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Social Media Marketing World is over – now what?

You have just returned from a Social Media Marketing World Convention where you were surrounded by so much information and others in the business world, but now you are home and crashing.

You come from this high of thinking everything is possible and meeting people you never thought you would have the opportunity to, straight back in reality.

What do you do now? You have to find ways to avoid this seemingly inevitable crash.


You learned so much and met so many people in a short amount of time at the convention.

You were soaking up everything you could to learn all you can. You can’t learn it all at once and all together.

This is something I have learned as I came to the same place. You finally have to focus on what you want to do in business and what will help from all these workshops.

Take those findings and concentrate on them.

Who are the clients and what is the message?

Make sure you have an outline and message you are trying to convey. Know what that is.

This will give you a specific roadmap on what to present. You can then mute out everything else and concentrate on what needs to be learned and implemented.

By having a clear picture and meaning in your mind of what you are trying to convey, it will make it so much easier to present an offer.

Follow up

Always follow up with connections you made and don’t drop the ball!

Message them, send them emails, send thank you notes, tag people in gratitude posts, let them know how they helped you with how amazing they are and how the conversations exchanged helped you clarify things.

Spread the love. Don’t just tell them behind the scenes, tell people publicity how you were helped by their generosity and knowledge.

One thing I have started doing is having coffee chats to deepen relationships.

I will meet people face to face on a zoom call over coffee to build new relationships and deepen existing ones. Check in to make sure they made it home safe and ask if there is anything you can do for them.

People like knowing others care about their lives and listen to what they say. Stay in contact and engage with their content as much as possible.

Make them feel important and like the priority, they are to you.

At last count, I found there are fifty sessions at SMMW and that isn’t even half! I will revisit information and sessions and watch what I can online.

Staying on focus and making a plan helps with this. You can start implementing changes that are done simple and fast.

For example, I changed my social media approach. As I have noticed, things are slow on Instagram, I am just not getting engagement. I will focus more on live videos on Facebook and be engaging live through those videos.

I also make sure I am updating annual goals, plans and roadmaps. The biggest lesson from SMMW is to pay attention to plans and goals. So much happens at once,  we must focus on our plans and implementation of those. You will get lost otherwise. Welcome to “shiny object syndrome” and if you experience this, nothing will get done. Listen to your own advice.

I keep a map in a planner, review it, then sit down and breathe. Anxiety and depression will wear off if you are focusing on the things that give you the chance to succeed.

How these conventions like  SMMW help you? What did you learn? What fun things did you experience? Were you given the chance to meet exciting people?

One that I had the pleasure of meeting was Chris Brogan, who is a VIP to me. I never thought I would meet him or have a normal conversation with him.

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