Stop Using Clickup to Systemize Your Business

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By now, you’re probably as amazed as I am by how ClickUp can do just about anything and everything to help you get work done. It’s robust, intuitive, and super powerful. It’s packed with tons of features, too!

And you’re probably tinkering with the idea of taking things to the next level by using ClickUp to do even much *darker* things — like systemizing your business, or perhaps, running your entire business in it.

But I’m telling you right now to stop. Stop using ClickUp to systemize your business. 

ClickUp is great and all that, but it wasn’t meant to be used as a business systemization tool. In fact, using ClickUp for that purpose can actually do more harm than good in the long run.

STOP using ClickUp to systemize your business-story

What? Why? How? Really?

I know you’re going to ask… so let me share with you the top reasons why you need to stop using ClickUp to systemize your business.

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Video Transcription:

So you want to use ClickUp to systemize your business, and I’m telling you to stop. ClickUp is not there for you to systemize your business and I’m gonna tell you why. I’m gonna tell you how you need to systemize your business and what ClickUp is actually here for you to be used for.

Okay. Okay. You know me. I get passionate about certain subjects and this is one of the subjects I am really passionate about, simply because so many people come to me and they’re like, Yvi, I want to use ClickUp to systemize my business. Everybody told me it’s the solution to finally run my business in all nice systems and efficient and all the things.

Stop using ClickUp to systemize your business. Now, what I’m talking about is the trend that I have been seeing for people, businesses, entrepreneurs, whoever wants to really systemize their business. And they are like, ClickUp is the answer to do it. I have to crush your dreams.


Why ClickUp is NOT the answer to systematizing your business

ClickUp is not the answer to systemize your business. ClickUp is the answer to streamline your business and automate your processes, but actually systemizing your business happens way before you start using the tool. No tool will help systemize your business. That is your job because when we go right here, you get one of those rare looks into my own workspace.

When we look at this, there is a lot going on. When you are working on setting up your ClickUp and deciding what spaces do you need? What folders do you need? What list do you need? What custom fields do you need? How are you structuring everything? How are you building everything out? How are you building those dashboards?

You see where I’m going with this?


Stop Using ClickUp. What you should do instead

Building out your ClickUp means you have to answer a lot of questions. You can only answer those questions if you have systemized your business already. What I mean by that is you need to sit down and I tell my clients, I don’t even have my notebook close by, what I tell my clients when they start out, before we even dive into all the hierarchy and all the things we need in ClickUp is, take a pen and paper.

I love using my Rocket Book because I can scribble everything down, scan it in, whatever. I love using Rocket Book. Use whatever works for you and start scribbling out your system. How are you doing things? And don’t tell me, you don’t have a system. You are running a business right now. You are doing something.

You are doing it in a certain way. That certain way, that habit of doing it is your system. Do not expect to take a whole bunch of stuff and be able to systemize it in ClickUp. You really need to stop trying to use ClickUp to systemize your business. Now that I’m done with this whole event, how do we systemize our business?

Start writing down what you’re doing. You need to get those systems, those strategies, those habits on how you are doing things right now, out of your head. Just write them down. Type them up in a Google document. Write them down with pen and paper. Have something easily, readily available to you where you can write down these systems.

You already gonna start seeing where you can move things around, where a subtask in ClickUp might need to come before one. For example, I am revamping my podcast workflow, which is a reiteration of my YouTube workflow. They’re really simple. Those processes are really similar in their system, but they’re also different.

So I literally started writing them out on paper and I moved things around. And now, I know how this task needs to look like in ClickUp. I systemized it before I brought it into ClickUp and that’s where the biggest struggle happens for people trying to implement ClickUp in their business, because they don’t have that system down and you don’t have to have it perfect. But you need to know what your system is right now. You then pull in this system into ClickUp and suddenly it’s going to become a breeze of figuring out what kind of spaces do we need? What kind of lists do we need? Do we need custom views? Do we need any kind of custom fields? What type of custom field do I need?

Blog content, is this a roundup or is this a cornerstone? Knowing what I wanna do and what my system is now tells me this is a singular answer. Meaning, it needs to be a dropdown. Do I need additional dates? Again, start writing those things out and systemizing, which then allows you to really simple, easy and fast, make those decision of what you need in ClickUp to make it happen.



So if you are feeling overwhelmed with your ClickUp setup and you are like, Yvi, I don’t even know what I need. Go back to basics and start systemizing your business before you start streamlining it in ClickUp. And if you were in this space right now of trying to figure out how to use ClickUp to systemize your business, we just talked about that, let’s streamline it. I have a video for you that shows you the five spaces you should have in your ClickUp that we have found pretty much everybody really needs. And I’ll talk about that in this video. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you doing? I wanna see you in the next video.

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