How to turn off ClickUp email notifications

Tired of getting a bajillion ClickUp Email Notifications?

ClickUp’s out of the box notifications can be summarized in a few words:



And all you want to do is turn off ClickUp email notifications!!!

And maybe even counterproductive if it’s distracting you from accomplishing high-level, high-brain power tasks.

Now, I imagine that this can get especially frustrating when you have multiple clients + teams. Believe me, I know! And if you don’t take the time to tinker with your ClickUp notification settings, then you’re likely never going to stop hearing the constant dinging of the notification bell.

So, let’s do something about that, shall we?

In this video, I’ll walk you through how I eliminated this unusual source of distraction, and how you can finally get your ClickUp notifications setup more efficiently! 

want to learn how to use clickup to automagically track tasks, store sops, and more… so much more?

Fallen in love with ClickUp yet? Wait until you’ve unlocked all of its FULL potential! 

Join me and our budding community of ClickUp nerds as we uncover and share new features, fixes, and other platform hacks to catapult your business to productivity heaven.

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