Paper vs Digital Planning | 3 things I use & how to reach your goals

Many of you have reached out to me and ask me how am I planning? Some of you know that I have developed a pen and paper planner a few years back that I love ClickUp and that I wouldn’t function without Google calendar. 

I am all about efficiency and productivity and making your business run a little bit smoother than it ran yesterday. Some people that have followed me over the years know that I have developed the Bulletproof Business Planner – out of the need of just needing to make sense of all the stuff in my brain, get it all into one planner, rather than in a quarterly planner and then I need to run around with 4 planners.

The Bullet Proof Business Planner

If it’s not in there, it’s not going to happen. 

There are studies out there that show when you are handwriting something, you are using the brain part that is doing the thinking, not the doing. The imagination, processing information, setting goals, manifesting, whatever you want to call it, which is one of the biggest reasons why I always recommend doing your actual goal setting and planning in pen and paper. Yes, you can write on an Ipad, but that shows in studies you are losing a piece of that thinking that is happening when you use pen and paper. So let’s use our body the most efficient way possible, which means I am doing my brain dumping, my planning, my goal setting, my vision board. The Bulletproof Business Planner helps you already cut those big goals into smaller goats.


Once you are at the point where you have done the work from your vision board to your annual goals, to your quarterly goals, to your habits, and really drilled down on the stuff you need to get done, that’s where click out comes into play. Now we take those tasks and we take those key metrics and we are plugging your daily habits into ClickUp. Make them a recurring task and just keep getting reminded.

Google Calendar

We all have bad days, but you also need on a bad day, something to come back to and celebrate. That’s where I like to have my habit tracker in the planner because I can just go through the pages. Move on and do better tomorrow. Now, once you moved all of your tasks and to do’s and you set up your recurring task into ClickUp, don’t forget to set up your Google calendar to sync with those and make sure to tell you, you need to do that today.

And if you haven’t done so in Google calendar, set up your daily routine. if you don’t have time today, you need to put yourself first because you need to plan your days and your work around you and your energy. You need to walk around your energy. You realize that set your daily routine to have those as working hours and then in the afternoon when you get that downtime and you’re exhausted and your brain is just not working, but your body is still going to the gym, then you don’t need a class.

Now, go over just the three things that you need to do to set goals and implement my way of planning to meet your goals happen.  

  • First, all of the brain dump, all of the initial planning, all of the manifestation, goal setting, and all of that thinking, pen, and paper if you want to.
  • Set up your Google calendar and set up your daily routine. Adjust as needed and as your energy works with it, no judgment, no guilt, just do better tomorrow.
  • And then you work your tasks, your implementation, and you’re doing, that’s going to happen in ClickUp. Let me know what big goals are you chopping away on weight now? What do you want to make happen for you?

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