Screw Imposter Syndrome

We’ve all heard it : Imposter Syndrome

I’d say I had a pretty severe case of it – and it’s a work in progress.

I am an extroverted introvert, with the !! on introvert.

I Love Love Love connecting with people, but I also don’t want to be a pain.

I am the one in the corner hiding, till someone comes along and wakes up the beast 😉

You get me started talking and I won’t stop.

All of that combined with a habit of looking for the fault in myself can make for a pretty bad business owner.

Why should I care?! I just build websites, right?!


My passion is in brainstorming ideas, finding solutions, streamlining and automating processes and helping people rock their business.

I’ve been doing it for years, without even really realizing.

Then…The BIG AHA moment happens.

The realization sets in that that is my passion, I love building websites, but this is my real passion.

It takes a full freaking year for me to to start feeling comfortable calling myself a coach (a way overused and underdelivered word)

And again I hesitate… Another few months pass before I finally say “F** it, Im doing this!”

It is funny and sad at the same time to see how our perception and even judgment of others hold us back from doing the “real me”.

Surround yourself with people that help encourage you. People than can pick you up when you are down and kick your a$ when you fall back into your “I’m not good enough”.

Don’t have someone like that?! Join our SuperPrenuers Family and find your Power Partner!!

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