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Self care is a chore. Here’s what I recommend instead:

By Sarah Marie Liddle

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Self care… You make a mad dash for the computer in the morning once the kids have gone off to school. The house is quiet, and you are ready for action. Ready to make money. Ready to get clients.

Hours pass and lunch rolls around, you look at the clock, noticing that, you turn back to your computer, after all you’ve only got one more email to send and then you’ll stop for a delicious healthy lunch. Time ticks over, and 12:00pm becomes 4:00pm, you decide to forsake lunch and instead have a coffee and maybe a cookie or two.

The children are now home, the house is heating up with noise, and you’re to-do list is still as long as ever.

Hubby comes home, and you’ve realised that dinner hasn’t even been started.

Does this all sound familiar?

Then there are those coaches online who preach ‘self care Sundays’ and stuff that makes you want to cringe, if only, you think to yourself!

Self care, I admit does have a horrible stigma attached to it, like doing the dishes. Self care always gets puts last.

But here’s the thing. I, like you, was stuck in that rut, thinking that more money would fix everything and when my business hit six-figures and I was spending as much as I was earning, and feeling drained, I realised that I never wanted to do that again.

Fast forward to the present moment, I sold my old business, and started a new one. I invested a lot of capital, and decided to do it all over again. Except this time, I wanted
things to be different. I wanted to create from a place of ease, grace and love.

I wanted my days to be slow, really slow. Intentionally done. I wanted each item that I could perform in my business to be meaningful and purposeful. I wanted this, so I could
not only sustain my new business venture, but also so I could be healthy and learn once more to love myself on a daily, hourly and moment by moment level. Sounds alien?
It doesn’t have to be. I think many online business owners get caught up in their old routines, thinking that if they do more they will achieve more and feel better.

Instead, I suggest that you do less, but do it better. By doing less you make room for yourself. After all, if you have a small business, chances are, YOU are your business. If you are not happy and healthy then your business won’t be either.

To start with, don’t begin your day by immediately jumping on your cell phone or computer, take time out to tune into yourself.

• How are you feeling?
• What are you grateful for?
• What one thing would make you feel amazing if you completed it today?

Don’t rush through your day. The more you rush, the more mistakes you will make.

Ensure you drink plenty of water, if you need to, set an hourly alarm as a reminder. Take time for lunch, in fact, take several hours to tune back in with yourself and how you are feeling. Be intentional. Be in the moment. You don’t need to do or be anywhere.


Each moment you are intentional is 100% more productive than when you are just flying through your day on auto-pilot. Ensure you feel good each moment you are working in your business, check in with your feelings, don’t rush, and if you feel off balance, stop.
Find a good book, and take 20 minutes out of your day to read, to have a nice cup of tea and relax.

Recap and reflect on the day before the house fills up with noise.

Ask yourself:

• What worked well?
• What triggered you?
• How were you able to be in the moment?
• What brought you the most happiness?

Self-care, I agree is a rubbish statement. It’s too broad, implies too much, and feels like a chore. But, being in love with yourself and your life, that, that right there is a different story, it gives rise to a different business, it attracts a higher vibration, more costumers, more opportunities and more life.

So, tomorrow when you awake, breathe and ask yourself: How are you feeling? What are you grateful for? What one thing would make you feel amazing if you completed it today?


Sarah Marie Liddle is on a mission to help people create simple yet beautiful lives.

She is the Founder of Now by sml – Gorgeous but always practical skin care for the modern woman.

When she isn’t working she is spending time scouting 1920s vintage, playing with her son, and scrolling Instagram.

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