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This is an easy and fast way to remove a collaborator’s / other user’s access to every and all of your documents

******Updated March 26, 2017******

We here in my circle with my partners use Google drive a lot to share documents, information, planes and to do lists.

I think we all have been in that situation that we collaborate on a project, share info maybe even log ins and then there comes the day where you just have to clean it up. I spend  fair amount of time trying to find a solution to delete a certain person on all my documents, believe it or not after a fair amount of googleling I finally found one, yes ONE, how to on doing so and not having to go through everything and delete that person document by document. And it’s sooo easy….

So let me share with you how to do so and save you some time {as always, just click on the pictures to see them enlarged}



First open up your Google Drive, expand your search menu by clicking the down arrow. There you will be able to choose all files or specific ones, all owned by you (wait me 😉 ) or owned by anyone. Adjust those settings to your own needs

Now enter the name of the person you want to delete access for > Search


Changing to the list view, if you haven’t done so yet, might make life a little easier. You can find that on the top right close to your settings.

Once the list appears, scroll down, keep scrolling, and more scrolling …. till the list stops expanding and all files are shown on your screen

A few keyboard shortcuts will come in handy.

CTRL+A = select all

Click first – Hold shift – click last  = all in between are selected

Click first – hold CTRL – click next – click next = all clicked will be selected


Right click and the select the menu item “Share”


Now you should see this (I selected all):










Now you can remove access for any user you’d like by clicking the little grey x or change level of access with help of Visibility menu on top. AND don’t forget to save!!!


I hope this helps you. Please leave a comment and tell me how much time I saved you! 😉



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