How to embed tools into ClickUp (and why your Dubsado embed doesn’t work anymore)

What happened to my ClickUp and Dubsado embed?

You’re probably wondering… 

“Why the heck did my ClickUp and Dubsado embed suddenly stop working?!”

Oh, trust me! I share your frustration.

I’ve been using ClickUp and Dubsado together ever since… it’s where my invoices are, it’s where some really important conversations are happening; and now, it’s NOT working.

Well, the embed is there, BUT when you try logging in?


Just a message that says, “hello.dubsado.com refused to connect”

I checked with ClickUp (because, of course, I DID!) and turns out the change wasn’t from their end. 

So, what is causing this mayhem?

Basically, the new link (hello.dubsado.com) refuses to connect with iFrame, which is why the embed is no longer working on ClickUp.

Looks like the other tools that I’ve embedded are still intact, (You can see on the video above just how easy it is!), and the only thing that has stopped connecting is Dubsado. I have yet to hear about a workaround, but hopefully this issue gets resolved soon.

Huge kudos to ClickUp though for promptly addressing my concern and even going as far as explaining how the coding works on their end.

I will definitely keep you posted if there are developments to this ClickUp + Dubsado embed issue, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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2 thoughts on “How to embed tools into ClickUp (and why your Dubsado embed doesn’t work anymore)”

  1. Do you know if there’s been a fix for this yet? I’ve been looking into Dubsado, but until it can integrate with ClickUp, I don’t know if it’s worth overhauling my onboarding process.
    Love your channel, by the way!

    1. Nope, Dubsado said it was a bug that we were able to embed their site and they are not planning on allowing iframe again.

      Thanks so much for the <3

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