5 reasons why ClickUp DOESN’T WORK for you and how YOU can make it BETTER

What to do when ClickUp doesn't work

Before I became a ClickUp aficionado, like many of you, I started out with the usual: E X C I T E M E N T!

Just excitement from finally finding a tool that has tons of features and tons of possibilities. But also…

  • Overwhelm because it had SO many friggin’ amazing features that I had been so excited to finally use.
  • Frustration because I couldn’t use all the friggin’ amazing features I had been so excited to finally use.

So many ways to set it up wrong and use it wrong. UGH!! Honestly, it was such a pain in the a$$!

Now, you’re probably wondering what I did to make it suck less… or well, how to make it NOT suck at all. So, here’s why ClickUp isn’t working the way you want it to and what you can do better!

Why ClickUp DOESN'T WORK for you + How to make it Work Better!

Oh, yes I said it…. CLICKUP is A PAIN. Buuuuuut maybe not?! Check out these 5 reasons + video associated with this post to see what I mean.

You use it same way you use Trello -- It's not Trello!

I think it’s high time you learned that ClickUp is NOT Trello, so you shouldn’t use it exactly the same you use Trello. What you want is to create action-oriented tasks and not just column after column after column after column full of endless, uncategorized details.

WatchWhy I CHOOSE ClickUp over Trello & Asana

You're not using statuses right

I get why this is confusing, so let’s get this one straight… stages are not statuses AND statuses are not meant to be stages.

When using ClickUp you should be able to see the bigger picture without getting bogged down by the smallest details.

statuses answers the questions: yes or no… 

yes is this task being worked on? no?
yes is this status completed? no?

If it needs to be more detailed, then it needs to built into a custom stage… NOT A STATUS. Using stages and statuses the right way can help you navigate through tasks more efficiently.

Forgot to make a workflow before setting up... Yikes!

You won’t be able to use ClickUp to its full potential if you don’t have a plan in place before building the structures out. As with everything in business, it’s better to have a plan of execution before you putting in the work.

Watch: Before you use ClickUp, DO THIS!!

You use it for data collection

ClickUp is a task management tool and not for data collection. So, you’re actually better off using docs or spreadsheets to use for data collection.

Here’s what you can do!

Create a task, then attach the document you’ve made that holds all the data you’ve collected… you can even add in SOPs to make it easier on your team to remember how to do the task efficiently.

Read: How to Make ClickUp Documents Work for You

Watch: How to set up Standard Operating Procedures / SOPs in CLICKUP


Stop making EVERYTHING a main task!!

Please, please, pleaaaase use subtasks instead of making a mile long list of main tasks! Seriously, you are going to save so much time and energy, just by breaking down a complex main task into bite-sized subtasks. This also saves you from overwhelm, frustration, and well… missing deadlines because you get to take each task for what it is (plus, you can even add more helpful notes to keep it extra organized).

want to learn how to use clickup to automagically track tasks, store sops, and more… so much more?


Fallen in love with ClickUp yet? Wait until you’ve unlocked all of its FULL potential! 

Join me and our budding community of ClickUp aficionados as we uncover and share new features, fixes, and other platform hacks to catapult your business to productivity haven.

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