Hi! My name is Yvonne ``Yvi`` Heimann

Passionate Business Streamliner, Automation Addict,

Speaker, ProtoPreneur and slightly crazy german


Who I am & what I do

Yvonne Heimann

As a Webdesigner and Business Efficiency coach running multiple businesses, Yvonne has years of experience organizing, strengthening and streamlining businesses into profitability and success.

She was born and raised in German where she caught the entrepreneurial bug early on, helping out in her parents business and owning her own pub at the tender age of 22.

Having left the security of Germany’s safety net to follow her dreams, her goal is to enable as many Entrepreneurs as possible to enjoy life while running their business.

After losing her husband to cancer in 2014, her biggest passion became building businesses that can withstand anything.


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My Signature Talk

From Pandemonium to Productivity

It is time to leave the confusion, stress and overwhelm behind you.

Learn how to organize your day, streamline your business and focus your efforts to make every day productive and fulfilling.

You will learn about processes and automation that help you streamline your client flow, help you manage yourself and your team efficiently and simply said… Kick A$$ in your business.


all the things I'm passionate about

I’m available as a keynote, expert panellist, workshop host or growth facilitator for the following topics (or similar):

Accomplish Focus

Be Productive

Automate Your Processes

Streamline Your Efforts

Automate to Dominte

How to Social Media on a busy schedule

How to stay on track despite shiny objects

Balance Business & Life


Don't take my word for it

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with and interviewing Yvonne, over the last few years.


    Yvonne has a deep seeded desire to help business owners. We don’t know what we don’t know and Yvonne enjoys empowering business owners to know more and do better. She works tirelessly at providing sound education in every video that we have published over the years.


    You cannot help but learn more if you are connected to Yvonne.

    Lany Sullivan
    Events by Lany
  • Yvonne not only brings a spark and keeps an audience’s attention, she brings practical knowledge that everyday people have never been taught

    Most tech and marketing people must have something that prevents them from sharing their knowledge. This has always irritated Yvonne. She knows that if her clients know more, they can work to the end goal together and more efficiently.

    When she speaks, she brings a very approachable presence, gives away knowledge and makes everyone feel respected, while they usually get a laugh or two – at her own expense.

    Susan Finch


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Sacramento, California, USA