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ClickUp Podcast Workflow: How to Stop Micromanaging

ClickUp Podcast Workflow Made Easy

If you have your own podcast or help manage a podcast production team, then you definitely need a custom ClickUp podcast workflow to map out tasks in a clear manner.

Now, when I say clear, I mean add in all the details your team need to accomplish the task with as little friction as possible. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to ADD due dates to every single task that comes into producing a podcast episode.

In my video tutorial, I walk you through how I created a podcast workflow in ClickUp to help my clients avoid micromanaging their team.

Micromanaging Isn't Worth The Stress

If this is the first time you’re creating a custom workflow for a podcast, then I highly recommend you do the following to avoid the pitfalls of micromanaging:

1. Build your podcast workflow template based on your client or team’s needs. If you’ve set clear expectations as far as deadlines are concerned, then this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

2. You can do it 2 ways: list all the tasks out and use milestones as a visual break in between tasks OR only list out the major steps and create a checklist for the step breakdown.

For example:

Option 1 – Create a main task with the podcast episode as the title. Listing out all the steps (main & sub) as subtasks. You can use milestones to create a distinction between a MAIN step vs a SUB step.

Option 1 - listing out tasks with milestones
  • Podcast production
  • Create Google Docs & Drive Assets for the Show
  • Key Word + Google Trends and AdWords
  • Potential Link Back & To Websites
  • Etc etc etc

Option 2 – Create a main task with the podcast episode as the title. Only list out MAIN steps as subtasks and then adding the task breakdown as a checklist.

Option 2 - listing out main tasks as subtasks with checklist for task breakdown
  • Podcast Production
  • Podcast Development
  • Etc etc etc

3. Depending on your needs you can use one or the other, but I personally prefer Option 2. This template eliminates the need to renaming, adjusting, and micromanaging each of the subtasks as listed in Option 1.

4. Join ClickUp In Real Life to get access to BOTH templates + ClickUp community (where Anne Leah Shick and I can help you with your CU questions, participate in challenges, etc.) OR you can purchase these 2 templates directly to save yourself time.

If you haven’t tried creating your own custom ClickUp task templates yet and want to do it yourself, then check out these guides:

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