Welcome to the Kick A$$ Mastermind

where passionate Entrepreneurs meet, support each other,

grow and build their empire on their own terms

Mission & Vision

Our Kick A$$ Masterminds Group was created as a place to join and collaborate with other business-minded entrepreneurs, leaders, movers and shakers.


Together we’ll discover how to break through the walls we build around us, walk the less beaten path, strive for productivity, efficiency and most importantly consistency. All the while never losing sight of ourselves and our own needs.


By definition, a Kick A$$ Mastermind is “a kick a$$ group of two or more individuals working toward the same purpose or goal”.

How do we do that?

Not just a group call, but ongoing support and community.

Every Mastermind Group is also supported by a Voxer Group chat in between calls and much more (as I see fit):


  • 1, 2 or 4 monthly group Calls (based on your commitment)
  • 1 hour focused & guided mastermind group calls on zoom
  • voxer group chat for follow up and accountability
  • co-working sessions to amp up your productivity
  • assignments and workbooks
  • my (and the groups) knowledge, resources and connections

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Mastermind for?

Entrepreneurs that work in the digital space like web & graphic designers, social media marketers, video peeps – no matter if live or recorded, coaches and consultants that work mostly online and many more.

Business owners with experience and an existing pool of clients. This is a group effort, which means we don’t just take but also need to bring experience to the group.

And you need to be able to take constructive criticism… I personally curse and get straight to the point, which means masterminds facilitated by me will attract a similar style in members.

What's the advantage of a Mastermind?

Masterminds date way back. Did you know Henry Ford had a mastermind? Why are masterminds so powerful? It’s the strength of the many.

When a group of people come together with a mutual goal, suddenly you multiply knowledge, experience, connections and energy. By participating in a mastermind you instantly get to tap into those resources and open up doors you might now be able to open by yourself.

Can I just join?

Nope. The success of a mastermind is straight up related to its members, their businesses, goals, their energy and personality.

I vet every member, where they are at right now and where they want to be in 5 years. How do members process information and what personality type are they – and match them accordingly.

You get the best results (and balance) at a group size of 5-10 (I prefer 8 to be precise 🙂 ), which is another factor.

Who is it not for?

Brick and mortar businesses. People that are offended by the word f*** and biz owners that are not ready to self-reflect and change.
If you are just starting out, my group coaching sessions will be a better fit for you.

I don't have time for a Mastermind!

You don’t have time to not join a mastermind… remember the last time you tried to do/learn something you’ve never done before?

Now imagine you would have had someone showing you what to do. How much time would you have saved?
That’s what a mastermind is, you get all the advantages of a “collective mind” – helping you learn from others and make more educated decisions faster.

Is there a cost?

Yes. And I tell you why.
A lot of time goes to facilitating masterminds but it also takes a commitment. I am taking away time from my other clients to facilitate these masterminds (and I got to pay for zoom and other tools to make this happen 😉 )

And as human nature has it, people are more committed if they paid for something than when it’s free


Meet Your Facilitator

Yvonne Heimann

Passionate Business Streamliner, Automation Addict, Speaker, ProtoPreneur and slightly crazy German
As a Webdesigner and Business Efficiency coach running multiple businesses, Yvonne has years of experience organizing, strengthening and streamlining businesses into profitability and success.

She was born and raised in Germany where she caught the entrepreneurial bug early on, helping out in her parents business and owning her own pub at the tender age of 22.

Having left the security of Germany’s safety net to follow her dreams, her goal is to enable as many Entrepreneurs as possible to enjoy life while running their business.

After losing her husband to cancer in 2014, her biggest passion became building businesses that can withstand anything.

Apply to become member of the Kick A$$ Mastermind

You will be able to choose between three schedules and two payments. I know, I know…so many choices 😉

Payment plan… you can save money by paying once or take your time and pay monthly. No matter how you pay, after approval, you commit to 6 months!

You’d like 1 mastermind meeting per month

$60/monthly or $350/one payment

You’d like 2 mastermind meetings per month

$120/monthly or $700/one payment

You’d like 4 mastermind meetings per month

$240/monthly or $1300/one payment