How TV influences our daily life

I think it’s time again for me to take a TV break…
No, not because I binge watch all week. I don’t regret spending time watching TV – it’s a much needed thinking break for me.

My reason to take a TV break is far more simple than that.
It influences me. It makes me look at life differently.

Have you met people that live life like it’s housewives of OC?!
People that think soap operas are real life.

Yeah, I’m one of those where TV shows suddenly change my perception of real life.

I caught myself looking for that white knight in shining armor to save me, just to then be pissed when I don’t get to pay the dinner bill 😉
Which is a whole nother blog post….. finding the balance between being your own strong gal and still letting your man be the man.
I have sworn off those crazy drama soap operas years ago after discovering the amount of drama in my life coincided with the amount of shows I watched.

But I still watch TV. Mostly SciFy stuff like Grimm, Shadowhunters or the legends of Shavanna but also some Crime Drama like Bones (all time fav) or Rosewood.

Still, TV is “my other life”. When I really watch TV (not just running in the background) it influences me and my mood.

So when you find yourself not being YOU… consider taking a break. Not just a Social Media Break, but also a TV break.

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