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How to find a copywriter

And while everyone knows that having an amazing website with kick ass copy is an absolute must for any business, but especially for an online business, creating that kick ass copy isn’t necessarily everyone’s forte. So what do you do?

You find a copywriter. One who can write in a way that makes sense to you, that sounds like you, and will appeal to your audience. And yes, this is admittedly a bit easier said than done, but it’s not quite the crisis situation you may imagine.

Here’s how to do it:

Step One: Get introspective.

Spend some time thinking about the message you want to convey. This will help you communicate clearly with your copywriter, and will be invaluable to them as they are working to create copy that says exactly what YOU want it to say.

Step Two: Do your research.

Search through Facebook groups, check on Twitter, seek out other entrepreneurs you know who have worked with copywriters and ask their opinions. It would be a shame to hire someone only to have them return shitty copy that you can’t even use.

Step Three: Interview.

Get to know them, who they are, how THEY speak. Do you find yourself clicking with them in your initial conversation, or does everything fall kind of flat? Take note of their inflections, their speech patterns, and whether or not they are well-spoken. A copywriter who doesn’t know how to speak well will probably not give you great copy, either.

What is your writing style? Are you generally formal, or do you tend to write like you speak? Do you swear? Do you want to allow swear words in your copy? Generally speaking, when your website sounds like you do, people can sense that. You’ll automatically seem more credible because, well…you are. Authenticity breeds credibility, so making sure your website sounds like YOU is important.

Step Five: Ask for a sample.

A sample will allow you see the copywriter’s work in action, and gauge how well they are able to write the message you’re working to convey. Hiring a writer who is capable of handling anything you might need means you can be done banging your head against the keyboard every time your website needs an update. (Pro-tip: expect to pay for any writing samples you request.)

Following these steps will help you find a fantastic copywriter, one who can make your message come alive and help you grow your business!

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