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The grass is not always greener on the other side - AskYvi - Feat

The grass is not always greener on the other side

By Sarah Marie Liddle

I see the same things happening again and again in the online space. Things like:

:: Women sharing how they earned six figures in a matter of years, months, or even weeks.
:: Free tarot readings.
:: How I managed to build my business overnight’ posts.
:: Or my least favourite, people private messaging me, asking me to join their Facebook Group.

Yawn. Yuck. Gross.

Sure, it’s perfectly normal to follow others in the one space, to see what they’re doing and possibly try it out for yourself. However, often the people trying things out, mimic what others are doing completely, without thinking about their business, values or ideal customer.

I’ve been fortunate, that I have had the opportunity to teach, and coach many amazing business owners over the last decade. Quite a large majority of business owners that I have spoken with have a desire to copy others. They want to copy what they wear, do, create, or share. They copy because it’s easy, it appears to be working for others, and the grass appears greener than where they are.

Let me just make sure I am being clear here. There is nothing wrong with wanting to copy someone. However, when I dig deep and asked my clients, why did they want to copy their influencer, I discover it’s because their old coach said so, or because that’s what everyone is doing.

I really want to see ‘why’, because it’s the ‘why’ that will carry you over huge hurdles, like not wanting to do something, or wanting to give up.

But really, are the people you admire doing it better?

The grass is not always greener on the other side.

:: Whether you are trying to copy another persons social media strategy;
:: Trying to create the exact makeup look of an Instagram influencer; or
:: Whether you are wanting to create the exact same Youtube channel as someone you admire.

Trying to create what another has created will only take you backwards. You cannot create anything that has real meaning unless you create something that has real value for you. Your life and business are not meant to be imitated on another persons.

So, the next time you feel called to do something because you saw this really crazy, cool, popular and (you think) rich, successful person doing it, take a step back, pause, and ask yourself:

:: What do I really, really want?
:: What are 10 other ways I can get what I really want?
:: Which way is most in alignment with my core values and desired feelings?

Observe, and admire, but don’t imitate. Think for yourself, and stay true to what you value. Follow those things that are true to you, and stay true to your path. Jumping from one thing to another, or adding more things to your business or life is not always better.

Sometimes what we need is simply to tend to our own land a little better, with a little more thought and a lot more love.


Sarah Marie Liddle is on a mission to help people create simple yet beautiful lives.

She is the Founder of Now by sml – Gorgeous but always practical skin care for the modern woman.

When she isn’t working she is spending time scouting 1920s vintage, playing with her son, and scrolling Instagram.

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