors to opportunities that most creators don’t even know exist. But YouTube takes work and needs certain skills. So in week 2, we will be focusing our training and support around helping participants tackle YouTube. From the tools that help make creation, research, editing, and growth easier, to the skills and insider tricks for growth, this week will help creators move forward with a solid game plan for taking on YouTube but can also use these skills on other video-centric platforms.

Send Out Your Bat Signal

Week 3: Marketing & Repurposing

One of the biggest struggles we hear from creators is where do you get good
content ideas and how can I maximize my existing content. So week 3 will be all
about the process of finding, organizing, and creating the content that makes our videos shine. We will also train on the best tools and strategies for repurposing content so you can maximize the lifespan of a content piece and get the most

The Ultimate Power Up

Week 4: Bringing it all together

Okay, you have content. Now what? This week we put it all together and put together systems to stay organize and optimize our time as creators.



Kelly Noble Mirabella is an internationally sought after Messenger Marketing trainer, consultant and builder. She is the creator of Baby Got Bot and the owner of Stellar Media Marketing.

She has worked with such clients as ManyChat, Kerwin Rae, and AgoraPulse and has helped countless professionals get their bot-building to the next level. Before discovering Chat Marketing, Kelly had an action-packed 10 year career in social media marketing which attributes to her vast knowledge of not only digital marketing but also running a successful bootstrapped business.

Over the past 14 years, Kelly has helped teach and mentor digital marketers,
REALTORS, entrepreneurs, and professionals across various industries to not only use the digital marketing tools and platforms available today but also in the starting and running of new entrepreneurial adventures.

Kelly’s depth of knowledge is well known in the industry and some have even joked that she is like a digital marketing encyclopedia (for you kids in the crowd: What is an encyclopedia)


Yvonne Heimann is not only the leading ClickUp Youtuber, but also a highly valued Consultant to its developers, as well as a
passionate Business Efficiency Consultant to Live Streamers, Social Media Managers, YouTubers, and Coaches.

Using her knowledge of 12 years running multiple businesses, she helps her clients organize, strengthen, and streamline their businesses into profitability and success.

Her own life-changing challenge came in 2014 when she lost her husband to cancer.
Yvonne was determined to resume her passion for building “bulletproof businesses” that can withstand anything.

Yvonne’s work is driven by a vision of the world where female & minority entrepreneurs not only make a living with what they are passionate about but thrive and proudly wear it as a badge of honor. A world where no one is ever faced with the decision of having to put business and making money over family loved ones, and spending time with them.

The LIVE Content Marketing Power Up Bootcamp is done, but no worries… You can get all the recordings and bonus session here