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The 5-Hour Rule & Journaling: How to Uplevel Your Business & Mindset

Throughout my whole entrepreneurial journey, I’ve been able to meet and observe different types of leaders. The strong, the kind, the enthusiastic, the wise…

but do you know what all good leaders have in common?


An innate and inextinguishable eagerness to learn more about themselves, the world, and everything in between.

Now, here’s the thing…

Self-awareness can only be achieved through self-reflection.

This seriously got my gears turning, because as much as I am a business nerd, I’m also fond of pursuing progress – for myself as a human being and as an entrepreneur.

When was the last time you sat down and reflected on what you do and what you’ve done so far?

When was the last time you reflected on how you were feeling and how these feelings affect you and the course of your journey?

Seriously, wouldn’t be journaling the obvious way to better practice and tap into some good ol’ self-reflection?

And who better to share with us the joys of journaling + why we need the 5-Hour Rule in our lives than Seasoned Journaller and Swiss Army Nerd (with a penchant for Personal Development) — DOC ROCK!

And, of course, YOU’RE INVITED!!

Doc will be talking about the 5 Hour Rule, share his thoughts about journaling, and how you can use both to be a better entrepreneur.

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