Hey! Business owner!

Are you someone who’s been in the game for a couple of years now?

Have you hustled day in and day out, to come to a point where you can pay your bills, but you’re struggling with the growing workload?


Are you looking around at coaches to help you launch your amazing product or service, to help you get systems in place and get the ball rolling? Are you beginning to realize that hey…a lot of these business coaches resemble each other quite a bit?


They’ve quit their job and maybe they’ve earned six figures, but that’s with a hefty savings account or trust fund built up “just in case.” You can’t see yourself in them, and you can’t see your success with them. Nail on the head, right?


Yeah, I hear you. I hear your frustration, and I’m here to tell you – that is not who I am.

Let’s change your perception of coaches.


I’m Yvi, and I’ve been through some sh**, and I’ve come out the other side.


I’m an immigrant who’s experienced the cold-sweats of not having a savings account or retirement fund to get me through the rainy days.

I’m a widow who found her soulmate, only to lose him to the evil C word, much too soon.

I am a businessperson who is intimately familiar with Imposter Syndrome, and who’s had some knock-down, drag out battles with it.




I’m also the embodiment of The American Dream, a bad a** fighter and proven business woman with bruises and battle scars, who started from zero and climbed her way to success, to become a successful, independent business woman with revenue, influence, and security.


I have street cred, and I want to use it to help you. I will work with you to take your company from exhausting to enthralling, by helping you get systems in place and streamlining your life so you can spend less time doing the tedious stuff, and more time living your dreams.


I am proof that you can do it if you just put in the f***ing work, and I can help you to do just that.


When I came to the United States in 2007, I had nothing; it was me, my dog, and two suitcases. I had no savings account, no retirement fund, no family for thousands of miles to let me crash on their couch when the going got tough. I knew that the only way to cement any kind of financial stability was through setting up multiple streams of income.


I hustled. I started putting my systems in place by including agency work, residual income through monthly service package, and passive income through reseller hosting and affiliate links, until finally I’d set up a stable income that I could rely upon. I could count on Pete to be next to me, always there if I questioned myself.


Pete and I were inseparable. We spent all day, every day with each other. He was my rock, my support, my teacher, and my mentor. He loved me unconditionally, and showed me what it means to help others. Through Pete, I learned a different way to look at the world – with unstoppable positivity.


It was heartbreaking, then, to lose him.


The cancer came too quickly, and my time with him was too short, and one day I found myself without my business partner, best friend, and soulmate. I was distraught, and the only way I made it through was with the help of my amazing friends, and with the knowledge that I could rely on my passive income streams.


But I’m a fighter, and I pulled myself up. I worked through my grief and I kept Pete in my heart as I put my nose to the grindstone, and kept putting systems in place.


Today, I am the embodiment of the American Dream. I’m an international traveler, a sought-after speaker, a business coach and an agency owner. I have a stabilized income, a savings account, and a terrific credit score. Two years ago, I had nothing, and was starting over from zero again.


Today? I’m my own independent woman.


Let me do for you, what Pete did for me!

I will kick your a**, drill down on you, and help you find the passion that gets you moving and gives you momentum.  I’ll help you figure out what you actually want, and how to go get it.  I’ll teach you to run your business efficiently, by learning how to implement:

  • Scheduling
  • Email systems
  • Client Intake
  • Onboarding
  • Streamlining your business
  • automating your processes
  • Hiring a Team
  • Delegation
  • More

I only work with a limited number of clients at a time, and as such, my clients are hand-chosen and pre-screened to guarantee that we will mesh.  Look, I get it.  Everyone has a bad day, and we all deserve a couple minutes of whining.  But if you can’t put on your big girl pants and get your sh** done, then we can’t work together.  I only take on clients that have a desire to really change something, and be able to act on it.  

No victim mentalities allowed.


I offer a number of packages

I know we’re all at different points in the game:

No quite sure where you fit?


Schedule a free 15-minute consultation call with me about where you are on your journey. We’ll figure out the steps we need to take to get your kicka** business on track for success, and pinpoint the package that’s best for you.


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