Manage Content Creation Tasks Like a Boss in ClickUp

Tips to Optimize Content Creation and Marketing Workflows on ClickUp

When you find yourself needing to streamline your tasks, I cannot think of a better and more reliable tool to manage your workflows than ClickUp. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of workflow it is, how long the tasks and the checklists are, ClickUp is powerful enough to store, create, and even automate tasks to your convenience. It also has more features and functions than any other task management software in the market, and they just keep on evolving to further enhance their systems and service.

So, what am I doing differently to ensure that my team encounter as little a hiccup as possible and how can you implement the same strategy in your business?

Here are my top tips!

Keep your tasks organized

I don’t know about you, but I love nothing more than having tasks, files, and everything that comes with in the right place. Keeping your tasks organized helps a lot because:

  • You and your team know what to expect. After all, you won’t need to guess what’s inside the Marketing folder if all it has are marketing-related stuff, right?!

Assign tasks to the right person

Part of keeping things organized is making sure that they get delegated to the right person, but I’m making it a separate tip for emphasis.

You need to make sure that the tasks you create go to the right person, and by right person, I mean someone who has the skill set to accomplish the task. 

Three things happen when you misdelegate:

1. The task doesn’t get done.

2. It gets done, but it’s $h!t.

3. It actually gets done right, but then the person it got misdelegated to is now distracted doing something that is not their main focus.

So, if you need to, revisit their job descriptions to make sure that they can complete the assignment.

Set clear Realistic expectations

Setting clear expectations contributes to a more streamlined workflow because there’s balance or a compromise to work together to finish the task.

As far as my team goes, I find that they work best when I can provide every possible (but necessary) detail available to them. This helps minimize, if not eliminate, the need for constant and redundant clarifications.

You can set expectations by giving reasonable deadlines, leaving detailed task descriptions, including documents and other attachments for reference. 

When you set clear realistic expectations, you set your team up for success!

Use ClickUp Features to Your Advantage

Like I said, ClickUp is a beast when it comes to task and project management. As soon as you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to set up fine-tuned tasks more adeptly.

One of my favorite features is definitely the legacy recurring tasks AND how it easily integrates with other helpful tools like Airtable and Agorapulse.

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But if you want to skip doing it all by yourself and have fully functioning workflows ASAP, you can grab my templates here!

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