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Facebook Messenger Bot Automations Full of Personality

What if I told you that there was a tool that could really help you automate your business, grow your sales, and all while being away from the computer… Full of personality and keeping your personal touch?!

Just imagine what it would be like to:
🤖 Leave conferences ready with leads in the pipeline
🤖 Liveshows promoted, viewed, and freebies easily delivered
🤖 Speaker assets for your summit easily collected

If you’re ready to build messenger bots that support your business while integrating your personality and keeping the connection with your followers & clients then this episode is for you!

🤖 What the heck is a Facebook messenger chatbot anyway
🤖 How can Facebook messenger chatbots help you save time with automation
🤖 How you can bring personality to your Facebook messenger chatbot so people love them

Kelly Noble Mirabella, a self-described social media geek and marketing consultant with Stellar Media Marketing has been actively working in the digital marketing space for the past 12. With a flair for fun, Kelly brings her unique and engaging style to her Baby Got Bot training videos and Messenger campaigns.


As a web designer and business efficiency coach who runs multiple businesses, Yvonne has over 10 years of experience organizing, strengthening, and streamlining businesses into profitability and success.
Since moving to the US in 2007, Yvonne has been helping empower entrepreneurs to successfully run sustainable businesses while also enjoying life.
Her own life-changing challenge came in 2014, when she lost her husband to cancer. Yvonne was determined to resume her passion for building “bulletproof businesses” that can withstand anything.
She has been featured in publications like Forbes, Huffpost, Thrive Global, and BuzzFeed and is a contributor to Social Media Examiner.

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