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Three Ways for Boss Women to Keep Healthy - AskYvi - Feat

Top 3 Ways for Boss Women to Keep Healthy

Are you a healthy business owner or entrepreneur and finding yourself kicking ass at all things business while neglecting your personal wellness? If so you are not alone. It takes a special kind of person to run a business, and it takes a special kind of person to crush their health goals, but sometimes those special kinds of people aren’t always the same person (you follow?).

Not to worry! Focusing on the following three areas of health can help you stay on track without spending much more extra time or energy.

1. Handle your Stress

Are you literally on fire? Is there a shark on your ass threatening to eat you before you have the chance to drown in the middle of a lonely sea?

I think we all know that being an entrepreneur and running your own business is stressful. Add a pair of X chromosomes plus the expectation to do all the things and it’s a golden ticket to hot mess-ville. However, the truth is that we tend to take on waaaayyy more than we need to when it comes to stress. I find it helpful to write that shit out and chart

· What you have control over

· What you don’t have control over

From there you can continue to figure out the things that are actually your problem, and the things that are just annoying/frustrating/pain in the ass. Kind of like an attempt to triage to stay mentally healthy.

Because really, the dream of having a business is an escape from the bullshit.

Not having more of it that’s self-imposed. Don’t make it weird.

2. Take Control of Your Nutrition

Things I hear the most from business owners trying to get healthy

· I graze on junk food all day because I have no time

· I don’t eat because I have no time

· I get shitty takeout a lot because I don’t have time

And if you are reading this, girl I feel you because the struggle is real. However, I want to remind you that as a business owner/entrepreneur you are a fucking magical unicorn!

Your average self employed person has to wear all the hats, playing social media manager, bookkeeper, marketer, salesman, etc. etc. Somehow you are finding the time to do those things because they are important and they help to keep your business running smoothly.

You know what else is helping your business run smoothly. YOU GIRL!

Don’t be a martyr and take 5 minutes to plan out your next day’s food options. Write that shit down on a post it. You are too good to be eating sad grilled cheese crusts that were abandoned by your kids. Give yourself a hug and a sandwich!

3. Remember You Don’t Need the Gym to Exercise

When I think of trying to make time for the gym my eyes roll so hard they practically shift my center of gravity until I tip over onto the floor.

Is that exercise?

My point is that I and the gym are likely not going to happen, not until my kids are older and my life is no longer a place where good intentions go to die. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t get a decent amount of exercise. This means you can too.

There are a few things that you can do to get some exercise in without having to step foot in a gym or try to fit it into your busy day. These are:

· Walking more

· Taking the stairs

· Stretching

· Combining tasks (ie: walking to do your errands, or jogging on the spot while you brush your teeth)

· Doing short but effective home workouts

If you can’t get your ass to the gym, just get creative instead.

So stay healthy, friends. And most importantly don’t fall into the trap of putting everything else in front of your own personal wellness. You are providing the world with some next level stuff, so why not provide yourself with the same?


Mandi Em is a hot mess Mom of three, born-again hippy and content creator for Big Tiny Steps, a health blog that aims to help you get healthier (without being a dick about it).

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