How to Add Templates in ClickUp

How you can easily add templates to your ClickUp

Templates are the ultimate time saver and learning how to add or import them into your ClickUp base is a lot easier than you think!

In fact, if building your own templates feel like a challenge to you, you’re going to find this trick super convenient.

So, how can you easily import templates without breaking a sweat?


You can either grab them straight from ClickUp OR grab my templates and learn how to best use each feature through the courses I specifically created for streamlining content-related workflows.

My clients have found it a lot easier to go for my templates though, since it’s already optimized for online entrepreneurs’ needs in mind.

But regardless of which one you pick, you’ll be able to cut the time it usually takes you to create, delegate, and update tasks – simply because templates already have the steps mapped out ahead for you, so there’s little to no guesswork required. 

What can you do with the templates you import?

  1. The most obvious one is you’ll be able to save SOOOO MUCH TIME and effort (again) because ClickUp’s and my templates both aim to streamline and scale your business.

  2. You can share it with your clients… and it looks pretty darn amazing, if I do say so myself!

  3. You can use it as a guide to make your own in-depth ClickUp template and then sell them OR share the process with your friends.
No matter what you decide you want to use the templates for, having them is definitely worth the investment.

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